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Jared Fogle Plots to Abuse Kids in Secret Recording

'Dr. Phil' airs disturbing conversations with informant

(Newser) - Dr. Phil has aired the first of two episodes with alleged secret recordings of Jared Fogle —and it's stomach-churning stuff. In recordings made by FBI informant Rochelle Herman-Walrond, a man she identifies as Fogle talks about his sexual desire for children and discusses who might be the "...

Jared Fogle Had 'Amazing' Time With 'Little Boy': Secret Tapes

Shocking recordings document Fogle bragging about child sex

(Newser) - For more than four years, an FBI informant said she listened to and taped former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle as he talked about his desire for children, as well as his sexual exploits with them. Now Rochelle Herman-Walrond's recordings are about to be heard by the world when they...

In Unusual Move, Jared Fogle Pays Victims Before Sentencing

Checks for $100K have been delivered

(Newser) - In a move that US Attorney Steven DeBrota says he has only seen once before in his 25 years of dealing with child porn cases, prison-bound former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle has paid restitution to most of his victims before sentencing. DeBrota tells the AP that $100,000 checks from...

Subway: We Failed to Act on 'Serious' Jared Complaint

Company says it reviewed more than 1M customer comments

(Newser) - Subway says it received a "serious" complaint about Jared Fogle years ago and failed to do much about it—but it didn't involve "anything about sexual behavior or criminal activity." A company spokeswoman says the complaint was received in 2011 from Rochelle Herman-Walrond, the informant who...

Franchisee: Subway Knew About Jared for Years

'He would just tell me he really liked them young'

(Newser) - Subway may have known about spokesperson Jared Fogle's alleged desire to have sex with children since 2008. At least, that's what the former owner of a Subway restaurant in Florida tells Business Insider . Cindy Mills, who was a Subway franchisee from 2006 to 2012, says Fogle started calling...

How a Rare Sniffer Dog Was Jared Fogle's Undoing

Black lab found evidence that people missed

(Newser) - There are only five dogs in America trained to sniff out electronic devices, and one of them played a major role in Jared Fogle's downfall. Bear, a 2-year-old black Labrador, was able to sniff out a thumb drive that human investigators missed during a search of the former Subway...

Jared Fogle's Foundation an Apparent Sham

Subway pitchman's charity didn't do its job, records show

(Newser) - Jared Fogle had something for minors, but it wasn't money: Turns out his foundation to help battle childhood obesity did little but raise the Subway pitchman's profile, USA Today reports. According to tax records, the Jared Fogle Healthy Lifestyle Nationwide School Grant Program spent an average of just...

'Jared Fogle Is a Monster': FBI Informant

Rochelle Herman-Walrond spent 4 years secretly recording Fogle for FBI

(Newser) - "I'm numb and I'm shocked. I'm relieved most of all," says the Florida woman who secretly recorded Jared Fogle for the FBI for four years, building up evidence that led to charges that will send the ex-Subway pitchman to prison . Per WWSB , Rochelle Herman-Walrond, IDed...

Jared Fogle's High School Dumps Him, Too

School pulls his photo from its 'hall of fame'

(Newser) - In what is probably the least of former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle's concerns today , his high school has just removed his photo from its alumni hall of fame. Fogle's photo was taken down from North Central High School in Indianapolis after he agreed to plead guilty to having...

Subway Should Probably Ditch This App Quickly

'Jared's Pants Dance' is still available

(Newser) - Subway is distancing itself from Jared Fogle—as is his wife —as quickly as possible, but one lingering Subway Kids app is raising eyebrows: A game called "Jared's Pants Dance" is unfortunately still available this afternoon despite his plea deal involving sex with minors and child porn,...

Jared Fogle’s Wife Quickly Dumps Him

Katie Fogle is 'shocked and outraged,' filing for divorce

(Newser) - Katie Fogle will most definitely not be standing by her man. The wife of former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle quickly announced that she's filing for divorce as news of his plea deal related to sex with underage girls and child pornography surfaced. "Obviously, I am extremely shocked and...

Documents: Jared Fogle Will Go to Prison for Sex With Minors

On Nov. 3, 2012, Fogle allegedly paid a girl, 17, to engage in sex acts

(Newser) - Longtime Subway pitchman and married father of two Jared Fogle will be heading to prison: Documents released today by the US attorney's office in Indianapolis say Fogle has agreed to plead guilty to one count of travel to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor and one count...

Report: Jared Fogle to Plead Guilty to Child Porn Charges

Subway says it no longer has any relationship with him

(Newser) - You won't be seeing Jared Fogle in Subway ads again—and you might not see him dining on anything but prison cuisine for a while, according to Fox59 . Sources tell the station that the former Subway spokesman is expected to plead guilty to possession of child porn and that...

Subway Wipes Jared Fogle From Website

Longtime spokesman suspended after FBI raid

(Newser) - Jared Fogle hasn't been charged with anything, but after an FBI raid on his home yesterday, Subway didn't waste any time in cutting its ties with its longtime spokesman. The company announced that they had "mutually agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation"—...

Police Raid 'Subway Guy' Jared Fogle's House

Sources say warrants served in connection with child porn investigation

(Newser) - "Subway Guy" Jared Fogle is grabbing headlines this morning over the presence of something (police) rather than an absence of something (pounds): The Indianapolis Star reports that FBI agents and state police today entered Fogle's home in Zionsville, Ind. An evidence truck was observed in the driveway. An...

Biggest Celebrity Groomzillas
 Biggest Celebrity Groomzillas 

Biggest Celebrity Groomzillas

You wouldn't expect it, but Simon Cowell is one

(Newser) - Women get a lot of flack for being bridezillas, but Katy Perry recently said fiance Russell Brand is going crazier over their wedding prep—and he’s not the only high-profile groomzilla. Ami Angelowicz dishes on six more, on The Frisky :
  1. Simon Cowell: He wants a Salvador Dali-inspired wedding. Enough

Taco Bell Unveils Jaredesque Diet

But experts are skeptical about 'Christine' and 'Drive-Thru Diet'

(Newser) - Want to lose weight? Then run for the border, hit Taco Bell’s Drive-Thru Diet menu, and knock off 54 lbs in two years. Or at least that’s what happened to Christine, a Jared Fogle knockoff featured in new Taco Bell ads as a devotee of the chain's Fresco...

Subway's Jared: Alive, Thank You
Subway's Jared: Alive, Thank You

Subway's Jared: Alive, Thank You

Now-svelte sandwich pitchman is the victim of an Internet hoax

(Newser) - Reports of the demise of Subway pitchman Jared are greatly exaggerated, a company rep said yesterday in response to an Internet hoax spread via Twitter posts. "Jared sounded very much alive when I talked to him today," a spokesman told Radar. The fast-spreading rumor claimed Fogle, 30, died...

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