Dancing with the Stars

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Guess Who's Coming to Dancing With the Stars?

Paula Deen, according to sources

(Newser) - If you thought that Paula Deen's various race-related controversies were enough to get her off your television screen forever, think again. Sources tell both E! and Us that Deen will compete on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, which debuts Sept. 14. She was reportedly offered a...

We Have Good News, Bad News About New DWTS Cast

New 'Dancing With the Stars' competitors revealed

(Newser) - The bad news: Snooki will appear on the next season of Dancing With the Stars. The good news: Bill Nye the Science Guy will also appear. The cast for season 17 was announced on Good Morning America today; it also includes:
  • Valerie Harper, who played Rhoda on The Mary Tyler

Wynonna Judd, Andy Dick Join New DWTS

New 'Dancing With the Stars' cast revealed

(Newser) - Gymnast Aly Raisman's parents became semi-celebrities with their intense version of audience participation at the Olympics—so imagine how much fun they'll be to watch in the stands as Aly competes on Dancing With the Stars. Raisman is a member of the new cast, revealed today on Good ...

Once Again, Bristol Will Not Win Dancing With the Stars

Palin booted from reality competition

(Newser) - Bristol Palin got the boot from Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars last night—even though she and partner Mark Ballas actually did not get the lowest score of the week, for the first time in the entire competition. That slot went to Kirstie Alley and partner Maks Chmerkovskiy, the Hufington...

'Diva' Pam Anderson Booted From DWTS

But Kirstie Alley is also a diva, so at least there's one left

(Newser) - If you were hoping Bristol Palin would get knocked out of the running ASAP during Dancing With the Stars' All Stars … well, sorry. Pamela Anderson was the first to get the boot, leaving last night after the show premiered Monday, Celebuzz reports. The crew is probably quite happy to...

Guess Who's Dancing With the Stars?

Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkel, and a lot of other TV stars, singers, athletes

(Newser) - "Whoa, Mama!" That's right: Urkel, aka Jaleel White, will be Dancing With the Stars this season. The new line-up was announced on Good Morning America today, and it also includes TV star Melissa Gilbert, Heather Locklear ex Jack Wagner, Green Bay Packer Donald Driver, tennis star Martina...

JR Martinez Wins 'Dancing With the Stars'
 DWTS Crowns 2011 Winner 

DWTS Crowns 2011 Winner

JR Martinez takes home mirrorball trophy

(Newser) - JR Martinez took home the mirrorball trophy last night on the Dancing With the Stars finale—and if you aren’t exactly sure who he is, you’re not the only one. The AP reports that Martinez, who was severely burned in Iraq while serving in the US Army, was...

Nancy Grace Booted From DWTS

But not before doing a cartwheel!

(Newser) - Devastating news for those of you who enjoyed Nancy Grace more as a dancer than as a news show host: She got the boot from Dancing With the Stars last night, People reports. The infinitely less interesting competitors who remain: JR Martinez, Hope Solo, Rob Kardashian, and Ricki Lake. But,...

VIDEO: Chaz Bono Eliminated From 'Dancing With the Stars'
 Chaz Bono Booted From DWTS 

Chaz Bono Booted From DWTS

And, because you know you want it, an update on Nancy Grace

(Newser) - After a six-week stint on Dancing With the Stars that was hailed by GLAAD as the beginning of “transgender-inclusive programming,” Chaz Bono was eliminated last night. Bono had been “quite angry” after Monday night’s competition show, when he and partner Lacey Schwimmer accused the judges of...

Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction: Jon Stewart Says Fox News Not Biggest Boob for Once
 Biggest Boob: 
 It's Nancy Grace Vs. Fox 

Biggest Boob: It's Nancy Grace Vs. Fox

Grace wins title for 'one shining moment'

(Newser) - Chaz Bono’s casting on Dancing With the Stars caused an uproar , but in the first episode, Jon Stewart says it was Nancy Grace who accidentally assaulted American family values . “Why is the angry lady from CourtTV trying to breastfeed my children?!” demanded Stewart on last night’s...

