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China's Next Big Thing: Whiskey
China's Next
Big Thing: Whiskey

China's Next Big Thing: Whiskey

The liquor is wooing young Chinese away from 'baijiu' as top distillers target a growing market

(Newser) - A distillery in southwestern China is aiming to tap a growing taste among young Chinese for whiskey in place of the traditional "baijiu" liquor used to toast festive occasions. The $100 million-plus distillery owned by Pernod Ricard at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mount Emei launched a pure-malt whiskey,...

This Bottle Just Sold for $2.7M
This Bottle Just Sold for $2.7M

This Bottle Just Sold for $2.7M

Macallan Adami 1926 whisky, of which there were only 40, far outreaches estimates

(Newser) - A bottle of Scotch whisky billed as "the most sought-after" in the world sold Saturday for almost $2.7 million, an auction record for a bottle of wine or spirits—and far above initial estimates of up to $1.5 million . The Macallan Adami 1926 sold at Sotheby's in...

Rare Whisky Up for Auction Is Pretty Pricey

Sotheby's estimates the bottle can fetch up to $1.5M

(Newser) - There are only 40 bottles of the Macallan Adami 1926, a Scotch whisky that spent 60 years aging in sherry casks, and someone is about to be the lucky owner of one of them. Per the Drink Business , Sotheby's has one of the rare bottles up for auction , and...

Buyer of World's Largest Bottle of Whisky Revealed

311-liter bottle of Macallan joins Viet Nguyen Dinh Tuan's $190M collection

(Newser) - The owner of the most expensive whisky cask sold at auction has been revealed as a Vietnamese man with a spirits collection valued at $190 million. Viet Nguyen Dinh Tuan, who paid nearly $1.2 million for the cask of 32-year-old Macallan single malt whisky, bottled in a 311-liter vessel...

Fireball Cinnamon Maker Sued Over 'Misleading' Bottles

Lawsuit says it's too easy to mistake mini-bottles for Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, another product

(Newser) - The maker of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and Fireball Cinnamon is being sued over what an Illinois woman alleges is deliberately misleading packaging on the mini-bottles often seen near store checkouts. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is 33% alcohol by volume and contains actual whiskey, while Fireball Cinnamon is a whiskey-flavored malt beverage...

An Artificial Nose Is Sniffing Out Fake Whiskey
An Artificial Nose
Is Sniffing Out
Fake Whiskey

An Artificial Nose Is Sniffing Out Fake Whiskey

Study suggests NOS.E prototype is quite accurate and quick to boot

(Newser) - Few people can identify a whiskey from only a sniff—which is a problem for those willing to pay more than $10,000 for a supposedly rare dram in an industry proliferated by fake vintages . At least it was a problem before the NOS.E—an electronic nose that researchers...

Whiskey Makers Try to Hack Tradition

New processes might eliminate the need for the usual aging process

(Newser) - Most people want to turn back time. Among whiskey makers, a quest has evolved to speed it up. Last fall, Silicon Valley startup Bespoken Spirits made headlines by raising $2.6 million in seed funding to introduce a rapid-aging process that would nix having to mature whiskey in barrels, which...

Guy's 28 Years of Birthday Whisky Now Worth $52K
Guy's 28 Years of 
Birthday Whisky 
Now Worth a 
Down Payment
in case you missed it

Guy's 28 Years of Birthday Whisky Now Worth a Down Payment

Matthew Robson got a bottle of 18-year-old Macallan every year for 28 years; it's worth $52K

(Newser) - On the occasion of their first birthday, most kids get a cake with a cartoon character du jour on it and some toys they'll never remember. On the occasion of Matthew Robson's first birthday, dad Pete got him an 18-year-old bottle of Macallan single malt whisky, which you...

Spirits Industry First: a Paper Bottle

Diageo announces Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky will have plastic-free packaging starting next spring

(Newser) - Tired: drinking out of a paper bag. Wired: drinking out of a paper bottle. Starting next year, you'll be able to do the latter, thanks to a spirits industry first. Reuters reports that Diageo—maker of such brands as Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, and Smirnoff, among others—has teamed up...

