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Village in French Alps Bows to a New Reality

Saint-Firmin dismantles decades-old ski lift because it no longer snows enough

(Newser) - It used to snow so much in the French Alps village of Saint-Firmin that locals built a ski lift to bring in extra money. This month, however, the village came to terms with a new reality and dismantled that very same ski lift, reports AFP . The reason is pretty simple:...

Landmark Victory for Poorer Nations at Climate Summit

Rich countries, including US, agree to 'loss and damages' fund

(Newser) - For the first time, the nations of the world decided to help pay for the damage an overheating world is inflicting on poor countries, per the AP . The deal, gaveled in around dawn in Egyptian Red Sea resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh, establishes a fund for what negotiators call loss...

On UN Climate Talks' Thorniest Issue, a Historic Agreement

Under deal, which still needs final vote, rich nations will compensate poor nations affected by pollution

(Newser) - Negotiators say they've struck a potential breakthrough deal on the thorniest issue of United Nations climate talks: the creation of a fund for compensating poor nations that are victims of extreme weather worsened by rich nations' carbon pollution. "There is an agreement on loss and damage," which...

Bezos' Ex Is Already Doing This. Now He Is, Too

After much criticism, Amazon founder says he plans on giving away most of his fortune in his lifetime

(Newser) - If it wasn't clear what Jeff Bezos plans to eventually do with his amassed wealth, he's just offered some clarification. He's going to give away most of his $124 billion before he dies, he tells CNN , which notes this is the first time the Amazon founder has...

Egypt Pleads With Parents to Have Smaller Families

Nation's resources are becoming strained

(Newser) - Last year, Egypt’s population topped 104 million, five times what it was in 1950, and it continues to grow at a steady clip, per the Washington Post . Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi sees a population crisis that threatens national security and economic development, and he has “repeatedly scolded...

Now, Brazil Will Lead on Climate Fight: Former Official

Past environmental minister tells conference new administration will protect rainforest

(Newser) - Marina Silva, a former environmental minister and potential candidate for the job again, on Saturday brought a message to the UN climate summit: Brazil is back when it comes to protecting the Amazon rainforest, the largest in the world and crucial to limiting global warming. The election of leftist President-elect...

A New Reason Why Munch's Famous Painting Is Screaming

Climate activists tried to glue themselves to 'The Scream' at National Museum in Oslo, Norway

(Newser) - Norwegian police said two climate activists tried in vain Friday to glue themselves to Edvard Munch's 1893 masterpiece The Scream at an Oslo museum, and that no harm was reported to the famous painting. Police said they were alerted to the incident by Norway's National Museum and had...

Biden to World Leaders: Time to 'Double Down' on Climate Change

President vows to 'change the paradigm' at UN's COP27 summit in Egypt

(Newser) - President Joe Biden, speaking Friday at an annual international summit on climate change, urged world leaders to "double down" on their resolve to fight global warming, saying Russia's invasion of Ukraine reinforces the need to phase out fossil fuels. "We can no longer plead ignorance to the...

Office Actor Changes His Name in Nod to Global Warming

The new moniker: Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson

(Newser) - The United Nations' COP27 climate change summit is currently underway in Egypt, with some of the biggest names in the world set to attend . But one name in particular is making headlines back in the States over global warming, in a most unusual way. Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight on...

Head of UN Climate Talks Bristles Over Summit 'Glitches'

Egypt's foreign minister slams media for focusing on event's food, drink issues, not climate change

(Newser) - Drinks are on the house at this year's UN climate talks, and the price of food will be slashed in half, Egypt's foreign minister said Thursday, following complaints from delegates that they were struggling to get food and water during the event. But on another issue that threatened...

UN Chief: We're On the 'Highway to Climate Hell'
UN Chief: We're On the
'Highway to Climate Hell'

UN Chief: We're On the 'Highway to Climate Hell'

'Humanity has a choice: cooperate or perish,' he tells COP27 climate conference

(Newser) - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke at the start of the COP27 climate conference in Egypt Monday—and he didn't try to sugarcoat his warning about the scale of the challenge the world faces. "Humanity has a choice: cooperate or perish," he told delegates in Sharm el-Sheikh, per...

Clash Delays Climate Talks, Ends in Landmark Decision

For the first time, compensation for poor countries will be on the schedule

(Newser) - The international climate conference being held in Egypt stalled before it got started, with disagreements over the discussion agenda tying up delegates from Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning. The sticking point was loss and damage—whether to put the issue of compensating the world's poorest nations for the consequences...

UN Agency Warns of 'Ominous' Rise in Greenhouse Gases

Methane in atmosphere posts biggest climb in decades

(Newser) - The three main greenhouse gases hit record high levels in the atmosphere last year, the UN weather agency said Wednesday, calling it an "ominous" sign as war in Ukraine, rising costs of food and fuel, and other worries have elbowed in on longtime concerns about global warming in recent...

US Adds Emperor Penguins to Threatened Species List

Designation is a 'call to action,' says director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

(Newser) - Emperor penguins, the species seen in March of the Penguins, are marching toward extinction due to habitat loss caused by climate change, scientists warn. The birds, the biggest species of penguin, were listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act on Tuesday, the New York Times reports. The...

Climate Change Researchers Suggest a Middle Course

Focusing on worst-case scenarios is unwise, group of scientists suggests

(Newser) - Researchers in Colorado don't dispute that climate change could have catastrophic effects before long. But concentrating on worst-case scenarios can be counterproductive, they said in urging colleagues to focus more on middling potential outcomes, Study Finds reports. "We shouldn't overstate or understate our climate future," said...

Macron Rivals, Nobel Laureate March Against Inflation

Demonstrators increase pressure on government

(Newser) - Thousands of protesters, including France's newly crowned Nobel literature laureate, piled into the streets of Paris on Sunday, in a show of anger against the bite of rising prices and pressure on the government of President Emmanuel Macron. The march for wage increases and other demands was organized by...

Alaska Makes Costly Decision to Cancel Snow Crab Season

Officials wants to give falling population a chance to recover

(Newser) - There will be no winter snow crab season in the Bering Sea this year, Alaskan agencies have announced, blaming the plunging crustacean population. The decision deals a major financial blow to crews, the industry, and the state's economy as a whole, CNBC reports. "It's going to be...

Wildlife Populations Worldwide Have Dropped 69% in 50 Years

So says a new report by World Wildlife Fund, Zoological Society of London

(Newser) - Humans' aggressive deforestation, plundering of the Earth for its natural resources, and contamination of the planet's air and water is not only putting our own species in a precarious position—it's managed to help wipe out more than two-thirds of the world's wildlife population in not even...

Charles to Skip Climate Summit
Charles to Skip Climate Summit

Charles to Skip Climate Summit

Prime minister counseled against the trip, now that he's king

(Newser) - Britain's King Charles has bowed to the different requirements of his new job and will not attend the global climate change conference in Egypt next month. Charles, who long campaigned on environmental causes as prince, accepted the counsel of Prime Minister Liz Truss, Buckingham Palace officials said Sunday. Before...

Swiss Alps Are Melting Faster Than Ever: Study

Ice volume has decreased 6% in 2022, experts say

(Newser) - Switzerland's glaciers are melting like never before, an academic study released Wednesday found, with their ice volume declining by 6% this year, which included a summer heat wave that swept across Europe. The Swiss Academy of Sciences reported that the shrinkage of ice in the country's glaciers topped...

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