Nancy Grace: There Was No Wardrobe Malfunction

There was jiggling but no malfunction on DWTS, she claims

(Newser) - That nipple slip on Dancing With the Stars Monday night didn't actually happen and people who think they saw otherwise must have been seeing, uh, things, Nancy Grace tells E! Online . "They have taken all sorts of major league industrial-type precautions for nothing to happen, and you know...

VIDEO: Nancy Grace Has 'Dancing With the Stars' Wardrobe Malfunction
 Nancy Grace Has 
 Wardrobe Malfunction 

Nancy Grace Has Wardrobe Malfunction

But nipple slip doesn't appear to affect her 'DWTS' score

(Newser) - Nancy Grace’s breasts have already gotten her quite a bit of attention since Dancing With the Stars premiered ( Gawker ’s headline last week: “Nancy Grace’s Giant Boobs Make Dancing with the Stars Debut”), but last night they stole the show … when one popped...

Grace: Down 10 Pounds Prepping for DWTS

Says 'nerves are much, much worse'

(Newser) - Count Nancy Grace among the Dancing With the Stars contestants who have lost weight, People reports. But she's nervous too: "My nerves are much, much worse," the CNN host said at a Power of Women Event in Beverly Hills on Friday. "I'm a fish out...

Chaz Bono: Don't Worry, I'm Not Catching

'You can't get gender dysphoria watching DTWS,' he assures complainers

(Newser) - Relax. Chaz Bono is not contagious. That's his message in the wake of a flurry of complaints that his appearance on Dancing With the Stars has now made the program inappropriate for children and God-fearing families. "People who don't have gender dysphoria aren't going to catch...

Chaz Bono DWTS Pick Sparks Dialogue on Transgenders

ABC message board lights up with critics, defenders

(Newser) - If ABC wanted to generate buzz with the announcement of the new Dancing With the Stars cast , then it looks the selection of Chaz Bono was a wise choice. Tim Molloy of the Wrap notes that the show's message board has been besieged with comments about the transgender Bono,...

Nancy Grace Will Do Dancing With the Stars

 Full DWTS 
including: nancy grace

Full DWTS Lineup Revealed

Nancy Grace, David Arquette among contestants

(Newser) - Someone other than the devil may be dancing tonight, and Nancy Grace might have to play nice with judges for a change now that she's signed on to Dancing With the Stars. She met with her partner in Atlanta this week for the first time, causing TMZ to...

Hines Ward Busted for DUI
 Hines Ward Busted for DUI 

Hines Ward Busted for DUI

'DWTS' star pulled over in Georgia

(Newser) - Hines Ward might need those dancing shoes to get out of this one: TMZ reports that the Pittsburgh Steeler was arrested this morning in Georgia's DeKalb County on suspicion of driving under the influence. The Dancing With the Stars champ posted $1000 bond and was released. TMZ has the...

Oprah Finale Draws Biggest Audience Since 1994

And it's not the only TV finale drawing eyeballs this week

(Newser) - It's starting to look like Americans haven't moved from the couch all week. Early numbers show yesterday's finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show drew the most viewers it has had in 17 years. The final episode—which featured no guests , but rather a personal conversation between Oprah,...

DWTS Mirrorball Trophy Goes to...

Hines Ward, with Kirstie Alley coming in second

(Newser) - Sorry, Kirstie Alley fans: On last night’s season finale of Dancing With the Stars, the mirrorball trophy went to football star Hines Ward. But Alley came in second, above Disney Channel actress Chelsea Kane, PopEater reports. Click here to see the winning moment, or check out Alley’s impressive...

Kirstie Alley Shaved Off 38 Inches on DWTS

Actress performed in skin-tight bodysuit last night

(Newser) - When Kirstie Alley performs on the Dancing With the Stars season finale, she'll do it in a much smaller dress than the one she wore on the season premiere in March. The costume Alley wore for her Dancing debut had to be taken in 38 inches for her to...

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