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Chris Rock, Conan O'Brien, and the Pope Walk Into a Bar...

Or rather, the Vatican, as pontiff hosts 100-plus comedians to celebrate the importance of humor

(Newser) - Before flying to Italy's southern Puglia region to meet world leaders at the Group of Seven summit, Pope Francis hosted a very different audience at the Vatican on Friday to celebrate the importance of humor. The pontiff welcomed more than 100 comedians from 15 nations, including US celebrities Whoopi...

Seinfeld: 'Extreme Left' and 'PC Crap' Are Marring Comedy
Talks 'PC Crap,'
Pop-Tarts, and
His 'Favorite Human'

Seinfeld Talks 'PC Crap,' Pop-Tarts, and His 'Favorite Human'

Comedian chats with 'New Yorker' about his beef with the 'extreme left' and much more

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld's new film, Unfrosted, an origin story for Pop-Tarts, begins streaming Friday on Netflix. But the 70-year-old Seinfeld creator is making headlines this week not for that project, but for what he has to say about the state of comedy. Per the Hill , Seinfeld appeared on the New ...

Pamela Anderson Boards the Naked Gun Train

'Baywatch' actor will star opposite Liam Neeson in reboot of popular comedy franchise

(Newser) - Liam Neeson had already committed to an upcoming reboot of The Naked Gun, but another big name has jumped on board the project. Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame will star as Neeson's love interest in the remake directed by The Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer, "in a...

Kevin Hart Joins Elite Group of Americans

He's the latest recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American humor

(Newser) - Kevin Hart wiped away tears on stage as he looked up from the bronze bust on a pedestal to the trio of comedy legends who had come to witness his professional highlight. In the VIP balcony of the Kennedy Center opera house, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle sat...

Chappelle Rips on Trans, Disabled People in New Netflix Show

Comedian says he's done with trans jokes in new Netflix special, then pokes fun of them again

(Newser) - Dave Chappelle's most recent controversy involved comments he made regarding the Israel-Hamas war, but he's now returning to a source of previous backlash. The 50-year-old comedian had taken heat in the past for remarks about the transgender community in his Netflix special The Closer, but that didn't...

15th-Century Minstrel Served Up a 'Comedy Feast'
Ancient Manuscript Offers Rare
Glimpse of Minstrel Show
in case you missed it

Ancient Manuscript Offers Rare Glimpse of Minstrel Show

15th-century document might be the first known look at the entertainment

(Newser) - A preacher gives a sermon on the virtues of heavy drinking. A group of kings feast until their stomachs burst and out come two dozen murderous oxen. Such is the stuff of medieval comedy shows, revealed through the pages of a rare, 15th-century manuscript held in the National Library of...

Aniston: Comedians Now Not 'Allowed' to Do Certain Things

Actress reflects on the decades-later accusations that 'Friends' is offensive

(Newser) - Jennifer Aniston admits there's some truth to the criticisms of Friends decades after the sitcom was made: "There were things that were never intentional and others ... Well, we should have thought it through," the actress tells AFP in an interview cited by Deadline . "But I don’...

Santos Reacts to Late-Night Impersonations of Him

NY congressman especially didn't seem to like Jon Lovitz's impersonation on Fallon's show

(Newser) - Late night has definitely been going to town on George Santos , the rookie New York congressman who's played fast and loose with several facts both before, during, and after his campaign for the US House of Representatives. Comedian Bowen Yang channeled Santos on Saturday Night Live over the weekend,...

James Corden 'Inadvertently' Copies Ricky Gervais Joke

Joke about Twitter was almost identical to one Gervais told in 2018 Netflix special

(Newser) - Embattled Late Late Show host James Corden says he "inadvertently" used a Ricky Gervais joke during his monologue Monday night. Elon Musk "does this thing where he goes, ‘Well, it’s the town square.’ But it isn't," Corden said while discussing Musk's takeover...

Comic Nabs Late-Night Spot With Best Response to Can Thrower
Comic Dodges Thrown Drink,
Has Epic Response

Comic Dodges Thrown Drink, Has Epic Response

Ariel Elias chugged the seltzer because, at that point, 'I really needed a drink'

(Newser) - Comic Ariel Elias turned what could have been her worst night onstage into one of her best, landing her in talks for a set on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The comic was performing at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, on Saturday when a female audience member...

