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Research Claws at 'Crazy Cat Lady' Stereotype
Research Claws at
'Crazy Cat Lady' Stereotype

Research Claws at 'Crazy Cat Lady' Stereotype

It suggests cat owners are no more anxious, depressed than others

(Newser) - Roughly half of Americans buy into the "crazy cat lady" stereotype, generally believing cat owners to be single women surrounded by numerous balls of fur, according to a 2015 survey spotted by the Los Angeles Times . It's a long-standing idea, as evidenced by an 1872 editorial in the...

On Facebook, Cat People Are 'Tired,' Dog People 'Excited'

Cat people prefer fantasy and anime, while dog people go for romance and, well, dogs

(Newser) - Facebook analyzed the behaviors and preferences of 160,000 people who posted photos of cats and dogs, at once both confirming and busting several prevailing pet myths. For instance: Cat owners have 26 fewer friends on Facebook, yet are more likely to be invited to events than their canine-loving...

Faithful Dog Waits 2 Weeks for His Murdered Owner

'He would just stand there and look helpless'

(Newser) - Loyalty between dog and man once again has no bounds, this time via a German shepherd who waited two weeks for an owner who'd never come home again. The dog was first spotted at an apartment complex near Houston's Hobby Airport, KTRK reports—sometimes on the steps, sometimes...

In LA, Your Barking Dog Will Cost You

City Council votes for new fines

(Newser) - If you live in Los Angeles and you have a noisy dog, you might want to start thinking now about how to quiet it. The City Council voted yesterday to fine owners whose dogs bark too much—$250 for a first offense, then $500 and $1,000 for additional offenses....

14% Would Keep Dog, Boot Lover

Women have a tougher time deciding

(Newser) - More evidence of Americans' love affair with pets: Asked whether they'd dump their pet or their significant other if forced to choose, a full 14% said the human would go, according to a new AP/Petside poll. "I would absolutely give up my girlfriend for him," one respondent said....

My Pet Is Psychic, Say 2/3 of US Owners

Most Americans believe pets have a sixth sense, at least about weather

(Newser) - Two-thirds of American pet owners believe their pets are psychic—about the weather, at least. And a whopping 43% say their pets have a sixth sense about bad news, a new survey shows. Pet owners relate stories of dogs and cats alerting them to thunderstorms, earthquakes, seizures, panic attacks—one...

Shanghai Unleashing 'One Dog Policy'

No space for multiple dogs in city of 20M people, officials say

(Newser) - Residents of China's biggest city will soon be limited to one pooch as well as one child. Shanghai officials are finalizing a law that will ban households from owning more than one dog and require puppies to be given away to dogless households or to government adoption agencies before they...

Delta Loses Teen's Dog
 Delta Loses Teen's Dog 

Delta Loses Teen's Dog

Offers a $200 credit in return

(Newser) - Don't you hate it when the airline loses your luggage? Now imagine how angry you'd be if that luggage was your pet. That's Josiah Allen's situation. The 19-year-old recently adopted a stray dog in Mexico, then tried to fly home to Canada with him. But when he landed, he discovered...

Cat Saves Family, Goes Missing

Illinois tabby alerted owners, dog to fire in their home

(Newser) - A cat who alerted her sleeping family to a fire spreading through their house, allowing them to escape unharmed, has disappeared from their suburban Chicago home. Baby roused Josh Ornberg and girlfriend Letitia Kovalovsky, who are expecting twins, and their dog early this morning. Because the 13-year-old tabby usually "...

Walking Your Dog 'Better Than Gym Membership'

Survey finds pooch owners get longer workouts

(Newser) - Scrapping your gym membership in favor of Fido will make you healthier and happier, according to a British study. The research—sponsored by a pet care company—found that dog owners spent an average of around 8 hours a week getting some exercise while walking their pets, while petless gym...

Pets' Carbon Pawprint Cause for Alarm

Fido, Fluffy fetch bad news for environment

(Newser) - Forget the gas guzzler—it's Fluffy and Fido who are delivering a carbon blow to the global environment. That's the odd warning from a pair of New Zealand professors who claim the carbon pawprint of a large dog delivers twice the impact of a Toyota Land Cruiser driven 6,000...

3-Year Court Case Ends in Joint Custody—of Dog

NJ couple will trade visits with Dexter the pug

(Newser) - A case that has taken up the time of the New Jersey court system since 2006 apparently ended today with a judge's ruling that the litigants will share custody of their dog. Dexter, a 6-year-old pug, will spend 5 weeks at a time with each of his owners, the Philadelphia ...

Fla. Man Nabbed for Child Porn: My Cat Did It

(Newser) - A Florida man has been arrested on charges of possessing child pornography, but he claims the cat did it, reports WPBF-TV. Keith Griffin told police that his feline companion would habitually mash the keys on his keyboard while he was away from his computer, causing strange things to appear. More...

5-Legged Pup Saved From Freak Show

(Newser) - A good-hearted pet lover paid $4,000 to outbid a Coney Island operator to save a five-legged puppy from life in a freak show, reports the New York Daily News. North Carolinian Allyson Siegel, 45, called the owner of the Chihuahua terrier mix when she learned the puppy would be...

Dog + Kitchen Magnets = Emergency Surgery

(Newser) - A British dog is healthy after emergency surgery to remove an alphabet’s worth of fridge magnets from his belly, the BBC reports. Jack had just returned home from being neutered, and his owner put him in the kitchen to rest. “The next morning I noticed the whole alphabet...

Om My! Dogs Take to Yoga

Downward-facing dogis more popular than ever

(Newser) - When Fido lifts his leg, he might not be watering a tree, but attempting the challenging yoga position Downward Facing Dog. At least, that's what owners all over America are hoping as they pack yoga classes that cater to people and their doggies—or dogis—reports the Independent. "Doga"...

Heart of a Lion: YouTube Fave Lives On in Memoir

One-time owners of Christian the lion recall the wild years

(Newser) - A lion who went wild after being raised by his hippy "parents" in their London shop, and later became a YouTube fave, has been immortalized again in a new memoir, Time reports. The emotional reunion in Africa between Christian the lion and his former owners has been viewed over...

Fido's Clone Just Ain't Fido
 Fido's Clone Just Ain't Fido 

Fido's Clone Just Ain't Fido

Doggie behavior, physical traits can differ

(Newser) - Lou Hawthorne's canine cloning business is well on its way—with clients paying upwards of $130,000 to duplicate their pets—but the copies of his own beloved family dog have hardly replaced her. Clones Mira and MissyToo vary in size and color, and Hawthorne's mother—keeper of the original...

Locals in Fla. Keys Stay Back for Animals

6-toed cats, nervous birds among the lucky as Ike moves in

(Newser) - Animal lovers are staying back in the Florida Keys to make sure six-toed cats and frisky dolphins survive a brush from Hurricane Ike, the Fort Mill Times reports. While some residents flee, kennel owners and wild life managers are bunking up with extra food and medicine. "They are very,...

Dogs Get Their Own Social Networking Site

Pooches and their owners meet through

(Newser) - Dog owners are using a crossbreed of MySpace and YouTube to network—all on behalf and because of their four-legged friends, the AP reports. Since launching last month, has attracted more than 700 users, mostly female, who share photos, videos, advice, and stories, as well as supply their...

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