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Cops: School Principal Didn't Do Racist Rant, AI Did

Authorities say high school's athletic director tried to frame his boss with artificial intelligence

(Newser) - An apparent beef between a Maryland high school athletic director and the school's principal veered in a dark direction, with the former now accused of trying to frame the latter with an AI recording.
  • The recording: NBC News reports that on Jan. 16, three staffers at Pikesville High School

Principal's Daughter Says He Tried to Distract School Shooter
Principal Who Tried
to Distract Shooter Dies

Principal Who Tried to Distract Shooter Dies

Dan Marburger was shot in an attack at an Iowa high school

(Newser) - Dan Marburger, the Iowa high school principal shot while apparently trying to give students time to escape from a gunman, died Sunday. He had been hospitalized with his wounds since the Jan. 4 attack by a student, per WOWT . "Dan courageously put himself in harm's way to protect his...

School Principals Form Unwanted but Necessary Group

A deep dive into the Principal Recovery Network, a support group for leaders at schools affected by gun violence

(Newser) - Frank DeAngelis used to belong to a lonely club of one. Now, he's got nearly two dozen companions in that club, but it's one he wishes didn't exist. In fact, DeAngelis—the former principal of Colorado's Columbine High School, where a 1999 mass shooting left 12...

Student Punished for Dancing at a Party Threatens Suit

Principal of Louisiana's Walker High School requests leave of absence amid backlash

(Newser) - A high school principal in Louisiana has apologized after revoking a scholarship endorsement for a student who was filmed dancing at an off-campus party, though the student is refusing to accept the apology, claiming the damage is done. Walker High School principal Jason St. Pierre stripped senior Kaylee Timonet of...

Teen Suspended for Mocking Principal Sues

Tennessee student says free speech rights were violated after Instagram posts made fun of school

(Newser) - It's not unusual for students to poke fun of teachers or administrators, but one high school principal who suspended a teen for doing so is now on the receiving end of a First Amendment lawsuit. The Washington Post reports on the complaint filed Wednesday in the US District Court...

Principal Waited Years to Release Snow Day Video. It's Here
Principal Announces
Snow Day in Most
Unexpected Way
in case you missed it

Principal Announces Snow Day in Most Unexpected Way

Wisconsin's Jack Knaack has been preparing for this moment for years, he says

(Newser) - Although an intense winter storm is wreaking havoc across the nation, it was somewhat surprising that a Wisconsin school shuttered on Friday, as its principal notes they haven't called a snow day in "many years," per NBC 26 . Even more surprising, however, was the way Jack Knaack...

School's New Principal Is Its Former Janitor

Mike Huss says he wanted to show his son that 'you can accomplish anything'

(Newser) - The new principal of Ione Elementary School definitely knows his way around the building—Mike Huss attended the school about 40 miles outside Sacramento as a young boy before working there as a janitor for 14 years and a teacher for 19 years. Huss, 55, says he never used to...

Assistant Principal Fired for Reading Butt Book Isn't Giving Up

School district upholds Toby Price's termination, but he'll appeal to Mississippi's Chancery Courts

(Newser) - Update: Toby Price remains fired for what his district says was poor judgment in storytime choice. The assistant principal had appealed his termination for reading I Need a New Butt to second-graders at Gary Road Elementary School near Jackson, Miss., but on Monday, his legal team let him know the...

Cops: Vigilantes Abduct Principal Over COVID Measures

Greek principal was driven to police station, where his alleged attackers were then detained

(Newser) - Police in northern Greece have jailed several people who allegedly handcuffed a principal, forced him into a car, then drove him to a police station, demanding he be arrested for enforcing COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, members of the group known as Guardians of the Constitution, who argue the restrictions violate constitutional...

Principal Beaten Unconscious in Front of Students, Parents

16-year-old Boston girl was arrested

(Newser) - The 61-year-old principal of a school in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood was hospitalized Wednesday after being knocked unconscious in what police describe as a "very violent attack" witnessed by students, staff, and parents. Sources tell CBS Boston that Upper Campus Principal Patricia Lampron of the Dr. William W. Henderson...

