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His Friendship 'Echoed Through Generations'
His Friendship 'Echoed
Through Generations'

His Friendship 'Echoed Through Generations'

Longtime 'Sesame Street' actor Emilio Delgado dies at 81

(Newser) - He broke barriers as a rare Latino figure on American TV and went on to win an Impact Award from the National Hispanic Media Coalition. But the generations of kids who grew up watching him might simply remember his warm presence and smile. Emilio Delgado, the actor and singer who...

'Karen' Incident Turns Violent in Parking Garage

William 'Hank' Beasley is accused of blocking his neighbor from entering the building

(Newser) - San Francisco—again? Only days after a "Karen" incident shook the city, another one unfolded Tuesday night. Michael Barajas, a Mexican American, captured much of it on video when a car blocked him from entering his own building's parking garage, ABC 7 News reports. A white man identified...

Waving Two Nations' Flags? Bad Idea
 Waving Two Nations' 
 Flags? Bad Idea 

Waving Two Nations' Flags? Bad Idea

US medalist Leo Manzano represented USA, not Mexico: Ruben Navarrette Jr

(Newser) - After Team USA runner Leo Manzano scored a silver medal in the 1,500-meters, he celebrated by waving two national flags. He wanted to honor both the nation in which he was born—Mexico—and the nation in which he grew up to become a world-class runner—the US. Ruben...

Mexican-American Studies Are Illegal: Arizona Judge

State law bars studies promoting ethnic solidarity

(Newser) - An Arizona judge has declared that a Tucson Mexican-American ethnic studies program in city high schools violates state law. The ruling backs a determination by controversial state Schools Superintendent John Huppenthal that the program is illegal under a new law banning educational programs that promote ethnic solidarity and provoke "...

Arizona Outlaws Ethnic Studies
 Arizona Outlaws Ethnic Studies 

Arizona Outlaws Ethnic Studies

Because they're racist against white people

(Newser) - Well, this should quiet down all the racial tension in Arizona: Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill designed to outlaw the Tucson school district's ethnic studies program—just hours after UN human rights experts issued a report condemning that very law. The measure is the brainchild of Arizona schools...

Cops Bust Dad Who Married Off Girl, 14, for Beer

Arranged marriage legit in Mexico, but trafficking minors in Calif.

(Newser) - Something got lost in translation when a California man arranged for his 14-year-old daughter to marry an 18-year-old neighbor in exchange for cash, beer, and meat, reports the San Jose Mercury News. When the bridegroom failed to pay the promised $16,000, 160 cases of beer, and six cases...

Santa Gets Help From Cousin Pancho

Barrio folk hero sports a lowrider, elf entourage

(Newser) - Santa's been getting a little help from his South Pole cousin, Pancho Claus, the lowrider-driving barrio folk hero who doles out gifts on both sides of the Texas border. Pancho takes different forms—sporting a red zoot suit in Houston and a sombrero and black beard in San Antonio—but...

More Mexican Immigrants Becoming US Citizens

Number naturalized soared 50% in 2007

(Newser) - In 2007, while the US hotly debated immigration reform, the number of Mexican-born immigrants who became American citizens skyrocketed, the LA Times reports. Experts attribute the jump—122,000 people took the oath, 84,000 more than in 2006—largely to an aggressive pro-citizenship campaign and a desire to beat...

Mexican-Style Rodeo Riles Activists
Mexican-Style Rodeo Riles Activists

Mexican-Style Rodeo Riles Activists

In Western US, tradition clashes with animal rights

(Newser) - It's about equestrian skill, machismo, tradition, and, of course, sombreros: It's charreria, and it might be endangered. The centuries-old Mexican activity that mixes rodeo and fiesta is coming under fire in the US, where animal-rights activists have rallied for laws against practices like steer tailing and horse tripping. The New ...

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