Vatican Has Pope's Joke Cut From Documentary

It was a good-humored moment involving scotch whisky

(Newser) - Scotch whisky is "the real holy water," Pope Francis joked when a group of student priests from Scotland presented him with a bottle—but Vatican censors didn't laugh when they saw the footage. The moment when the seminarians presented Francis with a bottle of Oban 14 malt...

'Perfect' Whiskey Collection Is Going Up for Sale

Private collection of 3,900 bottles, many of them rare, could fetch up to $10.5M in total at auction

(Newser) - What to get as a gift for the person who has everything? Consider the largest private collection of whiskey ever to go up for public sale. Of course, you'll have to have anywhere from $9.2 million to $10.5 million to afford said collection, which is referred to...

Artificial 'Tongue' Is Bad News for Counterfeit Whisky

Device allows for 'faster and more accurate' testing

(Newser) - Counterfeit whisky is a big problem —hence why researchers in Scotland have invented a "tongue" better able to distinguish between fake and authentic bottles than the human equivalent. Alasdair Clark of the University of Glasgow explains the artificial tongue "uses two different types of nanoscale metal '...

'Inconceivably Smooth' Whisky Comes at a Price

Bottle of Macallan 1926 expected to fetch up to $923K at auction

(Newser) - Only 40 bottles of Macallan 1926 whisky were produced in 1986. Of those, 12 featured a label designed by Sir Peter Blake, one of the artists who created the cover art for The Beatles' 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, per Vox . The ultra-rare bottle could now...

There's a Good Chance Your Rare Scotch Is Fake

Be careful what you buy, especially if it's claimed as a single malt

(Newser) - A word of warning if you plan to celebrate the holidays by sipping on vintage Scotch whisky: There's a solid chance the stuff you have is fake. Advanced lab tests on 55 bottles of rare scotch nabbed from auctions, private collections, and retailers revealed 21 were outright fakes or...

Johnnie Walker May Soon Have a Lady Friend

Parent company Diageo has reportedly filed trademark documents for Jane Walker

(Newser) - Tarzan had his Jane, and so, too, will Johnnie. Thanks to the "Me Too" and "Time's Up" movements, gender equality is gaining new awareness in the workplace, and now perhaps in your whisky: TMZ reports that Diageo, parent company of the Johnnie Walker brand, put in the...

Scotland's New Brexit Worry: Whisky
Scotland's New
Brexit Worry: Whisky

Scotland's New Brexit Worry: Whisky

Minister wants UK to extend EU standards so inferior booze doesn't invade market

(Newser) - Scotland has found one more thing to fret about as Britain drags it toward a breakup with the European Union: Its precious whisky. Scotland has called for Scotch to be defined in UK law so its vital whisky industry—worth about $5.3 billion in exports—can be protected after...

Forget a New Car, Buy This $35K Bottle of Scotch

Macallan's 65-year-old whisky comes in a decanter inspired by Lalique perfume bottles

(Newser) - Macallan has an ample portfolio of quinquagenarian and sexagenarian spirits, but it's the release of one that's "old enough to collect Social Security benefits," as Eater puts it, that's got booze buffs abuzz. "Peerless Spirit" Scotch whisky, which comes in a decanter inspired by...

Space Station's New Experiment: Aging Whisky

Japanese maker Suntory is sending up samples to see how they turn out

(Newser) - Just imagine what Don Draper could do in the ad pitch: Renowned Japanese whisky maker Suntory is sending up booze to age for at least a year on the International Space Station, reports the Wall Street Journal . The idea is to see what effect zero gravity has on the process,...

On Shelves Soon: Scotch in a Can
 On Shelves Soon: 
 Scotch in a Can 

On Shelves Soon: Scotch in a Can

Scottish company will sell 12-ounce cans for $5

(Newser) - You'll soon be able to crack open and swig down a can of… Scotch whisky? Liquor company Scottish Spirits Imports plans to introduce aluminum cans filled with Scotch to the US by February 1. Each can will contain 12 ounces of the 80-proof liquor, or about eight shots' worth,...

Malt Whisky Fetches Record $73K

Glenfiddich bottle honors oldest living Scot

(Newser) - A 55-year-old bottle of Scotch has sold for the princely sum of $72,630 at auction, reports Bloomberg . The price makes the bottle of Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve the most expense single malt whisky ever sold, notes Deadline . What's with the weird name? The whisky honors the oldest...

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