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2 IEDs Explode at Florida Mall
2 IEDs Explode at Florida Mall

2 IEDs Explode at Florida Mall

Police seek 'person of interest'

(Newser) - Police are hunting what they call a "person of interest" after two improvised explosive devices went off at a mall in central Florida Sunday evening, causing damage and a small fire but no injuries. Police in Lake Wales say the pipe bombs went off in a service corridor near...

Al-Qaeda Bombers Came to US as Refugees

Their fingerprints were found on Iraq IEDs

(Newser) - A pair of Iraqi bomb-making experts who boasted about killing American soldiers made it into the US as refugees because of apparent bungles with background checks—and authorities fear there could be dozens of similar cases, ABC finds. Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi were allowed to settle in...

Cleaning Lady Discovers IED in Teen's Room: Police
Cleaning Lady Discovers
IED in Teen's Room: Police

Cleaning Lady Discovers IED in Teen's Room: Police

Joshua Prater, 18, arrested after bomb determined to be legit

(Newser) - Think of all the things you imagine a cleaning woman might find in an 18-year-old male's room. An IED probably wasn't on your list. But that's exactly what police say an Arizona housecleaner discovered this week in a Tempe home. After spotting a suspicious-looking device with wires...

US Official on Libya: 'Our Security Plan Worked'

Wall Street Journal picks apart lax strategy at consulate

(Newser) - US officials didn't see the attack on their Benghazi consulate coming—but critics say they should have. There was a slew of terrorist activity in the months before, including a June 6 IED attack on the consulate itself, the Wall Street Journal reports, but Ambassador Chris Stevens kept security...

NATO: 6 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Bombs, attacks also killed Afghan civilians and policemen

(Newser) - A bomb in eastern Afghanistan today killed six NATO service members, on a day where a total of 29 people died from roadside bombs and insurgent attacks. NATO said the blast was caused by an improvised explosive device but provided no further details about the attack and did not identify...

New Underwear Protects Troops
 New Underwear Protects Troops 

New Underwear Protects Troops

Protective undergarments limit IED damage

(Newser) - US troops are more protected "down there" thanks to new ballistic underwear, USA Today reports. Staff Sgt. Ross Cox was wearing the underwear when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan: His left foot was blown off and his right leg was shattered, but his injuries could have been...

US Raids Have Captured, Killed 900 Taliban Leaders

Military says insurgency is having trouble finding replacements

(Newser) - If the body count is any indication, coalition forces are making progress in Afghanistan: US-led military forces have captured or killed more than 900 Taliban leaders over the past 10 months, say military leaders. Special forces stepped up operations to decapitate the insurgent force by focusing on leadership as part...

Al-Qaeda Working on 'Nuclear 9/11'
 Al-Qaeda Working 
 on 'Nuclear 9/11' 

Al-Qaeda Working on 'Nuclear 9/11'

Terrorists working on dirty bombs, biological weapons

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda is actively pursuing the nuclear materials and rogue scientists necessary to make dirty bombs or worse, according to a series of documents released by WikiLeaks and published in the Daily Telegraph . In 2009, NATO security chiefs warned that al-Qaeda was working on “dirty radioactive IEDs,” and a...

Bomb-Sniffing Dog Given UK's Highest Military Honor

Treo awarded Dickin Medal for twice locating IEDs in Afghanistan

(Newser) - A British military bomb-sniffing dog joined venerable company today when he was awarded the highest honor a war animal can receive for twice detecting IEDs in Afghanistan. The Dickin Medal was established in 1943 by the founder of an animal health organization. Treo’s handler tells the BBC that the...

'Hurt Locker' Brit Dies Disarming Afghan Bomb

NATO preparing massive assault on Taliban stronghold

(Newser) - A British soldier with the kind of chillingly dangerous job featured in the movie Hurt Locker has been killed disarming a roadside bomb to clear a route for a new Afghan offensive. Warrant Officer David Markland, 36, had survived 8 stints in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Times of London...

Marines Launch Large Attack in S. Afghanistan

'Cobra's Anger' aims to disrupt flow of IEDs in Helmand province

(Newser) - US Marines and Afghan troops today launched the first offensive since President Obama announced an American troop surge, striking against Taliban communications and supply lines in a southern insurgent stronghold. In all, about 1,000 Marines as well as Afghan troops were taking part in the operation in Helmand provvince,...

Roadside Bomb Strikes Afghan Gov's Convoy

Kandahar official survives attack on holiest Muslim holiday

(Newser) - The governor of Kandahar narrowly escaped death today when a roadside bomb exploded underneath his convoy. Turyalai Wesa was on his way to prayers on the first day of Eid al-Adha, the holiest holiday on the Muslim calendar. Kandahar is the birthplace of the Taliban, a violent Afghan hotspot, and...

UK Colonel's Death Raises Fury at Home

He's killed by roadside bomb after warning about lack of choppers

(Newser) - Britain's newspapers are up in arms today over the revelation that a commander got killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan just weeks after warning his superiors they weren't doing enough to prevent such deaths. Lt. Col. Rupert Thorneloe complained in an email that troops didn't have enough helicopters and...

Afghanistan Troops Face Smarter, Fiercer IEDs

(Newser) - The war in Afghanistan is getting deadlier for both coalition troops and Afghan forces, reports James Dao in the New York Times, mostly because of an increase in homemade bomb attacks—465  in May alone. The IEDs—improvised explosive devices—are getting more sophisticated as well as more common, and...

Grave Lack of Security at Fed Buildings: GAO

Agents snuck in bomb parts, assembled them in restrooms

(Newser) - A covert investigation shows the nation’s federal buildings are woefully under-protected from potential terrorist attacks, CNN reports. Undercover agents were able to sneak bomb components through security into each of the 10 federal buildings—occupied by the Homeland Security, Justice, and State departments—they tested, assemble explosive devices in...

IED Casualties in Afghanistan Soaring

75% of coalition deaths result from roadside explosives

(Newser) - Improvised roadside bombs caused 75% of all casualties among coalition forces in Afghanistan in the first two months of this year, up from 50% two years ago, reports USA Today. The rate of casualties from IEDs is also higher than at any time in Iraq, calling for urgent pleas for...

Skirting Laws, Iran Buys Bomb Parts From US Firms

Materials used to make top weapon against US troops

(Newser) - Through front firms and complex maneuvering, Iran skirts trading laws to buy bomb parts from US companies, the Washington Post reports. The equipment allows production of improvised explosive devices, or IEDS, bombs that are the leading killer of US troops in Iraq, according to Justice Department documents and a new...

Pentagon Kept Humvees Despite Known IED Threat

Officials delayed switch to safer vehicles: report

(Newser) - Military leaders knew before the Iraq war that roadside bombs would threaten troops, but they still dragged their heels on adopting vehicles more resistant to IEDs, a Pentagon investigation has found. In 2005 officials stopped processing an urgent request from field commanders for vehicles called MRAPs, whose height and hull...

Afghanistan's Insurgency Endures

Attacks highlight security decline

(Newser) - The insurgency in Afghanistan is mushrooming, and targeting the refurbished highway that provides a weak connection between the country's ethnic halves, the New York Times reports. A series of deadly attacks in June has exposed the tribulations of the United States' 6-year-old effort to defeat the Taliban.

Iraq Insurgents Gain Deadly New Weapon

Rocket-bomb attacks can kill dozens at a time

(Newser) - Shiite insurgents in Iraq have been attacking US forces with a new weapon the military fears could kill dozens of troops at a time, reports the Washington Post. Rocket-propelled bombs, made of propane tanks packed with hundreds of pounds of explosives, have killed at least 21 people this year, including...

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