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Teen Says He Was 'Just Lucky' With Shot That Saved Sister

He hit attacker with slingshot from 200 feet away

(Newser) - A 13-year-old boy in Michigan is being praised for his heroism—and his incredible aim. Owen Burns used his slingshot to fight off an attacker who was trying to drag his 8-year-old sister into the woods behind their Alpena Township home last week. He tells 9&10 News that he...

For School Bus Hero, Crisis Didn't Compete With a Cellphone

Father says Dillon Reeves spotted the emergency instantly because he wasn't distracted by a screen

(Newser) - The father of the 13-year-old who grabbed the controls when a school bus driver became incapacitated said there's a reason his son noticed the problem instantly: He wasn't staring at a cellphone. "What else are you going to do when you don’t have a phone?" Steve...

Older Brother Saves Girl With His Slingshot

13-year-old fires at abductor, sending him fleeing

(Newser) - When a man emerged from the northern Michigan woods and grabbed an 8-year-old girl in her backyard, her older brother jumped into action: He grabbed a slingshot. The girl struggled, fighting her attacker until she was able to break free, WJBK reports. At that moment, the 13-year-old boy took aim...

Boy Who Went Missing at State Park Sheltered Under Log

Nante Niemi spent 2 nights in the Michigan wilderness but is fine

(Newser) - If you had a less-than-stellar weekend, 8-year-old Nante Niemi has got one up on you. The second-grader was camping with his family in Michigan's Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park when he went missing Saturday afternoon while collecting firewood, reports the Detroit News . More than 150 rescuers combed roughly 40...

Michigan School District Makes Big Safety Move

Flint Community Schools bans backpacks for all students through at least the end of school year

(Newser) - Students of a public school district in Michigan are, as of Monday, banned from carrying backpacks. Flint Community Schools cited safety concerns in unveiling the new rule—approved by the Flint Board of Education in a 7-0 vote, per the Hill —which will be in place for K-12 students...

Discarded Coffee Cup Leads to Arrest for 2 Long-Ago Rapes

Kurt Alan Rillema accused of raping women in Michigan (1999) and Pennsylvania (2000)

(Newser) - An "avid golfer" in Michigan is facing charges of raping two women at golf courses more than 20 years ago after police pulled DNA from a coffee cup he threw away. Police say DNA links Kurt Alan Rillema, 51, of West Bloomfield, to a September 1999 attack at the...

This State Just Voted to Repeal Law Against Cohabitation

9 Michigan Republicans wanted to keep law against unmarried men and women living together

(Newser) - Unmarried couples in Michigan are a step closer to being able to legally live together as lewdly and lasciviously as they want to. The state Senate voted 29-9 Wednesday to repeal a law that makes it a misdemeanor for an unmarried man to live with an unmarried woman, the Detroit ...

Fungal Infection Kills Plant Worker in Michigan

Dozens more are sickened at paper mill

(Newser) - A contract worker at a northern Michigan paper mill has died from a fungal infection that has forced the business to temporarily close for deep cleaning. The death was announced Friday by public health officials in Delta and Menominee counties, who said the worker died as a result of blastomycosis...

Michigan Approves Gun Laws on Campus Where 8 Were Shot

Whitmer signs background check, safe storage legislation

(Newser) - Anyone who wants to buy a gun in Michigan will have to undergo a background check, and gun owners will be required to safely store all firearms and ammunition when around minors under new laws signed Thursday by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The signing took place on the Michigan State University...

Former Michigan House Speaker Guilty of Corruption

Rick Johnson admits taking bribes while chair of marijuana licensing board

(Newser) - In Michigan, the smell of legal marijuana came with the stench of corruption, according to federal investigators. Rick Johnson, former speaker of the Michigan House and former chairman of the Michigan Marijuana Licensing Board, has been charged with taking more than $110,000 in bribes connected to marijuana licenses, Politico...

Michigan Governor Repeals 1931 Abortion Law

Whitmer strikes unconstitutional abortion ban from the books

(Newser) - A near-century-old abortion ban that fueled one of the largest ballot drives in Michigan history was repealed Wednesday by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, just months after voters enshrined abortion rights in the state's constitution. "Today, we’re going to take action to make sure that our statutes and our...

Congressman Kildee: I'll Beat Cancer
Says He'll
Beat Cancer

Congressman Says He'll Beat Cancer

Tests found a tumor on Rep. Dan Kildee's tonsil

(Newser) - Rep. Dan Kildee said Friday he's headed for surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on a tonsil. He'll be out of the office for awhile, the Michigan Democrat said in a statement, but he expects to recover and return to work in Congress. "I am going to...

In Novel Ruling, Parents of School Shooter Must Face Trial

James and Jennifer Crumbley face involuntary manslaughter charges in Michigan

(Newser) - In an unusual decision, a Michigan court has ruled that the parents of a school shooter must also stand trial over what they did—and didn't do—prior to the fatal attack. The state Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of teen Ethan Crumbley...

Up to 100 Vehicles Involved in Massive Michigan Pileup

Reports of injuries in snow-related incident do not appear to be serious

(Newser) - Up to 100 vehicles were involved in a massive pileup on Interstate 96 during white-out conditions in Michigan, the AP reports. There were reports of injuries that do not appear to be serious, police said on Twitter. Early reports said 50 to 100 vehicles were in the Saturday crash near...

State Democrats Borrow GOP Playbook, Score Fast Wins on Guns, Abortion

Lawmakers in Michigan, Minnesota taking advantage of their newly won power

(Newser) - Michigan Democrats are quickly remodelling the state, seizing on the trifecta of control they earned in the 2022 election. They took over the state House, Senate, and governor's office for the first time since 1983, which made it possible to pass a slew of measures on "some of...

Michigan AG Says She Was Target of 'Heavily Armed' Man

FBI says suspect vowed to kill Jewish people in state government

(Newser) - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says the FBI has confirmed she was one of the targets of a "heavily armed" man who threatened to kill Jewish officials. Investigators say Jack Eugene Carpenter III tweeted on Feb. 17: "I’m heading back to Michigan now threatening to carry out...

Teen Gave Boys a Ride. Cops Say They Killed Him

Boys, 13 and 14, charged with murdering 17-year-old

(Newser) - As he drove home from his girlfriend's house the night of Feb. 16, Michigan 17-year-old Jack Snyder saw two younger teen boys walking along the road in below-freezing temperatures and offered them a ride. Police say the 13- and 14-year-old boys murdered him. Police got calls about gunshots and...

In Michigan, Another Norfolk Southern Derailment

Train was carrying hazardous materials, but police say there's no sign of spill

(Newser) - A train hauling hazardous materials derailed Thursday near Detroit, but none spilled, officials said. The Norfolk Southern train derailed nearly two weeks after a Norfolk Southern derailment in Ohio left a mangled and charred mass of boxcars that had been carrying various hazardous chemicals. Video recorded of the Thursday derailment...

Pilot Made $400K Misfire Shooting at Object in Sky

'The first shot missed,' general admits about attempt over Lake Huron

(Newser) - Four words you don't want to hear in regard to a US fighter pilot launching a missile at a mystery object in the skies above the US: "The first shot missed." On Tuesday, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark A. Milley acknowledged that the first Sidewinder missile fired...

Marshals Searched a Home for Missing Teen. Then: 'Contact!'

14-year-old who vanished more than a year ago found hiding in closet in Michigan home

(Newser) - A teen girl missing for more than a year after running away from her foster home was tracked down hiding out in a home in Michigan—weeping, scared, and pregnant, authorities say, per the AP . A US Marshals Service team found the 14-year-old Tuesday in a Port Huron residence, cowering...

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