'Love Goddess' Comedian Judy Tenuta Dead at 72
Always a
'Happy Time
to Be Around

Always a 'Happy Time to Be Around Her'

'Love Goddess' comedian Judy Tenuta dies at 72 of ovarian cancer

(Newser) - Judy Tenuta, a brash stand-up who cheekily styled herself as the "Love Goddess" and toured with George Carlin as she built her career in the 1980s golden age of comedy, died Thursday. She was 72. Tenuta died at home in Los Angeles, with her family around her, publicist Roger...

Norm Macdonald's Posthumous Special Unlike Any Other

It includes a 'televised wake in miniature'

(Newser) - Norm Macdonald didn't plan on filming his last comedy special in his living room. It was 2020 and the secret cancer patient was testing material for his next Netflix special. He was also about to undergo a major procedure. So he sat down to record the material in case...

There's a Feel-Good Vibe to the Jackass Pain
There's a Feel-Good
Vibe to the Jackass Pain

There's a Feel-Good Vibe to the Jackass Pain

Fourth installment is a hilarious 'protest against maturity': critics

(Newser) - The Jackass crew is older though apparently not much wiser in Jackass Forever , the fourth film in the main series and the first since 2010's Jackass 3D. Johnny Knoxville and Stephen "Steve-O" Glover, now with gray hair, reunite with most of the old crew members plus some newbies—...

Patton Oswalt's Message on Dave Chappelle Backfires

Comedian insists he's an 'LGBTQ ally' after post about his longtime friendship with Chappelle

(Newser) - The comedy business can be a somewhat insular one, where everybody knows everybody and ties stretch back decades. So it's not surprising that comedian Patton Oswalt has known Dave Chappelle for more than three decades, and his New Year's Eve post on that topic is now drawing heat....

An 'Impractical Joker' Is Leaving the Group

Joe Gatto says he's leaving prankster comedy troupe to focus on co-parenting after separation

(Newser) - For 10 years, TruTV has sated the public's need for pranks with Impractical Jokers, a show hosted by four friends from childhood—Sal Vulcano, James Murray, Brian Quinn, and Joe Gatto—who force each other to do humiliating and/or bizarre tasks in front of strangers for points. Now, one...

Comedian Who Did Zillow Joke First: Please Venmo Me $1M

But Ted Alexandro doesn't really expect he'll be paid over the 'SNL' skit

(Newser) - SNL made quite the splash on Saturday with its spoof of a Zillow ad . In this version, 30-somethings lust not for flesh but for fireplaces and first-floor masters by way of Zillow's online real estate listings. The sketch featured special guest Dan Levy and cast members getting hot and...

'Fauci' Battles Bras, Talks Vaccine on SNL
Bras Fly as 'Fauci'
Appears on SNL

Bras Fly as 'Fauci' Appears on SNL

Kate McKinnon and Heidi Gardner do the cold open

(Newser) - Kate McKinnon as Anthony Fauci? Yep, raspy voice and all: "Yeah we're doing this vaccine World War Two-style," she said when Saturday Night Live cold-opened on CNN's The Situation Room, per the Washington Post . "We made England go in first and see what's what,...

'Squiggy' Has Died at 73
Comic Actor
Who Hid His
Diagnosis Is
Dead at 73

Comic Actor Who Hid His Diagnosis Is Dead at 73

David Lander played the beloved role of Squiggy on 'Laverne & Shirley'

(Newser) - Lovers of classic TV know him as Squiggy, the greasy-haired neighbor who made America laugh. Now David Lander's family says the comic actor died Friday in Los Angeles from complications of multiple sclerosis, TMZ reports. He was 73. Committed to acting by age 10, Lander teamed up with Michael...

To the Man Who Gave Us 'Deep Belly Laughs,' Goodbye

From 'This Is Spinal Tap' to 'Anchorman,' Fred Willard carved out an unusual career

(Newser) - Fred Willard, the comedic actor whose improv style kept him relevant for more than 50 years in films like This Is Spinal Tap, Best In Show, and Anchorman, has died, the AP reports. He was 86. Willard's daughter, Hope Mulbarger, said in a statement Saturday that her father died...

Louis CK Jokes, 'Women Know How to Seem OK'

The comedian addresses his sexual misconduct in new online special

(Newser) - Louis CK is finally rolling out jokes about the #MeToo crisis that seemed to tank his career. The comedian, who has admitted to masturbating in front of female colleagues, is making light of the whole affair in a special available on his website for $7.99, Variety reports. "How...

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