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Poll Finds Concern on Climate Change Rising

Awareness of Inflation Reduction Act's green provisions isn't high, possibly a problem for Biden

(Newser) - Like many Americans, Ron Theusch is becoming more worried about climate change. A resident of Alden, Minnesota, Theusch has noticed increasingly dry and mild winters punctuated by short periods of severe cold—symptoms of a warming planet. As he thinks about that, future generations are on his mind, the AP...

Canada Braces for 'Explosive Wildfire Season'

Country has just had its warmest winter on record

(Newser) - Last year was Canada's worst wildfire season on record by a long way—and authorities are warning that this year could be even worse. Government officials say an unusually warm winter, drought conditions, and dry, hot weather to come could cause an "explosive" wildfire season, the BBC reports....

End of El Nino Could Land Us in 'Uncharted Territory'

Scientists hope for a break in heat with La Nina, fear for the alternative

(Newser) - "Last month was the hottest on record." It's a phrase you've probably heard a lot lately. Last month was indeed the warmest March on record , just as the previous month was the warmest February on record, following the warmest January on record. That's been the...

Switzerland Sued Over Climate Inaction: 'This Is Huge'

2K older women had brought case over effects of heat waves to EU's high court for human rights

(Newser) - The European Court of Human Rights is holding an entire nation accountable for its tepid action against climate change, issuing a "landmark ruling" on Tuesday that Switzerland's lack of appropriate action violates its citizens' human rights, per the New York Times . "This is huge," University of...

Amid Climate Change, This Fruit May Get Its Moment

Nutrient-dense and plentiful, breadfruit could be the crop of the future

(Newser) - Breadfruit is hardly a staple of the American diet, but aficionado Zoë Schlanger at the Atlantic wonders if that will change soon enough. The trees grow in tropical climates with lots of rain, but climate change is shifting where they can be planted. Until recently, the only place on the...

Scientists Warm Up to Idea on Cooling Down the Earth

Solar geoengineering projects that involve deflecting the sun's rays get a second look

(Newser) - Three and a half decades ago, British physicist John Latham raised the wild idea of injecting droplets of seawater into clouds to brighten them, increasing their reflection of solar radiation and thereby cooling the planet. He suggested 1,000 unmanned vessels could sail the oceans, spraying water into the air....

Want a Sustainable Meal? Try Eating Python
Want a Sustainable Meal?
Try Eating Python
new study

Want a Sustainable Meal? Try Eating Python

A study on python farms found the snake meat was more efficient than livestock

(Newser) - Tastes just like chicken? Python meat apparently has a similar texture and taste to the white meat, but with less impact on the environment. According to ABC News , a new study published in Scientific Reports says these snakes would serve up an eco-friendlier portion of protein than poultry, pork, or...

Working in Extreme Heat Doubles Stillbirth Risk
Working in Extreme Heat
Doubles Stillbirth Risk
new study

Working in Extreme Heat Doubles Stillbirth Risk

Exposure to high temperatures had profound effects on pregnant workers in India

(Newser) - New research suggests that working in extreme heat doubles pregnancy risks like stillbirth and miscarriage, exposing greater vulnerability for expecting women as global temperatures rise. The study , which was funded by the Indian government and conducted by the Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (SRIHER), followed 800 women...

In Texas, Apparent Temperature Approaches Oven Setting

Heat index values climbing 3 times faster than measured temperature, says David Romps

(Newser) - Think temperatures are rising fast? That's nothing compared with the apparent temperature, or heat index, which is increasing three times faster than the measured temperature, according to a study offering a new way to look at the heat index, with a focus on Texas last summer. The heat index...

Amid 'Grim Global Outlook,' This Shark Species Thrives

Juvenile bull shark population off Alabama grew fivefold in past 20 years as water temps warmed

(Newser) - The frog hasn't noticed it's slowly boiling to death, and neither do bull sharks off the coast of Alabama, apparently. Or, if they do, they're going out with a bang, multiplying at a rate that has brought the juvenile population's numbers up fivefold over the past...

