Fourth of July

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Why Some Cities Have Ditched Traditional Fireworks

Drones don't leave a haze of smoke behind or increase wildfire risks

(Newser) - Cities including Boulder, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah have ditched traditional fireworks for the first time this year in favor of Fourth of July drone light shows, which advocates say are less polluting, safer—and don't stress out every dog in town. Rick Boss, the president of Sky...

At Hot Dog Eating Contest, They Were Their Own Biggest Rivals

Miki Sudo, Joey Chestnut defended titles at Nathan's but failed to beat personal bests

(Newser) - Defending champion Miki Sudo forced down 39 1/2 hot dogs and buns to claim a ninth women's title in Nathan's Famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest, before stormy weather moved in and delayed the men's competition. Sudo beat Mayoi Ebihara's 33 1/2 hot dogs...

One Dead, 9 Injured in Fireworks Blast

It's not yet clear if explosion in western Michigan was part of organized Fourth of July event

(Newser) - A fireworks explosion in western Michigan killed one woman and left nine other people with injuries ranging from critical to minor, the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department said. The explosion happened Monday, but a news release from the department didn't say whether it occurred during an organized July Fourth...

This Is the Most Patriotic State in America

Virginia is for lovers (of the US), per WalletHub, while Arkansas needs to muster up more affection

(Newser) - It's the biggest holiday of the American summer, and flags are waving. As Americans light their grills and prepare to watch the Fourth's fireworks, WalletHub susses out which states are the most patriotic. To figure out where citizens are most likely to be decked out in their red,...

Silly String? Forest Service's Idea for Fourth Doesn't Land

Environmental groups question the alternative to fireworks, but like the bigger message

(Newser) - Smokey Bear's admonition that "Only you can prevent wildfires" remains, in a time of drought, as important to remember as ever. But it's equally true that only you can prevent forests from being covered with Silly String. US Forest Service managers in the drought-stricken Southwest are urging...

Richmond Police: 'Hero Citizen' Thwarted July 4 Shooting Plot

The intended target was reportedly the Dogwood Dell

(Newser) - Updated with more details on the alleged plot. Police in Richmond, Va., on Wednesday said a mass shooting was planned for their city on July 4, but that they fielded a tip that allowed them to thwart the plot. In an afternoon press conference, Police Chief Gerald Smith said a...

The City of Orlando's July 4 Message Didn't Land Well

It's now apologizing for message acknowledging some might not feel like celebrating the holiday

(Newser) - Orlando's Independence Day message was seemingly an attempt to commiserate with those unhappy and stressed over recent events in the news, but all it did was create a backlash that extended all the way to the Florida governor's office. The city newsletter that went out on Friday acknowledged...

He Was Hesitant About Going to Parade, Ended Up Dead

6 people were killed in the Highland Park shooting

(Newser) - Updated with the identity of a second victim. Details about the six people killed at a July 4 parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park are beginning to emerge. Nicolas Toledo, 76, was among those killed, and the New York Times reports his family said he didn't want...

At Least 6 Killed, 24 Hurt in Parade Mass Shooting

Witnesses describe terror, chaos at Highland Park Fourth of July parade

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new developments. Police in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park say at least six people were killed and 24 injured in a mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade Monday morning. Witnesses said hundreds of people fled in panic when shooting erupted 10...

A Busy Travel Weekend Kicks Into Gear

TSA says business is booming again at US airports for the July 4 holiday

(Newser) - The July Fourth holiday weekend is off to a booming start, with airport crowds crushing the numbers seen in 2019, before the pandemic. Travelers seemed to be experiencing fewer delays and canceled flights than they did earlier this week. The Transportation Security Administration screened more than 2.4 million travelers...

Across US, Giant 'Lite-Brite' in Sky to Replace July 4 Fireworks

Drones increasingly being used in lieu of traditional July 4 pyrotechnics due to fire, noise concerns

(Newser) - Goodbye, fireworks finales; hello ... drone formations? That's what multiple cities across the US may be seeing this July Fourth weekend, with traditional pyrotechnics shows replaced with drone light extravaganzas—especially in the Southwest, where just one spark on the drought-affected landscape can set off an inferno. Axios reports this...

Rising Actor, 23, Dies on Fourth of July

Daniel Mickelson's cause of death is unclear

(Newser) - While much of the country was celebrating Fourth of July, others were mourning a rising Hollywood actor, who died tragically at age 23. Daniel Mickelson, who was featured in the 2019 independent horror movie The Killer Clown Meets the Candy Man and appeared in several episodes of Brat TV's...

Mark Zuckerberg's July 4 Post Was ... Interesting

Facebook CEO's somewhat bizarre Instagram video intrigued the internet

(Newser) - Amid a sea of July 4 social media posts, Mark Zuckerberg's stood out. The Facebook CEO posted an Independence Day greeting Sunday on Instagram , and while his caption was simple and straightforward—"Happy July 4th!"—the video he put up alongside it has reached "meme-worthy"...

July 4 Goal on Vaccinations Won't Happen

Young people especially are bringing the national rates down

(Newser) - Vaccination reality has not kept up with President Biden's hopes for giving at least one dose to 70% of adults by July 4, so there will be a new goal. The target to be announced Tuesday will be at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine administered to 70% of...

France Ships Small Version of Famed Statue to US

Replica of Lady Liberty will be on Ellis Island for Independence Day

(Newser) - The first Statue of Liberty sent to the US 135 years ago was a hit, and France is making a similar—albeit smaller—gesture this summer. A nearly 10-foot-tall exact replica was sent off from Paris in a ceremony Monday, WLNE reports, where it's been in the garden of...

Frederick Douglass Statue Toppled

Abolitionist gave 'What to the Slave is the Fourth of July' speech in Rochester in 1852

(Newser) - A statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglass was ripped from its base in Rochester, NY, on the anniversary of one of his most famous speeches, delivered in that city in 1852. Police said the statue of Douglass was taken on Sunday from Maplewood Park, a site along the Underground Railroad where...

Celebratory 4th of July Gunfire Kills Woman

Durham, NC, police are asking for anyone with information to call

(Newser) - Celebratory gunfire turned fatal over the holiday weekend in Durham, North Carolina, WFXR-TV reports. A few community members "chose to put our community at risk by carelessly firing guns into the air. This reckless behavior led to the tragic death of Ms. Paulette Thorpe," who was shot around...

Flags Burn on the Fourth of July
Flags Burn on
the Fourth of July
the rundown

Flags Burn on the Fourth of July

Activists hit the streets in cities across America

(Newser) - Not everyone was barbecuing and having a beer this Fourth of July. Some Americans hit the streets for sit-ins and marches in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, New York, and over a dozen other towns and cities to protest police brutality and shine a light on what they consider a one-sided...

Florida Has Shocking Coronavirus Numbers

And on the Fourth of July, no less

(Newser) - Florida reported a record number of coronavirus cases on Saturday, the latest sign that the virus is surging in many parts of the US, casting a pall over Fourth of July celebrations, the AP reports. Officials and health authorities warned people to take precautions or simply stay home on Independence...

Trump at Rushmore: Protests, Few Masks, a Miffed Neil Young

President's 'divisive' address in SD went after 'far-left fascism,' protesters for racial justice

(Newser) - On the eve of the Fourth, President Trump gave a speech in South Dakota, at the foot of Mount Rushmore, and it wasn't a staid one. Fox News called it "fiery," the Guardian went with a similar take of "incendiary," while the New York Times...

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