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NOAA's May Hurricane Forecast Is Biggest Ever

It predicts up to 25 named Atlantic storms

(Newser) - It's an ominous pronouncement: "The forecast for named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes is the highest NOAA has ever issued for the May outlook," said NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad in a Thursday news conference. NOAA predicts eight to 13 hurricanes and 17 to 25 named Atlantic storms,...

Category 6 Hurricanes? Scientists Suggest It's Time

'Climate change is making the worst storms worse,' says study author

(Newser) - A handful of super powerful tropical storms in the last decade and the prospect of more to come has a couple of experts proposing a new category of whopper hurricanes: Category 6. Studies have shown that the strongest tropical storms are getting more intense. Thus, the five-category Saffir-Simpson scale, developed...

As Storm Raged Through Acapulco, One Man's Last Message

'It's really horrible,' sailor Ruben Torres recorded himself saying as Hurricane Otis struck Mexico

(Newser) - During the first minutes of Oct. 25, when Hurricane Otis roared into Acapulco Bay with 165mph winds, sailor Ruben Torres recorded a 10-second audio message from a yacht called the Sereno. "All things considered, I'm all right, but it's really horrible, it's really horrible, it's...

Hurricane Lidia Makes Landfall as 'Extremely Dangerous' Storm

Category 4 storm makes landfall near Puerto Vallarta

(Newser) - Hurricane Lidia made landfall as an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm Tuesday evening with winds of 140mph near Mexico's Pacific coast resort of Puerto Vallarta, the AP reports. The US National Hurricane Center said Lidia's eye appeared to have reached land near Las Penitas in the western...

Maine Under First Hurricane Watch in 15 Years

New England may get slammed anew this weekend

(Newser) - Days of wild weather that produced torrential rain, flooding, sinkholes, and a likely tornado in New England could be a prelude to something more dangerous lurking offshore—Hurricane Lee. Maine was under its first hurricane watch in 15 years as the region prepared for 20-foot waves and winds gusting to...

Lee May Soon Become 'Extremely Dangerous'

Tropical storm is set to evolve into a Category 4 or 5 hurricane by the weekend in the Caribbean

(Newser) - At the moment, Lee is a mere tropical storm churning its way through the Atlantic. By later Wednesday, however, it could be upgraded to a hurricane, and by Friday, it's expected to transform into an "extremely dangerous" one, reports Axios . "There is high confidence that Lee will...

Florida Braces for the 'Unprecedented' as Idalia Nears
'Unprecedented' Idalia
Barrels Into Florida

'Unprecedented' Idalia Barrels Into Florida

Hurricane made landfall as Category 3 storm along western Big Bend region

(Newser) - Hurricane Idalia briefly strengthened to a dangerous Category 4 storm, then fell back to Category 3 status on Wednesday morning as it made landfall in Florida's Big Bend region, where it threatened to unleash massive rainfall and life-threatening storm surges as high as 15 feet. As it made landfall...

Idalia May Be Category 3 Hurricane When It Hits

Tampa closes its airport in advance

(Newser) - Idalia became a hurricane on Tuesday as it intensified on a path toward Florida's Gulf coast, with the National Hurricane Center warning of an increasing risk of life-threatening storm surges and winds over the next two days. Idalia is projected to have sustained winds of up to 120mph as...

Tampa Braces as Idalia Bears Down on Florida

It could land as a major hurricane on Wednesday

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Idalia intensified and was expected to be a major hurricane when it reaches Florida's Gulf Coast later this week, the National Hurricane Center said Monday. Officials declared states of emergencies in dozens of counties and ordered some evacuations in preparation for life-threatening storm surges, per the AP...

California Braces as Storm Stays on Track
Hilary Makes Landfall,
Turns Toward San Diego

Hilary Makes Landfall, Turns Toward San Diego

Parts of California could receive 3 inches of rain per hour

(Newser) - Now a tropical storm, Hilary made landfall Sunday in a lightly populated area of Mexico's Baja California, downing power lines and sending torrents of water through streets. The eye was forecast to reach San Diego by 5pm local time before Hilary turns northeast, putting it on track to hit...

