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Acorn Ready to File Bankruptcy
 Acorn Ready to File Bankruptcy  

Acorn Ready to File Bankruptcy

Funding dried up in wake of pimp scandal

(Newser) - When James O'Keefe can convince your workers that he's a pimp and elicit all sorts of ill-advised advice, it's probably not an indicator that business is booming. And indeed, insiders tell the New York Times that Acorn will announce its pending bankruptcy this weekend. At least half of the group's...

Fox Speaks Up for Busted ACORN Pimp

US attorney's son among 'Louisiana Watergate' suspects

(Newser) - Fox News has warned against jumping to conclusions after the man it would like to make a folk hero was busted for allegedly tampering with the phones in Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's offices. The arrest of James O'Keefe "probably needs a lot of context and a lot of looking...

ACORN 'Pimp' Arrested at Landrieu Office

Cops say four men tried to plant wiretaps at senator's digs

(Newser) - The man who dressed up like a pimp and filmed a series of undercover videos that brought scorn upon ACORN has been arrested and accused of trying to wiretap Sen. Mary Landrieu's office. James O'Keefe and three other men face felony charges. Police say two of the men dressed up...

Blogger Foe Confronts ACORN Protesters

Breitbart says video of 'thugs' will be up soon

(Newser) - Andrew Breitbart—whose conservative website aired the ACORN sting videos—decided to mosey down to an ACORN protest in Los Angeles this week, and he's not happy with the rough treatment he got. He blogs that he was harassed and threatened by the "dregs of society" so...

Stingers Release Philly ACORN Video

Says it proves ACORN lied about incident

(Newser) - The ACORN stingers have released another video, this time of their visit to the Philadelphia location—where, ACORN has until now insisted, they were kicked out. In the new, edited video, James O’Keefe says they weren’t kicked out, but instead sat for more than half an hour with...

ACORN Chief Blames Everyone But ACORN

Bertha Lewis not contrite enough for Dana Milbank

(Newser) - ACORN chief Bertha Lewis wasn’t in the mood to apologize at the National Press Club yesterday. For anything. Not for the internal ACORN review showing that $5 million had been embezzled from the group, rather than the previously alleged $1 million (“This is speculation, completely false”), not...

BofA Severs Ties With ACORN
 BofA Severs Ties With ACORN 

BofA Severs Ties With ACORN

ACORN Housing advocated for homeowners facing foreclosure

(Newser) - Bank of America has cut off ties with ACORN’s housing assistance arm following revelations that employees of the community organizing group gave ill-advised assistance to videographers posing as a pimp and prostitute. ACORN Housing has worked with BofA—among other banks—since the '90s to help homeowners in danger...

ACORN Video Sting a Lesson in New Journalism
ACORN Video Sting a Lesson in New Journalism

ACORN Video Sting a Lesson in New Journalism

(Newser) - Andrew Breitbart may have an ideological ax to grind, but so what? The undercover ACORN videos he's posted illustrate a significant strength of 21st-century American journalism, writes Jack Shafer: "It will accept contributions from everybody from amateurs to entertainers (I'm looking at you, Jon Stewart) to gadflies to billionaires...

ACORN Sues Creators of Sting Video
ACORN Sues Creators of
Sting Video

ACORN Sues Creators of Sting Video

Recordings made without two-party consent, group says

(Newser) - ACORN is suing the makers of a hidden-camera video that showed employees of its Baltimore office giving tax advice to a man and woman posing as a pimp and prostitute. The liberal group contends that the audio portion of the video was obtained illegally because Maryland requires two-party consent to...

ACORN's Founder Blasts GOP Attacks
Founder Blasts GOP Attacks

ACORN's Founder Blasts GOP Attacks

Dismisses them as 'poppycock,' part of anti-Obama vendetta

(Newser) - The founder of ACORN says the conservative portrayal of the group as a "criminal enterprise" is a “complete fabrication." Claims that the group systematically misuses federal funds for political purposes are being circulated as fact on TV talk shows and blogs, Wade Rathke tells the Washington Post....