Principal Left Special Note on All 459 Seniors' Chairs
Principal Left Something
on All 459 Seniors' Chairs

Principal Left Something on All 459 Seniors' Chairs

Talk about a big effort

(Newser) - A Florida high school principal spent the last several months of the school year crafting personalized notes for each of the 459 graduates and left them on their seats to read before receiving their diplomas, per the AP . Matanzas High School principal Jeff Reaves scoured through transcripts, emails and used...

Mom Secretly Recorded Principal Paddling Girl, 6

Corporal punishment is banned in Florida district

(Newser) - A 6-year-old girl in Florida got in trouble last month for damaging a computer screen at school—but the principal who paddled her could be in deeper trouble. The district superintendent and the Clewiston Police Department say they are looking into the paddling, which was secretly recorded by the girl'...

After Outcry, School Board Fires Principal a Second Time

William Latson called Holocaust a 'belief'

(Newser) - A former high school principal in Florida who was reassigned , fired , and then rehired after making controversial remarks about the Holocaust has been fired for a second time. The Palm Beach County School Board on Monday voted unanimously to rescind its Oct. 7 vote to reinstate William Latson, former principal...

Principal Who Said Holocaust Was a Belief Is Reinstated

School board vote comes after judge found 'no just cause' for William Latson's firing

(Newser) - The same school board that voted last year to end the employment of a principal who told a parent that the Holocaust was a matter of belief has now rehired him. Florida's Palm Beach County School District voted 4-3 on Wednesday to reinstate former Spanish River High School Principal...

More Than 40 Principals Got Together. Then, a Positive Test

Attendees are now in quarantine in California after meeting to discuss reopening

(Newser) - More than 40 school principals in northern California are in quarantine after attending an in-person meeting about how to reopen schools safely. The event was attended by a person who later tested positive for COVID-19. The individual hadn't been experiencing symptoms at the June 19 meeting of the Santa...

Backlash on Principal's Prom Mandate: Why Just the Girls?

Principal says female attendees need to get their outfits approved ahead of time

(Newser) - A mandate sent out by a high school principal in Louisiana about the upcoming prom and the attire that female attendees are allowed to wear is getting mixed reaction. NBC News reports that Kim Pendleton, who only recently took on the principal job at Shreveport's Southwood High School, sent...

School Principal: Sorry for 'Visceral Reaction' to Kobe's Death

Washington state's Liza Sejkora said NBA star's death was 'karma'

(Newser) - While many are still mourning the death of Kobe Bryant , others are more ambivalent, considering the late NBA star had been arrested and accused of rape when he was 24 (the charges were eventually dropped, and Bryant settled with his accuser). Liza Sejkora, the principal of Camas High School in...

Principal Refused to Say Holocaust Was Real. Now, a Big Move

Florida school district's board votes 5-2 to terminate William Latson's employment

(Newser) - The former Florida school principal who told a parent that the Holocaust was a matter of belief is out of a job, at least for now. The board for the Palm Beach County School District voted 5-2 Wednesday to end William Latson's employment. He'd been principal of Boca...

Teachers Once Said He'd Be 'Dead by 21.' Now He's Principal

Michael Atkins worked his way up from student to custodian to top spot in Denver schools

(Newser) - "I'm home." That's how Michael Atkins in June described his being named principal of Stedman Elementary School in Denver. Atkins is a product of the Denver Public Schools system, attending elementary school there, then middle school, where, Atkins said, teachers told him that a black student...

Principal Whose Words Echoed Kutcher's: 'I Made a Mistake'

West Virginia's Kenny DeMoss has been suspended for 5 days, without pay

(Newser) - A West Virginia principal accused of plagiarizing Ashton Kutcher in an address to his school's graduating class has been suspended without pay for five days, the AP reports. The News and Sentinel reports Parkersburg High School's Kenny DeMoss was suspended Tuesday at a Wood County Board of Education...

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