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Long-Lost Marilyn Monroe Nude Scene Discovered
Long-Lost Marilyn Monroe
Nude Scene Discovered
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Long-Lost Marilyn Monroe Nude Scene Discovered

It was locked in a cabinet for decades

(Newser) - A Marilyn Monroe nude scene that people thought had been destroyed long ago has been rediscovered—but it's not clear whether it will ever be released. The scene from 1961's The Misfits, the last movie that Monroe completed before her death, was kept by producer Frank Taylor, and...

Amelia Earhart's Plane Found … in Old Romantic Comedy

It flew under the radar of Earhart experts for 80 years

(Newser) - The plane Amelia Earhart was flying when she disappeared over the Pacific has been discovered … in a 1936 Clark Gable film. Discovery News reports that researchers with the International Group of Historic Aircraft Recovery spotted Earhart's Lockheed Electra—given away by the registration number on its wing—in...

Clark Gable's Secret Daughter Born of Rape: Relative

Linda Lewis accuses Gable of date-raping Loretta Young in 1935

(Newser) - Though the reality was kept from the public for years, Hollywood quickly began whispering after Loretta Young disappeared from the spotlight in 1935 only to resurface with an "adopted" baby girl. Known as one of the most beautiful actresses of all time, Young had just finished Call of the ...

$20 Gone With the Wind Dress Sells for $137K

James Tumblin found it on costume company's floor in the 1960s

(Newser) - James Tumblin's 300,000-piece collection of Gone With the Wind memorabilia started with a single gray dress with black appliques that lay crumpled on the floor of the Western Costume Company in Los Angeles in the 1960s. "A docent told me not to bother to pick it up,...

20 Movies That Debuted After a Star's Death

Paul Walker died less than two weeks before 'Hours' release

(Newser) - Paul Walker died less than two weeks before the Dec. 13 release of Hours, a movie about Hurricane Katrina he starred in. The San Francisco Chronicle rounds up many more examples of movies released after one of their stars died. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out...

10 'Love Children' of the Stars
 10 'Love Children' of the Stars 

10 'Love Children' of the Stars

Extramarital affairs in Hollywood are not a new thing

(Newser) - Did ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher father a love child with a music reporter ? The story is a convoluted mess (Gallagher is suing the New York Post over its article), but one thing is certain: If he did, he certainly wouldn't be the first. The Huffington Post rounds up...

Clark Gable's Grandkid Lands Oh-So-Classy TV Gig

Will be new host of 'Cheaters' reality show

(Newser) - Clark Gable's grandson: Destined to follow in his grandfather's elegant footsteps with roles just as legendary as Gone With the Wind's Rhett Butler? Er, maybe not. The current Clark Gable, who shares his grandfather's name, has a new gig that's not exactly sophisticated. He's...

John Clark Gable's Girlfriend Found Dead in Their Home

Officials probe mystery death in Malibu digs of actor's son

(Newser) - Officials are investigating the sudden death of the 41-year-old girlfriend of Clark Gable's son in the couple's Malibu home. John Clark Gable told police that Christiane Candace Lange retired early to bed earlier this week because she wasn't feeling well. He discovered her unresponsive the next morning...

Grauman's May Relocate Some Older Star Prints

Meanwhile, critics carp about too many new Hollywood additions

(Newser) - The forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre hosts handprints of Hollywood royalty from Marilyn Monroe to Robert Pattinson. But after years of wear, some of the most iconic imprints—such as Groucho Marx's—may be moved to more protected spots, says the theater's co-owner. Meanwhile, the tourist destination...

Clark Gable's Secret Daughter Dead at 76

Judy Lewis was adopted by her biological mother in a bid to preserve the secret

(Newser) - Judy Lewis grew up in Los Angeles, the adopted daughter of an actress mother ... who also happened to be her biological mother. Lewis, who died on Friday at age 76, has a Hollywood story littered with big names and big sadness: Born to up-and-coming actress Loretta Young in 1935, Lewis...

Jackson's Body Will Head to Celeb-Stacked LA Mausoleum

Final funeral will be family, friends only

(Newser) - Michael Jackson will be entombed in a Los Angeles-area mausoleum that’s the final Neverland of many other celebrities, the New York Post reports. The Holly Terrace section of the Great Mausoleum is reputedly the most secure section of Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale. The same chamber hosts the...

8 Ways Hollywood Changed Fashion

Before there was Sarah Jessica Parker, there was Jennifer Beals

(Newser) - Fashionistas rejoice: Mad Men returns tonight! To celebrate the show's influence on fashion—yes, thin-lapelled suits and Peter Pan collars are back—CNN remembers other Hollywood offerings that dominated the fashion zeitgeist:
  • Some say Clarke Gable's bare chest in It Happened One Night caused undershirt sales to plummet by 75%

Vintage Stars Got Big Bucks to Smoke

Big tobacco paid a fortune for promotion in Hollywood's golden age

(Newser) - Almost all of Hollywood's big names from the '30s, '40s, and '50s were on the payroll of tobacco companies, the BBC reports. Documents released as part of anti-smoking lawsuits reveal that stars like Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, and Joan Crawford got up to $10,000 each from Lucky Strike in...

'Lost' Monroe Reels Up for Auction

Unseen clips may sell for $20,000 in Las Vegas

(Newser) - Never-before-seen footage of Marilyn Monroe behind the scenes of her last completed film will be auctioned in Las Vegas this weekend, the BBC reports. The silent 1961 reels show a relaxed-looking Monroe talking to the cast and crew and having her hair done as she works on The Misfits with...

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