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Country With Just 63K Residents Wins First-Ever Gold

Bermuda is the smallest country ever to win gold medal at Summer Olympics

(Newser) - With a table-topping 10 gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, Japan has so far won one gold medal for every 12.6 million residents. In Bermuda, the ratio is one per 63,000 people. Flora Duffy won gold in the women's individual triathlon Tuesday, making Bermuda the smallest country...

For 7th Year in a Row, Hurricane Season Starts Like This

Thanks to subtropical storm near Bermuda, it's 7th year in a row that named storm formed before June

(Newser) - Subtropical storm Ana formed in the Atlantic Ocean early Saturday, according to the National Hurricane Center. Ana was the first named storm in the Atlantic this year, though hurricane season doesn't officially start until June 1, per the AP . Ana was located about 200 miles northeast of Bermuda, with...

This Is 5th Time on Record We've Had 10 Hurricanes by Now

Thanks to Epsilon

(Newser) - The 10th hurricane of a busy Atlantic storm season is headed toward Bermuda. Hurricane Epsilon became a Category 1 storm late Tuesday, according to the National Hurricane Center, which describes it as churning some 400 miles east-southeast of Bermuda and moving west-northwest at 12mph. "Some additional strengthening is possible...

Hurricane Humberto Lashes Bermuda
Hurricane Humberto
Lashes Bermuda

Hurricane Humberto Lashes Bermuda

Another hurricane is approaching Mexico

(Newser) - Hurricane Humberto lashed Bermuda with strong winds Wednesday as the powerful Category 3 storm passed just to the north of the British Atlantic territory, while a newly formed hurricane threatened tourist resorts along Mexico's Pacific coast. Humberto came within about 75 miles of Bermuda before moving away out toward...

Teen Left His Friends at a Bar. Then, a 'Significant Drop'

'Mystery' surrounds the death of American Mark Dombroski in Bermuda

(Newser) - First he was declared missing , then found dead . But the story behind what happened to US college student Mark Dombroski in Bermuda is far from over, as "mystery" still abounds, the Royal Gazette reports. Police there say the 19-year-old's body was found in a dry moat at the...

Student Who Vanished on Bermuda Trip Found Dead

Foul play has not been ruled out

(Newser) - The search for missing American student Mark Dombroski came to a tragic end Monday when police and soldiers in Bermuda found the 19-year-old's body. Police say the body of Dombroski, a student at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia who was in Bermuda for a rugby tournament, was found...

US College Student Vanishes During Bermuda Rugby Trip

Mark Dombroski was competing in an international rugby tournament

(Newser) - The mother of an American college student reported missing in Bermuda is appealing for the public's help in finding her son, the AP reports. Nineteen-year-old Mark Dombroski is a member of the rugby team at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. Dombroski was competing in an international rugby tournament...

This Country Is the First to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage

It's a first that shames Bermuda, critics say

(Newser) - The number of countries in the world allowing same-sex marriage has gone down rather than up with the passage of a new law in Bermuda. The island—technically still a self-governing British territory—legalized gay marriage last year in a Supreme Court ruling, but the right was rolled back after...

Boys Lost at Sea Seen in Newly Released Video

Perry Cohen, Austin Stephanos seen departing in boat

(Newser) - An investigation into two teen boys lost at sea has turned up never-before-seen video of their departure, but an attorney for one of the boys' families fears investigators may be giving up, CBS News reports. "I think that the video was released because the Florida Wildlife Commission has decided...

Boat of Florida Teens Lost at Sea Found off Bermuda

A Norwegian vessel spotted it

(Newser) - The boat carrying two Florida teens who were lost at sea during a fishing trip last July has been recovered 100 miles off the coast of Bermuda, the Palm Beach Post reports. The crew of a homeward-bound Norwegian vessel spotted the capsized 19-foot single-engine boat in March. "It was...

Stranded Cruise Ship Freed Off Bermuda

No injuries reported on the Norwegian Dawn after at-sea ordeal

(Newser) - Thousands of passengers spent the night stranded, albeit in comfort a few miles off the coast of Bermuda. The Norwegian Cruise Line says that when its Norwegian Dawn ship temporarily lost power yesterday as it was departing a Bermudian port, the "propulsion was affected" and "the vessel made...

Hurricane Gonzalo Roars Toward Bermuda

It could hit tomorrow

(Newser) - Bermuda residents rushed to batten down for Hurricane Gonzalo, which is roaring toward the small British territory as a major Category 4 storm just days after a tropical storm damaged homes and knocked down trees and power lines. Dennis Feltgen, a meteorologist at the US National Hurricane Center in Miami,...

Old Shipwreck Yields 'New' Perfume

Scent is recreated from 150-year-old bottle found amid debris

(Newser) - A perfume soon to hit the shelves actually dates back a century and a half. The Bermuda Perfumery's "new" fragrance has a fascinating backstory: It was discovered in a shipwreck off Bermuda that occurred this month in 1864. The smuggling vessel Mary Celestia traveled between the island and...

Google Dodges $2B in Taxes With Bermuda Move

Profit stowed there nearly doubles

(Newser) - Google shifted $9.8 billion in revenue to its Bermuda shell company last year, in a move that allowed it to cut its overall tax rate almost in half, Bloomberg reports based on company filings. The figure is nearly double what Google funneled overseas three years earlier, and represents roughly...

Hurricane Igor on Course for Direct Hit of Bermuda

(Newser) - Hurricane Igor is on a collision course with Bermuda. The storm has been downgraded to a Category 2, but experts believe it could regain strength on its way to Bermuda to once again reach Category 3 status. The Bermuda Weather Service has likened Igor to Hurricane Fabian, which hit the...

Supreme Court Takes Uighurs' Case

(Newser) - The Supreme Court will hear a new case about the rights of Guantanamo detainees, this time involving prisoners who remain in custody even after the Pentagon determines they're not a threat to the United States, the court said today. Last year, the court said in a 5-4 ruling that federal...

Hurricane May Foul Obamas' Vacation

(Newser) - Hurricane Bill prompted tropical storm warnings for parts of the East Coast today, including President Obama's planned vacation spot of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. The storm isn't expected to hit the mainland, but it could bring "extremely dangerous surf and life-threatening rip currents," warn meteorologists. The Obamas are...

Hurricane Bill Hits Category 4
 Hurricane Bill Hits Category 4 

Hurricane Bill Hits Category 4

Possible effects not yet clear: expert

(Newser) - Hurricane Bill grew to a Category 4 storm today with maximum sustained winds approaching 135mph, CNN reports. The storm’s center was some 460 miles east of the Leeward Islands and 1,100 miles southeast of Bermuda at 5am. “It's a little too early to evaluate what kind of...

Freed Gitmo Inmates: 'We'd Never Heard of al-Qaeda'

(Newser) - The Chinese Muslims freed from Guantanamo last week had never heard of al-Qaeda before arriving in Cuba, one of them tells the Royal Gazette of Bermuda. "From what we have heard about them, they are an extremely radical group, with totally different ideals from ours," said Salahidin Abdulahad,...

Britain Bashes Bermuda for Taking Gitmo Inmates

Overseas territory told it's getting too big for its britches with resettlement deal

(Newser) - Britain has berated its oldest remaining colony for taking in former Guantanamo detainees without asking London's permission first, the BBC reports. American officials say they dealt directly with Bermuda on the issue, through its British-appointed governor, as they arranged to release four Chinese Muslim Uighurs to Bermuda.

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