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Keillor: Emails With Accuser Just 'Romantic Writing'

'No button was unbuttoned and no zipper was unzipped'

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor described sexually suggestive emails he exchanged with a researcher who accused him of sexual misconduct as "romantic writing," and rejected the idea that because he was her boss it could be sexual harassment. The woman responded, via her attorney, that Keillor's power over her job...

MPR Reveals New Details of Garrison Keillor Allegations

Station says alleged misconduct was far more than a single touch

(Newser) - Minnesota Public Radio provided additional details of allegations of sexual harassment against humorist Garrison Keillor on Tuesday, saying his alleged conduct went well beyond his account in November of accidentally touching a woman's bare back. MPR said in a statement that Keillor was accused by a woman who worked...

Neeson: Allegations Against Hoffman Are 'Childhood Stuff'

He calls sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood 'a bit of a witch hunt'

(Newser) - Echoing sentiments shared by French actress Catherine Deneuve earlier this week, Liam Neeson on Friday called sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood "a bit of a witch hunt," the Guardian reports. The actor, during an interview on Ireland's The Late Late Show, used Garrison Keillor and Dustin Hoffman...

Keillor Says MPR Made 'Enormous Mistake'

He wants 'full restoration of his reputation,' says lawyer

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor says Minnesota Public Radio was wrong to fire him last week without fully investigating what a senior executive has described as "multiple allegations" made against the former A Prairie Home Companion host by a single person. Jon McTaggart, CEO of MPR's parent company, American Public Media...

A Prairie Home Companion Has Been Renamed

In light of the sexual harassment accusations against former host Garrison Keillor

(Newser) - A Prairie Home Companion is changing its name to Town Hall after an allegation of workplace misconduct was made against former host Garrison Keillor. The man who replaced Keillor as host of Prairie Home after Keillor retired last year announced the show's new name Saturday, the AP reports. Chris...

Garrison Keillor: Here's What Happened

Says he accidentally 'put my hand on a woman's bare back'

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor is explaining his side of the story after Minnesota Public Radio severed ties with him . In an email to the Minneapolis Star Tribune , the former host of A Prairie Home Companion says the incident in question was a case of accidental contact:
  • "I put my hand on

Garrison Keillor Says He's Been Fired, It's 'Complicated'

The improper behavior wasn't specified

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor, the former host of A Prairie Home Companion, says he's been fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of improper behavior. Keillor told the AP of his firing in an email; MPR describes it as "terminating its contracts with Garrison Keillor and his private media companies....

Garrison Keillor Looks at Retirement in 2013

But it sounds more like a maybe

(Newser) - The rough times for public radio continue: Garrison Keillor is making headlines tonight by telling AARP's The Bulletin that he plans to retire from A Prairie Home Companion in 2013. But Lake Wobegon fans can take solace in that he left himself plenty of wiggle room. For starters, he'd have...

Garrison Keillor: Michele Bachmann Is 'Embarrassing'

Humorist slams Tea Party star, supports her Democratic rival

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor has appealed to fellow Minnesotans to get rid of Michele Bachmann in the midterm elections, calling her "embarrassing" to their home state. The Tea Party-backed Bachmann is "so busy grandstanding and giving interviews on Fox News that she doesn't have time to serve the people who...

Keillor Faces Mortality as 'Nice 67 y.o. Man'

Author Garrison Keillor's stroke leads to realization that it's time for change

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor got “bitten in the butt” by mortality when he suffered a stroke earlier this month, realizing that he is now—as one doctor wrote in her report—a “nice 67 y.o. male,” he writes for Salon. “I never wanted to be a nice...

Garrison Keillor Hospitalized After Stroke

But expects to be back on 'Prairie' in two weeks, as planned

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor is in the hospital following a minor stroke, but he is in good condition and expects to start the new season of “A Prairie Home Companion” on time, the AP reports. “He is up and moving around, speaking sensibly, working on a laptop,” says a...

Snot Pizza Isn't a Felony: Keillor

(Newser) - One minimum-wage worker farts on a salami sandwich, and suddenly the president of Domino's is issuing a public apology? “This is the world turned upside down,” writes Garrison Keillor in the Chicago Tribune. In the actual world, the salami fart is nothing. “The night manager just says,...

Lines, Arctic Temps... and a Miracle: Keillor

Writer savors the spirit of goodwill amid throng at inauguration

(Newser) - The lines were "the longest I have ever stood in," and the day was arctic, but there were no complaints to be heard from the jubilant throng in Washington yesterday, Garrison Keillor writes in Salon. "All kinds of people, the slim and sleek, the XXXLs, the heavily...

Xmas Spirit Translates Better in Foreign Tongue: Keillor

Writer 'feels the religious fervor' at Spanish mass

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor is no Scrooge, but can find it hard to get the Christmas spirit, he writes for Salon. In New York for “the general dazzlement and variety,” and a holiday unbound by obligations of small-town homogeny, Keillor finds Yuletide spirit in a Spanish-language mass at St. Patrick’...

Goodbye, RV: Hello, Real Travel
 Goodbye, RV: Hello, Real Travel 

Goodbye, RV: Hello, Real Travel

Garrison Keillor applauds the death of his least favorite vehicle

(Newser) - With gas prices up and on the rise, your Winnebago may soon be stuck in park—but the fall of car culture's ugliest offender will force us to reconnect with better pastimes, writes Garrison Keillor in the Chicago Tribune. “Banjo sales will pick up,” Keillor writes. “The...

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