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Stephen Breyer: Supreme Court Is Headed Down Wrong Path

Retired justice offers his take on Dobbs decision, originalism, and the court's current makeup

(Newser) - Stephen Breyer has a book coming out Tuesday, and between that and a new interview with the New York Times , the retired Supreme Court justice has a lot to say, about everything from abortion and the concept of originalism to the high court bench's current makeup.
  • Abortion: In his

Stephen Breyer Explains Why He Still Has Hope
SCOTUS' Breyer:
I Still Have Hope

SCOTUS' Breyer: I Still Have Hope

America has always had ups and downs, former Supreme Court justice says

(Newser) - In his first appearance since retiring from the Supreme Court, former justice Stephen Breyer says that even though America occasionally makes missteps, he still has faith in the country's future. "America's a system that has adjusted—with its drawbacks and its going-the-wrong way from time to time...

Justice Breyer: My Retirement Begins at Noon Thursday

Final SCOTUS decision of term will be handed down that morning

(Newser) - While Justice Stephen Breyer may disagree with more Supreme Court decisions to come, he'll be doing so as a private citizen. In a letter the court released Wednesday, Breyer told President Biden that the court's final decision of the term will be handed down Thursday morning, and his...

Breyer Praised as King of 'Hypotheticals Downright Silly'

He heard his last SCOTUS case Wednesday

(Newser) - The fertile mind of Justice Stephen Breyer has conjured a stream of hypothetical questions through the years that have, in the words of a colleague, "befuddled" lawyers and justices alike. Breyer, 83, was at it once again Tuesday, inventing a prison inmate named John the Tigerman in a case...

Stephen Breyer: It's Been a 'Great Honor'
WH Confirms First Name
on SCOTUS Short List

WH Confirms First Name on SCOTUS Short List

US District Court Judge J. Michelle Childs is 'among multiple individuals' being considered

(Newser) - Update: After Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced this week he'd be stepping down from the bench, President Biden confirmed he would, per a campaign promise , be nominating a Black woman "of extraordinary qualifications." Now, a first name on that short list has emerged: J. Michelle Childs,...

Don't Expect Big Fight Over Pick for Supreme Court
May Be 
Relatively Tame
the rundown

This SCOTUS Confirmation May Be Relatively Tame

Things could change depending on nominee, but Democrats appear to have a clear path

(Newser) - Fights over recent Supreme Court nominees have set off political fireworks, but the upcoming one to fill the seat of Stephen Breyer isn't expected to be as dramatic. Much could change, of course, depending on the person selected, but an assessment by Politico suggests that leading conservative groups are...

Democrats Are Relieved After Breyer Decision
Democrats Are Relieved
After Breyer Decision

Democrats Are Relieved After Breyer Decision

Liberal justice praised after reports he is planning to retire at end of court's term

(Newser) - Justice Stephen Breyer is reportedly planning to retire from the Supreme Court at the end of its current term—and while no official announcement has been made, White House press secretary Jen Psaki fielded plenty of Breyer-related questions at Wednesday's briefing. Psaki said that while she couldn't discuss...

Report: Breyer Is Retiring From the Supreme Court

Sources say he will step down at end of this term

(Newser) - After months of pressure to step down while Democrats are still in control of the White House and Senate, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has decided to retire at the end of the court's current term, sources tell outlets including NPR and NBC . Breyer, one of the top court'...

SCOTUS' Breyer Speaks Out on Texas Abortion Ruling

'Very, very, very wrong,' the liberal justice who dissented in the 5-4 decision tells NPR

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer recently sat down with NPR , and one big topic that came up was the high court's 5-4 decision last week to let a restrictive ban on abortions in Texas stand, effectively prohibiting women from getting an abortion after their sixth week of pregnancy. It...

Breyer: Yes, I Know Politics Plays a Role in My Decision

Supreme Court justice talks to 'New York Times' about his retirement considerations

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer has issued plenty of verdicts over the course of his life. The problem is "I don't like making decisions about myself." The ranking liberal justice and oldest member of the court at 83 is facing incredible pressure to retire while Democrats...

