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Man Killed Using Port-a-Potty at End of Work Shift

The spotter for heavy-equipment operators in Polk County, Fla., was crushed by a bulldozer

(Newser) - A Florida landfill worker walked into a port-a-potty at the end of his workday Friday and never walked out. A colleague who was parking a bulldozer accidentally ran over the port-a-potty, crushing the man inside, according to authorities, who responded to the Polk County North Central Landfill after 5pm. Aaron...

Man Uses Most Unusual Way to Take Down Biden Signs: Cops

James Blight accused of stealing bulldozer, taking signs in mostly Black Fla. neighborhood

(Newser) - If you're a resident in Haines City, Fla., whose Joe Biden yard signs remain intact, consider yourself lucky that the bulldozer didn't end up at your place. That bulldozer, police say, was stolen from a local construction site by a young white man and used to terrorize a...

He Was Crushed by a Bulldozer Over 10 Pot Plants

Lawsuit now targets Pennsylvania authorities over 2018 death of Gregory Longenecker

(Newser) - The family of a Pennsylvania man killed after he fled a clearing where he was growing 10 pot plants fault state authorities for chasing him with equipment similar to "a military tank." Though his friend was arrested at the game preserve in Berks County on July 9, 2018,...

Cops: Guy Annihilated Neighbor's Home With Backhoe

There was apparently a bit of a feud between two Tennessee families

(Newser) - We've got a modern-day Hatfield and McCoy scenario in Tennessee that's resulted in one family's home succumbing to the wrath of a backhoe and a member of the other family charged with being the wrath behind said backhoe, Fox13 reports. The Tipton County Sheriff's Office says...

Man Bulldozes Home While Wife Runs Errands

Surprise, honey!

(Newser) - Picture this: You've just stepped out of your New York home for a bit to run errands. You return to find the home completely demolished ... by your own husband. That's what happened to Diane Andryshak on Monday, News 12 reports. Her husband, James Rhein, 48, rented a bulldozer...

Woman Has Neighbors' Home Bulldozed: Cops

That's one way to deal with a person you don't like

(Newser) - Authorities say a northeast Florida woman who didn't like her neighbors had their mobile home demolished. According to an arrest report, Ana Maria Moreta Folch of St. Augustine told a heavy equipment operator that she owned the trailer and wanted it and its septic tank destroyed. The Florida Times-Union...

Syria Bulldozes Homes in Hama

Thousands forced out; clashes continue in Damascus

(Newser) - Syrian government forces are bulldozing large swaths of homes in Hama in a sweep that's uprooting thousands of residents, according to new videos. "So far they have razed 120 buildings," says one local. City blocks are being plowed over as officials go door-to-door asking residents to leave,...

Case of Yank Crushed by Israeli Bulldozer Heats Up

US activist Rachel Corrie tried to protect Palestinian homes

(Newser) - The parents of a US activist who was crushed by an Israeli military bulldozer may soon meet the operators of the machine that killed their daughter. Rachel Corrie, 23, of Washington state was crushed as she attempted to block a bulldozer razing Palestinian homes in Gaza. Her parents have filed...

Battered Detroit Plans to Raze 25% of City

Mayor sees shrinking city as way to close massive deficit

(Newser) - Battered Detroit wouldn’t have to struggle to pay for services in the vast areas of the city that are essentially abandoned if they didn’t exist—so it’s going to bulldoze them. Mayor Dave Bing did the calculus on a $300 million budget deficit and the 33,500...

Jerusalem Bulldozer Attack Ends With Palestinian Dead

(Newser) - A Palestinian driver rammed a construction vehicle into a bus and police car on an Israeli highway today, wounding two officers before he was shot dead. It was the third bulldozer attack in Jerusalem in the past eight months. Witnesses described a yellow front-loader speeding along Begin Highway, dragging the...

Israel Renews Attacks on Gaza
 Israel Renews Attacks on Gaza 

Israel Renews Attacks on Gaza

Air strikes, border closing follow Israeli soldier's border death

(Newser) - In the worst violence since both sides declared ceasefires, Israel today launched new air attacks and sent tanks and bulldozers into Gaza following a border explosion that killed an Israeli soldier, the BBC reports. There has been intense fighting in the south and a Palestinian farmer was killed. Israel closed...

2nd Bulldozer Goes on Rampage in Jerusalem

Driver rams bus, cars before he's killed; 16 injured in copycat attack

(Newser) - A Palestinian bulldozer driver wreaked havoc in downtown Jerusalem today, injuring at least 16 people, one critically, before being gunned down, Haaretz reports. It was a copycat attack, coming just weeks after a similar bulldozer rampage killed three in the Holy City. Police said a civilian saw the bulldozer leave...

Bulldozer Attack Kills 4 in Jerusalem

Palestinian overturns bus, cars; 44 injured

(Newser) - A Palestinian man drove a bulldozer into traffic in Jerusalem, overturning a bus and several cars and killing four people. Dozens of people were hurt, at least 7 critically, before a police officer shot the attacker dead. A BBC reporter on the scene saw hundreds of citizens fleeing the scene.

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