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1st Apple Store to Unionize Will Also Be 1st to Strike

Union votes to authorize a strike against Apple's retail operations at Maryland location

(Newser) - It was the first Apple Store to unionize, and now it will be the first Apple Store to strike. Employees at the Towson, Maryland, Apple Store, located in the suburbs of Baltimore, voted Saturday night to authorize a strike against Apple's retail operations, according to a statement from the...

Bail Revoked for Driver in Deadly Apple Store Crash

Bradley Rein accused of failing to charge GPS monitoring device

(Newser) - A judge revoked bail Tuesday for a man who was confined at home while awaiting trial for driving his SUV into a Massachusetts Apple store last year, killing a man and injuring nearly two dozen others, officials said. Bradley Rein, 54, was ordered to jail for 60 days after police...

At an Apple Store, a Brazen $500K Burglary

Burglars cut a hole in a bathroom wall of neighboring store at Washington state mall

(Newser) - Some Washington state criminals have apparently been watching a little too much Ocean's Eleven. As KOMO reports, police are still searching for burglars who burgled their way into an Apple Store in a most unusual way. The culprits cut through the bathroom wall of Seattle Coffee Gear in Alderwood...

1 Dead, 16 Hurt in 'Unthinkable' Crash at Apple Store

SUV drove through glass front of Hingham, Massachusetts store

(Newser) - One person was killed and at least 16 injured in what the local district attorney says was an "unthinkable morning" at an Apple store in Massachusetts. Authorities say an SUV crashed through the glass front of the Hingham store around 10:45am Monday, less than an hour after the...

At a Second Apple Store, Workers Vote to Unionize

Labor movement has been gaining strength since pandemic hit

(Newser) - Workers at an Apple store in Oklahoma City have voted to unionize, marking the second unionized Apple store in the US in a matter of months, according to the federal labor board. The vote on Friday signaled another win for the labor movement, which has been gaining momentum since the...

Police: Apple Store Hostage Forced a Breakthrough

Amsterdam police say man fled, and the suspected gunman chased after him

(Newser) - Update: In the aftermath of a hostage situation at an Apple Store in Amsterdam, details are emerging about the alleged gunman and a man police are framing as a hero. The AP cites Police Chief Frank Paauw as describing the suspect as an armed 27-year-old who demanded he be paid...

Parler Is Back in Apple's App Store—With Conditions

Think of it as 'Parler Lite or Parler PG'

(Newser) - Parler is set to make a reappearance in Apple's App Store on Monday, after the latter company reviewed changes that the social media platform made to address concerns of lax moderation. The news comes on the heels of reports last month that Apple had cleared the way for this...

Apple Shutters All Its Stores In California

The Golden State is in the midst of a deadly COVID surge

(Newser) - With COVID cases spiking along with death tolls in California, Apple has shuttered all 53 of its stores in the state. Per the Verge , the tech giant announced the precaution late Saturday as ICU capacity fell to 0% in some parts of the state and with the emergency alert system...

As Cybersecurity Adviser, Giuliani Made a Major Blunder

He locked himself out of his iPhone and took it to an Apple Store

(Newser) - On Feb. 7, 2017, a 72-year-old man walked into an Apple Store in downtown San Francisco and said he needed help unlocking his iPhone because he'd entered the wrong password more than 10 times. It would have been an unremarkable occurrence—if that man, Rudy Giuliani, hadn't been...

Teen Says Apple's Facial Recognition Tech Got Him Arrested

He's suing for $1 billion over the matter

(Newser) - A New York 18-year-old says he was falsely arrested in November—and he blames Apple's facial recognition technology. Ousmane Bah says Apple uses such technology to identify shoplifters at its stores, and he's suing the tech giant for $1 billion over the matter, the New York Post reports....

Unarmed Thieves Make Off With $30K in Apple Merch in Store Full of Shoppers

Similar thefts are hitting Lululemon stores as well

(Newser) - A Costa Mesa, Calif., Apple store was packed with customers Monday night when a group of men ran in and, with no weapons, managed to rip nearly $30,000 worth of iPads and iPhones off the display tables before fleeing the store. "I don’t understand how you could...

French Man's Destruction of Apple Store Très Sophisticated

He was apparently upset about a refund

(Newser) - Geez, the French are even sophisticated while performing wanton acts of destruction. The Verge reports a young man was caught on video calmly and methodically wrecking up an Apple Store in France over a refund disagreement. The man used a steel ball—apparently the kind used in a French lawn...

Thieves Dressed as Employees Terrorize NYC Apple Stores

They've made off with nearly 100 iPhones since February

(Newser) - Thieves have stolen more than $55,000 worth of iPhones from New York City Apple Stores over the past four months by dressing as employees. The New York Post reports it started in February when a woman dressed like an Apple employee grabbed eight iPhones from an Apple Store on...

'Philly Jesus' Busted at Apple Store

His cross proved too burdensome: cops

(Newser) - A man who calls himself "Philly Jesus" has a new cross to bear: He was arrested at a Philadelphia Apple store on a trespassing charge, reports the AP . Philly Jesus, whose real name is Michael Grant, dresses like Jesus, preaches on sidewalks, and performs baptisms in city fountains. He...

Cops: Modern-Day Samurai Busted at Apple Store

The incident was posted to social media, of course

(Newser) - Authorities say a man was taken into custody after swinging a samurai sword inside an Apple store Friday in Manhattan. It happened shortly after 4pm local time at a store on Fifth Avenue. A police spokesperson says the man appeared to be emotionally disturbed. Officials say there were no reported...

Snowblower Cracks Glass at Apple Store: $450K Fix

The company cube in Manhattan gets roughed up

(Newser) - Try explaining this one to the boss: A snowblower banged into and shattered one of the 32-foot glass panels that form a cube outside the Apple Store in Manhattan, and 9to5Mac estimates the cost of replacement at $450,000. (That's based on the $6.7 million cost to install...

Coming to a Mall Near You: Google?

It's considering retail stores, but no word on where, or when

(Newser) - First Microsoft jumped on the retail-store bandwagon; now Apple stores could face another rival. Google is considering opening its own retail stores, sources tell the Wall Street Journal , but we may not see them for quite a while. An insider says the company may not move on the plan this...

Paris Apple Store Hit With $1.6M NYE Robbery

Police still on the hunt for 4 armed thieves

(Newser) - Four armed robbers stormed the Paris Apple store last night and made off with more than $1.6 million worth of products, the Daily Mail reports. The gunmen raided the store around 9pm, three hours after it closed, as police were busy preparing for the large crowds expected in the...

How Apple Trains Its 'Geniuses' to Play You
 How Apple Trains 
 Its 'Geniuses' 
 to Play You 
in case you missed it

How Apple Trains Its 'Geniuses' to Play You

A look inside a profoundly weird and ambitious training manual

(Newser) - Being an Apple Store "genius" takes more than technical know-how—it takes a company-provided crash course in psychology. Over at Gizmodo, Sam Biddle got hold of the Genius Training Student Workbook, a stunning volume full of stringent rules on how to interact with customers and each other, up to...

AT&T Builds Huge Apple-Esque Store

Chicago store will be 10,000 square feet, show off more than phones

(Newser) - AT&T is revamping its retail strategy in grand style, with a new 10,000-square-foot flagship store on Chicago's "Magnificent Mile" that will show off not just phones and tablets, but fitness applications and even "smartcar" features, Bloomberg reports. Apple comparisons are inevitable, but "we are...

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