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Climate Report: We Need 'Everything, Everywhere, All at Once'

UN calling for aggressive moves before it's too late

(Newser) - The UN is out with a dire new climate change report Monday, and the gist is that we've still got a chance if we get it together, and quickly. "Humanity is on thin ice—and that ice is melting fast," UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says, before dropping...

Palm Oil, Long the Bad Guy, Has Something to Teach Us

Other industries could learn something from its turnaround story

(Newser) - Depending on how you look at it, palm oil is an angel or a devil. The angelic part is its versatility: no other vegetable oil is like it. As the Guardian puts it, palm oil is cheaper than other options, and works in wonderous ways, making "cookies more healthy,...

This Week Brings 3 Grim Climate Headlines

Sea ice in Antarctica has hit a record low

(Newser) - While it's rare for a week to go by without bleak news on the climate, this week has been more alarming than most. Three major stories, all linked to melting ice and rising seas:
  • Antarctic sea ice hits record low. Sea ice around Antarctica has hit its lowest level

Greenland's Temps Spike in the Shape of a Hockey Stick

Ice core data shows sharp uptick in temps there since 1995—the warmest in more than 1,000 years

(Newser) - A sharp spike in Greenland temperatures since 1995 showed the giant northern island 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius) hotter than its 20th-century average, the warmest in more than 1,000 years, according to new ice core data. Until now, Greenland ice cores— a glimpse into long-running temperatures...

El Niño Could Bring 'Unprecedented Heatwaves' This Year

And 2024 will be 'off the chart,' scientists say

(Newser) - The El Niño climate phenomenon helped make 2016 the hottest year on record—and its return later this year could bring even higher temperatures amid "unprecedented heatwaves," scientists say. Forecasters say the pattern in the Pacific Ocean, which affects conditions around the world, is set to flip...

Cops Confront Thunberg Over Coal Mine Controversy

Climate activist carried away by police after they say she wouldn't leave protest in Germany

(Newser) - For at least two years, climate activists have converged upon the German village of Luetzerath to protest a planned razing of the town to make way for the expansion of a nearby coal mine. This weekend, perhaps the most famous climate activist of our time showed up in solidarity at...

Researchers: This Is 'Smoking Gun' on an Exxon Cover-Up

Oil giant made eerily accurate predictions on climate change, then misled public, scientists say

(Newser) - Who needs Nostradamus when we've got Exxon? The Guardian reports that "a trove of internal documents and research papers" has long established that Exxon, now known as ExxonMobil, knew since the 1970s of the dangers of global warming, and that other oil companies acknowledged the same decades before...

In California, 'Everything Is at a Breaking Point'
In California, 'Everything
Is at a Breaking Point'

In California, 'Everything Is at a Breaking Point'

At least 17 dead as a result of recent storms, with more rain expected

(Newser) - At least 17 people have died in recent storms in California, where some of the most extensive rainfall in decades has triggered mudslides, washed out roads, downed thousands of trees, and opened up car-swallowing sinkholes in a state accustomed to drought. The death toll is now higher than that from...

2022 Broke All Kinds of Climate Records

Overall it was fifth warmest on record, but many places recorded warmest year ever

(Newser) - Last year shattered all kinds of climatic records, and not in a good way. In parts of western Europe, the Middle East, central Asia, China, and northwest Africa, it was the warmest year on record. Per Axios , that’s a sampling from the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service, which...

After Volcano Burst, 'Most Extreme Concentration of Lightning' Ever

Eruption of Tonga's Hunga volcano spurred 400K lightning events in 6 hours

(Newser) - Showers of ash, giant waves, and massive explosions weren't the the only things locals had to worry about when Tonga's Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted last January in the South Pacific. Lightning also made an appearance, and a whole lot of it—so much, in fact, that...

Cape Cod Is Being Ruined by Human Waste
Cape Cod Is Being
Ruined by Human Waste

Cape Cod Is Being Ruined by Human Waste

And by the septic tanks that currently capture it

(Newser) - Cape Cod has been "a cherished destination for generations," writes Christopher Flavelle for the New York Times , and in some ways, that very fact is what's hurting it. Flavelle digs in to the troublesome and odorous situation the Massachusetts locale is experiencing thanks to a ballooning population....

Most of World's Glaciers Might Not Make It Much Longer

Scientists say if current climate-change trends hold, two-thirds of them could melt by end of century

(Newser) - The world's glaciers are shrinking and disappearing faster than scientists thought, with two-thirds of them projected to melt out of existence by the end of the century if current climate change trends hold, according to a new study. But if the world can limit future warming to just a...

Experts Cringe at Startup's Solar Geoengineering Scheme

Even proponents of geoengineering say it's a 'terrible idea' to try it right now

(Newser) - Some say solar geoengineering—using sulfur or other particles to reflect sunlight back into outer space—is humankind’s best hope for fighting climate change. Also, nearly all experts say it’s way too soon to implement any actual tests because there are too many unknowns. Nevertheless, according to MIT ...

Australia to UN: Don't Label Great Barrier Reef 'Endangered'

Nation's environment chief says new government is doing much better on climate change

(Newser) - Australia's environment minister said Tuesday her government will lobby against UNESCO adding the Great Barrier Reef to a list of endangered World Heritage sites, arguing that criticisms of government inaction on climate change were outdated. Officials from the UN cultural agency and the International Union for Conservation of Nature...

Village in French Alps Bows to a New Reality

Saint-Firmin dismantles decades-old ski lift because it no longer snows enough

(Newser) - It used to snow so much in the French Alps village of Saint-Firmin that locals built a ski lift to bring in extra money. This month, however, the village came to terms with a new reality and dismantled that very same ski lift, reports AFP . The reason is pretty simple:...

Landmark Victory for Poorer Nations at Climate Summit

Rich countries, including US, agree to 'loss and damages' fund

(Newser) - For the first time, the nations of the world decided to help pay for the damage an overheating world is inflicting on poor countries, per the AP . The deal, gaveled in around dawn in Egyptian Red Sea resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh, establishes a fund for what negotiators call loss...

On UN Climate Talks' Thorniest Issue, a Historic Agreement

Under deal, which still needs final vote, rich nations will compensate poor nations affected by pollution

(Newser) - Negotiators say they've struck a potential breakthrough deal on the thorniest issue of United Nations climate talks: the creation of a fund for compensating poor nations that are victims of extreme weather worsened by rich nations' carbon pollution. "There is an agreement on loss and damage," which...

Bezos' Ex Is Already Doing This. Now He Is, Too

After much criticism, Amazon founder says he plans on giving away most of his fortune in his lifetime

(Newser) - If it wasn't clear what Jeff Bezos plans to eventually do with his amassed wealth, he's just offered some clarification. He's going to give away most of his $124 billion before he dies, he tells CNN , which notes this is the first time the Amazon founder has...

Egypt Pleads With Parents to Have Smaller Families

Nation's resources are becoming strained

(Newser) - Last year, Egypt’s population topped 104 million, five times what it was in 1950, and it continues to grow at a steady clip, per the Washington Post . Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi sees a population crisis that threatens national security and economic development, and he has “repeatedly scolded...

Now, Brazil Will Lead on Climate Fight: Former Official

Past environmental minister tells conference new administration will protect rainforest

(Newser) - Marina Silva, a former environmental minister and potential candidate for the job again, on Saturday brought a message to the UN climate summit: Brazil is back when it comes to protecting the Amazon rainforest, the largest in the world and crucial to limiting global warming. The election of leftist President-elect...

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