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Britain's 'Greatest Murder Mystery' May Be Solved
Britain's 'Greatest Murder
Mystery' May Be Solved
new study

Britain's 'Greatest Murder Mystery' May Be Solved

Study lends weight to theory that Richard III killed 'the princes in the tower'

(Newser) - It is, writes historian Tim Thornton, "probably the greatest murder mystery in British history." Just who killed the young brothers who came to be known as the "princes in the tower"? A new study by Thornton cements the idea that the leading suspect is indeed guilty—...

King Richard III Finally Gets His Proper Sendoff

He is buried, again, in Britain, this time with dignity

(Newser) - A maligned monarch found under a parking lot was buried in pomp today, as Britain embraced comeback King Richard III , a long-reviled ruler who is experiencing a remarkable posthumous renaissance. Royalty, religious leaders, and even actor Benedict Cumberbatch joined archaeologists, Richard's distant relatives, and curious Britons for a service...

530 Years After Death, Richard III Gets a Coffin

New burial place an improvement over parking lot

(Newser) - Richard III is going to be buried again and they're not planning to cram him into an ill-fitting grave this time around. The English king, who was killed in battle in 1485 and found under a parking lot in Leicester in 2012, was placed in a coffin on Sunday...

Mystery Coffin Found Near Richard III Is Opened

Remains discovered appear to belong to a prominent woman

(Newser) - Richard III's final resting place just keeps giving up secrets , from possible infidelity to his bad case of roundworms , and now the unexplained presence of a woman's remains. The woman's posh coffin was found a year after the 2012 discovery of the king's remains, the Leicester ...

Richard III's DNA Reveals Secret: Female Infidelity
Richard III's DNA Reveals Secret: Female Infidelity
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Richard III's DNA Reveals Secret: Female Infidelity

But it's unclear when 'false-paternity event' occurred

(Newser) - Richard III's remains continue to give up secrets the English king would probably prefer be kept buried. Since discovering his remains under a parking lot in Leicester in 2012, scientists have determined he had a bad case of roundworms and died a brutal death . Now they say an analysis...

Bones Reveal Brutal Truth of Richard III's Death

CT scans turn up 11 injuries sustained at or near time of death

(Newser) - He wasn't a hunchback , he had a bad case of roundworms , and his final moments were brutal ones: The life and, more specifically, death of England's King Richard III has come into sharper focus following the most recent research on his skeletal remains. A forensic imaging team used...

Richard III Was No Hunchback
 Richard III Was No Hunchback 

Richard III Was No Hunchback

Spine problem would not have been obvious

(Newser) - Richard III wasn't the "deformed," "unfinished," "rudely stamp'd," "hunchbacked" figure Shakespeare depicted him as, researchers say. The 15th-century king's body was found under a parking lot in England a couple of years ago, and after using scans to create a...

Battle Over Richard III's Remains Ends

He will be buried in Leicester, not York

(Newser) - Richard III's last battle is finally over: The former king of England will be reburied in the city of Leicester, not York, reports the Guardian . The site of his resting place had been the subject of a legal fight ever since archeologists discovered his remains underneath a parking lot...

Richard III Had Bad Case of Roundworms

Researchers find evidence of intestinal parasite infection

(Newser) - Since digging up the skeleton of Richard III , scientists have been able to determine what he looked like , how he was buried ... and, most recently, what was going on in his bowels. It seems the king had a roundworm infection when he died, the Independent reports. Researchers compared a soil...

Richard III Had a Posh Neighbor Under Parking Lot

Lead coffin found, a century older than nearby king's plot

(Newser) - Who knew a British parking lot would be the archaeological gift that keeps on giving? Investigators at the Leicester site where Richard III's bones were found last year have uncovered an adjacent grave with all the splendor that the king's plot lacked . The mystery neighbor—whose feet are...

Richard III Had Unpleasant Burial

 Richard III Had 

Richard III Had Unpleasant Burial

King was given no death shroud, may have been bound

(Newser) - If you thought being found buried under a parking lot was about as unroyal as it could get for King Richard III, think again. In a paper published this week in Antiquity , researchers describe his body as being buried in haste, crammed into a too-small grave that was roughly dug...

Aftermath of Richard III Discovery: Hate Mail

Plus: Another historical figure discovered under parking lot

(Newser) - No one could accuse the Brits of a lack of passion for their history. As the feud continues over where to bury Richard III , the head of the York Minster church is getting hate mail, AFP reports. Nine of Richard's descendants have called for his reburial at York, where...

Henri IV's Long-Lost Skull: Found in an Attic?

Mystery of French monarch's head still divides the experts

(Newser) - That may be Richard III's skeleton found under a British parking lot—but what about Henri IV's long-lost skull? A new book about the French monarch argues that his skull turned up in the attic of a retired tax collector, the Guardian reports. Critics groan that Henri IV:...

Cities Battle for Richard III's Remains

Leicester, York stake rival claims

(Newser) - Centuries after the Wars of the Roses, Richard III is still dividing Britain. Two cities are feuding over who gets to rebury the newly-discovered remains said to be his . Leicester, home to the parking lot where the bones were found, says it's the rightful owner; York, meanwhile, argues that...

Next King to Be Dug Up: Alfred the Great?

Archaeologists plan to look for him in unmarked grave

(Newser) - Now that Richard III's skeleton has been found in a parking lot , archaeologists are turning their attention to Alfred the Great. The Anglo-Saxon king, who ruled from 871 to 899, is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave at England's St. Bartholomew's Church, and researchers are...

Is This the Face of Richard III?

Scientists release 3D reconstruction as some doubt skeleton is really his

(Newser) - Once scientists had Richard III's skeleton , they quickly set about reconstructing his face, and a 3D model of the reconstruction was unveiled today, Fast Company reports. Philippa Langley, a Richard III Society member who played a large role in the search for his body, noted that "it doesn'...

Yep: Skeleton in Parking Lot Is Richard III

DNA matches sister's descendant

(Newser) - Archeologists have shown "beyond a reasonable doubt" that human remains under a Leicester parking lot belong to a fabled king of England. Researchers had suspected the skeleton was Richard III's —and today they announced that DNA and other testing have confirmed it, the Guardian reports. The skeleton'...

Dig Thinks It's Found Richard III Under Car Park

Archeologists find skeleton with curved spine, arrow through back

(Newser) - Archeologists in England think they may have indeed found the remains of the "tyrant king" Richard III in a dig under a car park in Leicester, reports the Daily Mail . They announced today that a number of factors that make them think it's the real deal, most notably...

Dig for Richard III Wrapping Up: Will Mystery Be Solved?

Shakespeare portrayed him as 'deform'd, unfinish'd' ... was he?

(Newser) - Archaeologists believe that Richard III could be buried underneath a parking lot in the city of Leicester, and they've officially embarked on their quest to find out, reports the Los Angeles Times . They're currently digging up a government lot in hopes of finding the bones of the English...

Richard III Might Be Buried Under Parking Lot
 Richard III 
 Might Be  
 Buried Under 
 Parking Lot 

Richard III Might Be Buried Under Parking Lot

Site once held medieval church

(Newser) - British drivers may be parking their cars on top of a king's bones. Archaeologists believe that Richard III, monarch of England from 1483 to 1485, could be buried underneath a parking lot in the city of Leicester. Richard was killed at the Battle of Bosworth, and his corpse was...

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