DC's Cherry Blossoms Hit Peak Bloom Way Early

By about 2 weeks

(Newser) - The famed cherry blossoms of Washington, DC, hit peak bloom Sunday—about two weeks earlier than is typical, and tied with the year 2000 as the second-earliest date on record. Experts say it's yet another consequence of climate change, with warmer weather speeding along the bud development cycle, the...

With Warmer Weather, Expect More Visits From Snakes

Australian snake catchers have seen an uptick in post-season snake activity

(Newser) - Snakes are keeping their Australian catchers in Queensland busy these days as they pop by more homes uninvited, to the horror of unsuspecting residents. But the reason snake visits are on the rise has to do with changes in their environment, the New York Times reports, largely caused by climate...

'Once-Unthinkable' Ways We Can Cool the Planet

Scientists are turning to solutions like mechanical trees and brightening clouds

(Newser) - Reversing course on climate change requires a global reduction in GHG emissions that we're just not keeping pace with—and per the Wall Street Journal , desperate times call for desperate measures, at least to some scientists. The urgency of the times has prompted them to think way outside the...

Climate Scientist: On a Scale of 1 to 10, We're at a 10

But after warmest February on record, we'll soon need a new scale, she says

(Newser) - The latest climate bulletin from the Copernicus monitoring service will not be a surprise to people in the Upper Midwest lamenting a " lost winter ." Copernicus says last month was the warmest February on record, the latest month in a record-breaking 12-month period that also includes the warmest June,...

This Grim Arctic Milestone Is Only Years Away
This Grim Arctic Milestone
Is Only Years Away

This Grim Arctic Milestone Is Only Years Away

Decades after its first 'ice-free' day, ocean could be mostly water for months and months

(Newser) - If the Arctic were a color, it would be white. But not for long, apparently. Scientists say to expect a "blue Arctic" in summer months within a decade as emissions from the burning of fossil fuels continue to warm the planet, melting Arctic sea ice . Researchers used climate models...

In a Place Famous for Winter, 'What If Winter Never Comes?'

Life is currently 'unrecognizable' in Wisconsin's Northwoods, where snow and ice have been sparse

(Newser) - Maple sugaring season has kicked off early in Wisconsin's Northwoods—great news for pancake lovers, but not-so-great news for this area and other parts of the Upper Midwest that are experiencing what the Washington Post calls a "lost winter."
  • What's going on: Warmer-than-usual temps in Wisconsin

ExxonMobil Sues Own Investors in Warning to Climate Activists

Lawsuit to test SEC rules as investor groups abandon climate proposal

(Newser) - ExxonMobil investors have abandoned calls for the company to act more aggressively to curb emissions from its operations after ExxonMobil sued them in response. In what the Financial Times reports is "likely to have a chilling effect on similar forms of shareholder activism," ExxonMobil took "the unusual...

NY Sues Beef Giant Over 'Greenwashing'

Lawsuit seeks court order for JBS to end 'Net Zero by 2040' campaign

(Newser) - Brazilian beef giant JBS made "sweeping representations to consumers" about plans to become more environmentally friendly when no such plans existed, New York Attorney General Letitia James says in a lawsuit over alleged "greenwashing." The lawsuit against the American arm of the world's largest meat producer...

Scientists Have New Climate-Change Warning: Locusts

Researchers say climate change will prompt more outbreaks of crop-destroying insects

(Newser) - Extreme wind and rain may lead to bigger and worse desert locust outbreaks, with climate change likely to intensify the weather patterns and cause higher outbreak risks, a new study has found. The desert locust—a short-horned species found in some dry areas of northern and eastern Africa, the Middle...

Scientists Followed 20 Polar Bears. Their Findings Are Grim

The creatures are starving as climate change causes ice melt and they can't access main prey

(Newser) - Imagine being a nursing mom who can't produce milk because you're starving, or trying to swim more than 100 miles after not eating for days. Those are just a couple of the scenarios Time notes are now plaguing polar bears in the Arctic as sea ice continues to...

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