California Under Its First-Ever Tropical Storm Watch

Hilary is expected to drench the Southwest US in the coming days

(Newser) - The summer of 2023 has logged another milestone in weather weirdness: Southern California is now under a tropical storm watch for the first time ever. The National Hurricane Center made the move Friday as Hurricane Hilary gathered strength off Mexico's Pacific coast. What's ahead:
  • The hurricane is expected

Hawaii Wildfires Force People Into the Ocean
Hawaii Wildfires Force
People Into the Ocean
the rundown

Hawaii Wildfires Force People Into the Ocean

The scene is described as 'apocalyptic' on the island of Maui

(Newser) - Add Hawaii to the locales battling raging wildfires in the summer of 2023. But in this case, Hawaii's unique geography has led to an unreal consequence: Some people have had to literally jump into the ocean to escape the flames. Coverage:
  • On Maui: The Coast Guard tweeted that it

Yet Another Insurer Ditches the Sunshine State

Farmers is dropping home, auto, and umbrella policies in Florida, citing 'risk exposure'

(Newser) - More homeowners in Florida received some bad news this week, with yet another insurance company pulling out of the state due to too much possible liability. The Miami Herald reports that Farmers Insurance will no longer be offering home, auto, or umbrella policies in the Sunshine State, the fourth carrier...

This Could Be Atlantic's First June Hurricane in 90 Years
Rare June Hurricane Is Possible

Rare June Hurricane Is Possible

Warmer ocean temperatures in the Atlantic are a factor

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Bret chugged toward the eastern Caribbean on Tuesday as forecasters warned it could strengthen into a rare June hurricane. Bret had maximum sustained winds of 40mph and was moving across the Atlantic Ocean at 17mph, per the AP . It's expected to strengthen into a hurricane in the...

Get Ready for Back-to-Back Hurricanes
Get Ready for
Back-to-Back Hurricanes

Get Ready for Back-to-Back Hurricanes

Likelihood of 1-2 wallops to same general areas is on the rise, study finds

(Newser) - What used to be a rare one-two punch of consecutive hurricanes hitting the same area in the United States weeks apart seems to be happening more often, and a new study says climate change will make back-to-back storms increasingly frequent and nastier. Using computer simulations, Princeton University scientists calculate that...

Florida Beaches Run Short of Sand
Florida Beaches
Run Short of Sand

Florida Beaches Run Short of Sand

Federal legislation would permit importing sand

(Newser) - Florida beach communities have had to replenish their supplies of sand before, but there's renewed urgency after recent hurricanes. A consultant said Jacksonville's beaches lost about 1.2 million cubic yards of sand to Tropical Storms Ian and Nicole, more than the 2.7 billion pounds brought in...

Florida Braces for Another Powerful Storm

Nicole may hit as a hurricane later in the week

(Newser) - Subtropical Storm Nicole began strengthening and transitioning into a tropical storm early Tuesday as it churned toward Florida's Atlantic coastline, forecasters said. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said the storm's exact path remains uncertain, but it was expected to make landfall along Florida's coast as a...

'Hometown of Tomorrow' Kept Power on During Ian

Florida's Babcock Ranch, US' 'first solar-powered town,' didn't lose electricity

(Newser) - The stories out of Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian are harrowing and devastating , with a death toll that continues to climb . One town in the western part of the state, however, fared better than most, with Ian serving as a "true test for the community," per...

Who Wants to Give Birth in a Hurricane? No One, but She Did

Cape Coral resident Amanda Mahr's baby is named George, not Ian

(Newser) - Amid the nightmarish news out of Florida in the wake of Ian, a bright spot comes via a 10-pound, 6-ounce package delivered in Cape Coral. The New York Times reports on the plight of 36-year-old Amanda Mahr, and her husband, Matthew, 37, as they hunkered down to ride out the...

As Ian Bore Down on Florida, Political Barbs Continued

Storm didn't stop campaign ads from DeSantis, Demings, Rubio

(Newser) - On the one hand, seeing political ads on TV as a major storm rages outside your window might be a welcome distraction. Or, maybe you won't be in the mood to watch election-season nastiness as your roof shingles are getting ripped off by the wind. Apparently, several Florida politicians...

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