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Suit: United Staffs Dodgers' Charters With Young, White Blondes

2 longtime flight attendants accuse airline of race, age discrimination

(Newser) - Two United Airlines flight attendants are suing their longtime employer, whom they allege discriminates against employees based on race, national origin, religion, and age. The plaintiffs claim they were demoted from the airline's sports team charter program—a highly coveted position in which flight attendants can earn double or...

United Airlines Is Making a Big Boarding Change
United Airlines Is Making
a Big Boarding Change
in case you missed it

United Airlines Is Making a Big Boarding Change

Those in window seats will board first, followed by middle, then aisle

(Newser) - In what some might see as an obvious move , United Airlines is making what media outlets are painting as a big change to its boarding process: Passengers with window seats will board first. Well, they'll still board after everyone who is allowed to pre-board, plus all the fancy passengers...

Tech Outage Briefly Halts United Flights Nationwide

Feds say crews were unable to contact dispatchers through normal means

(Newser) - United Airlines departures have resumed after being halted nationwide for a brief time Tuesday because of a technology outage. Federal officials said that United crews had been unable to contact airline dispatchers through normal means, the AP reports. "United asked the FAA to pause the airline's departures nationwide,...

Cops: Pilot Who Hit 'Breaking Point' Took Ax to Parking Barrier

United Airlines pilot charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief

(Newser) - United Airlines pilot Kenneth Henderson Jones was apparently having a rough day on Aug. 2—which was bad news for a parking lot barrier he encountered at Denver International Airport. The 63-year-old pilot was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief after he attacked the exit barrier with a full-sized ax, hitting...

Pilot on Vacation Ended Up Flying 300 People Out of Maui

United captain says he's happy he could help

(Newser) - A pilot who was on vacation in Hawaii when wildfires raced through Maui says he ended up in "polo shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes flying the airplane back." United Airlines Capt. Vince Eckelkamp and his family were due to fly out from Kahului Airport on Maui on Tuesday....

Here's Why United Jet Came Close to Hitting the Ocean

NTSB report blames 'miscommunication' between pilot, co-pilot

(Newser) - The National Transportation Safety Board has completed its investigation into a 2022 United Airlines flight that came within 748 feet of crashing into the Pacific Ocean, and NTSB investigators say pilot error was to blame, CNN reports. The incident started when the captain called for the Boeing 777's flaps,...

United Airlines Pilot Arrived at Work 'Staggering, Eyes Glassy'

He was arrested on suspicion of drunkenness, sentenced by French court

(Newser) - A 63-year-old American pilot arrived at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport, where he was scheduled Sunday to fly a United Airlines plane to Washington, DC. Problem being that he was obviously drunk, police say. "He was staggering slightly, his eyes were glassy, and his mouth pasty" when he showed...

Passenger's Rage Over Meal Leads to Unscheduled Stop

Business-class customer reportedly wasn't happy with the options available; United flight is diverted

(Newser) - A United Airlines flight had to divert just two hours into what should have been a 9.5-hour journey Sunday after a business-class passenger became enraged over meal options. According to the Guardian , the passenger, who would've paid around $7,000 for the upgraded seat, caused a fuss after...

United CEO Apologizes After Hopping on Private Jet

Scott Kirby did so as thousands of United customers were stranded

(Newser) - The CEO of United Airlines got a lesson in bad optics this week: As thousands of his company's customers were stranded at airports because of cancellations, Scott Kirby hopped on a private plane that flew him from New Jersey to Denver on Wednesday, reports CNN . In fact, the bulk...

Here's How America's Major Airlines Rank

WalletHub places Delta at the top of its list

(Newser) - Finding the cheapest flight is often a traveler's priority, but there are other reasons to pick one airline over the other. WalletHub checked out the nine largest US carriers, plus two regional airlines, to see how they ranked on everything from baggage, departures, and safety, to in-flight comfort (think...

Blue Jays Pitcher Not Happy Airline Made Pregnant Wife Clean Up Popcorn

Their kid spilled it, he says wife was forced to clean it up

(Newser) - Today in weird Twitter drama, Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Anthony Bass got probably not the reaction he was expecting when he posted on the social network about his wife's experience flying United Airlines with their two young kids. "The flight attendant @united just made my 22 week...

Airline Passenger Tried to Open Emergency Door: Prosecutors

33-year-old attempted to stab United crew member before he was tackled, US attorney's office says

(Newser) - A Massachusetts man tried to open an airliner's emergency door on a cross-country flight from Los Angeles to Boston and then tried to stab a flight attendant in the neck with a broken metal spoon, federal prosecutors alleged Monday. Francisco Severo Torres, 33, of Leominster, was tackled and restrained...

2 United Airlines Planes 'Make Contact' at Logan

It was Boston airport's second Monday incident in a row

(Newser) - Two United Airlines Boeing 737s at Boston's Logan Airport were taken out of service Monday morning after they "made contact" near the gate area, officials say. The Federal Aviation Administration says United Airlines Flight 515 to Newark was being pushed back by a tow tug when its wing...

This Airline Has Good News for Families

United says its new seating policy will help adults, kids sit next to each other at no extra charge

(Newser) - If you've ever flown with young children and had to pass juice boxes and crayons over seat tops or across the aisle because you weren't able to sit with them, United Airlines has some news you'll be happy to hear. With the help of a new seat...

Seconds After Takeoff, 'Gasping' and 'Screaming'

United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after passenger's battery pack catches fire

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration posts warnings on its website about the dangers of lithium batteries, and for good reason: They can cause fires if not stored properly during transit. Passengers on a United Airlines flight Tuesday morning found that out firsthand, when the battery pack for a passenger's laptop...

United, American Cap Fares to Help Southwest's Stranded

Other airlines also try to accommodate customers left high and dry by thousands of nixed SW flights

(Newser) - Amid travel woes involving Southwest Airlines ' customers this holiday week, two other major airlines are trying to mitigate the mess. CNN Business reports that United Airlines and American Airlines are limiting how much it costs to fly to and from certain cities on their own flights to help the...

Puppy Ditched by Owner at Airport Gets His Happy Ending

United Airlines employees took care of puppy left in San Francisco until pilot could adopt him

(Newser) - United Airlines has used "Fly the Friendly Skies" and "Good Leads the Way" as recent slogans, and both apply in a case out of California that has found a puppy his forever home. CNN reports on the plight of Polaris, a dog of unknown breed who was abandoned...

Passengers 'Started Shrieking' When They Saw Snake on Plane

Florida garter snake is now a New Jersey resident

(Newser) - "Enough is enough! I have had it with these (expletive) snakes on this (expletive) plane," Samuel L. Jackson's character declared at one point in Snakes on a Plane. There was only one snake on a flight from Tampa to Newark on Monday afternoon, but that was more...

FBI: Man Took 'Shrooms, Then Had Quite a Trippy Flight

Cherruy Loghan Sevilla is accused of assaulting crew, breaking into bathroom on United plane

(Newser) - There are bad trips, and then there are bad drug trips, and may never the two converge. For one man on a United Airlines flight last week, however, that's apparently what happened, and he's now facing charges of assault and interfering with flight crew. An affidavit filed in...

Best US Airlines in 2022
The Best
US Airlines,

The Best US Airlines, Ranked

The Points Guy crowns Delta as king

(Newser) - The Points Guy website is out with its annual ranking of US airlines, and Delta comes out on top by a rather comfortable margin. The top-10 ranking takes into account all the factors you'd expect—on-time flights, cancellations, general reliability, cost, scheduling, frequent-flier perks, and more. Here are the...

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