ACORN Sting Raises Media Ethics Questions

Hidden video subterfuge made news, but where was the reality check?

(Newser) - “You've got to give James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles credit for abundant chutzpah and guile,” writes James Rainey in the Los Angeles Times. The pair’s hidden camera ACORN takedown “likely will do for guerrilla video what Ashton Kutcher did for Twitter—popularize and expand the form....

ACORN Takedown Campaign Overblown, Misguided
ACORN Takedown Campaign Overblown, Misguided

ACORN Takedown Campaign Overblown, Misguided

The actions of a half-dozen employees doesn't represent the huge organization

(Newser) - The conservative campaign against ACORN—which has now, thanks to a few video “sting” operations, lost its federal funding—is built on an outrageous set of exaggerations and falsehoods, writes Joe Conason for Salon. “No doubt it was fun to dupe a few morons into providing tax advice...

ACORN Sting Duo Says Nobody Put Them Up to It

Call themselves 'concerned citizens'

(Newser) - James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles say there's no conservative conspiracy behind their decision to dress up as a pimp and prostitute and walk into ACORN offices with a hidden camera. They’re just a pair of concerned citizens, who’ve managed to wound the mighty activist group on a...

House Votes to Cut Off ACORN
 House Votes to Cut Off ACORN 

House Votes to Cut Off ACORN

Republicans lead charge against scandal-ridden community organizers

(Newser) - The House voted tonight to deny all federal funds for ACORN in a Republican-led strike against the scandal-tainted community organizing group that comes just three days after the Senate took similar action. "ACORN has violated serious federal laws, and today the House voted to ensure that taxpayer dollars would...

Schwarzenegger Wants ACORN Investigation

Activist sting catches woman boasting of shooting husband

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenegger today urged California AG Jerry Brown to launch an investigation of ACORN, the Los Angeles Times reports. The governor acted after a video sting operation that's targeted ACORN offices around the country hit the group’s San Bernardino office. In the video released Tuesday, as in previous videos...

ACORN Orders Investigation Into Programs

Group promises reform after 'sting' videos surface

(Newser) - ACORN is ordering an independent investigation into its community service programs after undercover videos exposed questionable behavior by its employees, the AP reports. The group also said it would put its programs on hold while it conducts staff training. A series of videos show ACORN employees instructing a fake prostitute...

ACORN Is Rotten, And Mainstream Media Ignores It

Network news has no coverage of hooker-pimp sting video scandal

(Newser) - The scandal enveloping community-organizing group ACORN “has everything you could ever want,” Dan Gainor writes for Fox News: “corruption, sleazy actions at tax-funded organizations, firings, government ties, sex, hookers. It is a network news director’s dream.” Curiously, ABC, CBS, and NBC aren't covering the brouhaha...

ACORN May Sue After New Tape Emerges
Sue After New Tape Emerges

ACORN May Sue After New Tape Emerges

Second film shows staffers advising fake hooker, pimp

(Newser) - ACORN is weighing legal action after another undercover sting tape emerged, this time in Brooklyn, the New York Post reports. Like a tape made in Baltimore, the new footage shows a man and a woman dressed as a pimp and a prostitute getting advice on housing loans. “Honesty is...

US Census Bureau Axes Community Group ACORN

Group called 'distraction' after sting catches employees advising prostitute

(Newser) - The US Census Bureau will not allow community-organizing group ACORN to participate in next year’s national census, the Wall Street Journal reports tonight. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is a “distraction,” Census director Robert Groves writes, after members of its Baltimore and Washington offices...

ACORN Fires Staffers Over Prostitute Sting Video

Hidden camera catches employees advising phony pimp

(Newser) - The Baltimore office of ACORN has fired two staff members who were caught on tape giving advice to a man and a woman posing as a prostitute and a pimp, the Baltimore Sun reports. The video shows the staffers explaining how to evade tax laws, set up a brothel, and...

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