Stephen Breyer Names 2 Factors in Retirement Decision

'Health' and 'the court,' says justice, who tells CNN he still hasn't made up his mind on what to do

(Newser) - The Supreme Court session has ended, but Justice Stephen Breyer still doesn't know when he'll retire. The top liberal justice who will turn 83 in August tells CNN that he has yet to make a decision but acknowledges two issues are on his mind: "Primarily, of course,...

Supreme Court's Interesting New Math: 3-3-3
Supreme Court's Interesting
New Math: 3-3-3
the rundown

Supreme Court's Interesting New Math: 3-3-3

The 6-3 conservative majority isn't issuing decisions quite as expected, at least so far

(Newser) - When Amy Coney Barrett replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court last year, it resulted in what is usually described as a 6-3 advantage for conservatives over liberals on the court. But two big decisions Thursday— one on ObamaCare and the other on a Catholic group that refuses to...

Now Adding to the Breyer Pile-On: Legal Whizzes

Group of scholars say 'remarkable jurist' should retire while Biden can have successor confirmed

(Newser) - At 82 years and 10 months of age, Stephen Breyer is the oldest justice on the Supreme Court and one of the oldest serving justices in the court's history—and he is coming under increasing pressure to step down so President Biden can nominate a successor. A group of...

Issue of a Supreme Court Vacancy Heats Up on 2 Fronts
Issue of a Supreme Court
Vacancy Heats Up on 2 Fronts
the rundown

Issue of a Supreme Court Vacancy Heats Up on 2 Fronts

McConnell's stance on a Biden pick and confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson

(Newser) - In the last 24 hours, the question of whether President Biden will be able to put a judge on the Supreme Court intensified on two fronts. The first came when Mitch McConnell made clear that if Republicans regain control of the Senate next year, he would almost certainly block a...

New Federal Judge Is a First for US
New Federal
Judge Is
a First
for US

New Federal Judge Is a First for US

Senate confirms Zahid Quraishi, the first Muslim American in the post

(Newser) - The Senate's confirmation of one of President Biden's court nominations made some history on Thursday. By a vote of 81-16, senators made Zahid Quaraishi the first Muslim to hold a US federal judgeship, reports CNN . "This is an extraordinary moment, and I'm glad this is a...

Oldest Supreme Court Justice Under Pressure to Retire
Oldest Supreme Court Justice
Under Pressure to Retire
in case you missed it

Oldest Supreme Court Justice Under Pressure to Retire

Some want Stephen Breyer, 82, to clear way for younger liberal

(Newser) - President Biden could have a Supreme Court seat to fill come summer. There is "immense urgency" among progressive Democrats for liberal Justice Stephen Breyer, who was nominated to the court by President Clinton in 1994, to retire after the court wraps up its current term around the end of...

SCOTUS Justice Kicked Off Line During Robocall Hearing

Breyer says an incoming call cut him off

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has wrapped up its first week of arguments by telephone, with live audio available also for the first time . The three days of hearings were remarkably smooth, even as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg participated from her hospital room and Justice Stephen Breyer was briefly kicked off the...

SCOTUS Holds Firm on One of Nation's Toughest Laws

High court says states are free to block insanity defense

(Newser) - Facing a challenge from a man sentenced to death for killing four people, the US Supreme Court responded Monday by upholding one of the country's strictest laws on insanity pleas. James Kahler—who claimed he was suffering from depression when he killed his two daughters, their mother, and their...

Supreme Court, Packed With Seniors, Takes Rare Step

All upcoming arguments have been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak

(Newser) - The Supreme Court announced Monday that it's postponing arguments for late March and early April because of the coronavirus, including fights over subpoenas for President Trump’s financial records , per the AP . Other business will go on as planned, including the justices' private conference on Friday and the release...

Supreme Court Looks Befuddled on Aereo Case

Stephen Breyer referenced phonograph records

(Newser) - The Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday in ABC v. Aereo, a much-watched case that could have big implications for both cloud computing and broadcast television—implications the justices didn't seem comfortable with. Aereo allows users to record broadcast TV online and watch it at their leisure. The major...

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