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Trump's COVID Accusation Riles America's Doctors

President alleged at rally that doctors are inflating coronavirus numbers for personal profit

(Newser) - A claim made without evidence by President Trump at a Friday rally in Michigan is now receiving pushback from the medical community. Per the Hill , Trump was speaking in Waterford Township when he stated that the coronavirus death count may be inflated for a wallet-packing reason. "Our doctors get...

Young OB-GYN Loses Her COVID Fight
Young Doctor Is Among
Latest COVID Casualties
the rundown

Young Doctor Is Among Latest COVID Casualties

Adeline Fagan dies in Houston, one of 200K US deaths

(Newser) - The US has now reached the unwanted milestone of 200,000 COVID deaths , and one of those deaths out of Houston is drawing national attention. Adeline Fagan, a 28-year-old medical doctor, died after battling the coronavirus for about two months, reports the Houston Chronicle . Coverage:
  • The fight: Fagan was a

Woman Fired for Anti-Semitic Tweets Loses Medical License
Woman Fired for Anti-Semitic
Tweets Gets More Bad News 
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Woman Fired for Anti-Semitic Tweets Gets More Bad News

Lara Kollab can no longer practice medicine in the state of Ohio

(Newser) - The Ohio woman who lost her job due to anti-Semitic posts on social media has now lost something else: her medical license. Fox News reports that Lara Kollab, now believed to be in her late 20s, had her training certificate to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery in the state permanently...

NICU Staffers Stay Behind as Hurricane Laura Strikes

'I'm proud of them,' says doctor at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital

(Newser) - Nineteen babies already have a story to tell—and people to thank. Several NICU staffers stayed behind at a Louisiana hospital this week as Hurricane Laura ripped into the state, CNN reports. Amid howling winds and leaky windows, Dr. Juan Bossano and a group of 14 nurses, 3 respiratory therapists,...

Cops: Man Smashes Into Patrol Cars While Catching a Flick

North Carolina doctor had his Tesla in 'Autopilot' mode, police say

(Newser) - Bad luck: to crash into other vehicles while driving. Worse luck: to crash into other vehicles that happen to be police cars. Worst luck of all: to do all of the above while you're watching a movie. Officials in North Carolina say that was the fate of a Raleigh...

Germany: 'Certain Likelihood' Navalny Was Poisoned

Tests in Berlin are still underway as Russian opposition leader remains unconscious

(Newser) - Now that he's safely in Berlin , a seriously ill Alexei Navalny is being treated and monitored by doctors, and now the German government is saying the 44-year-old Russian opposition leader needs police protection, as it seems fairly clear what happened to put him in this state. "Because one...

Woman Who Nixed Restraining Order on Husband Found Dead

Body of Kathleen McLean, 45, found near Mass. home she shared with doctor Ingolf Tuerk

(Newser) - A Massachusetts doctor has been arrested and charged with murder after his wife's body was found near their property Saturday night. CBS Boston reports that the remains of Kathleen McLean, 45, were discovered by cops not far from the Dover home she shared with her husband of five months,...

In This Country, Virus Doctors Are &#39;Falling&#39; Out of Windows
In This Country, Virus Doctors
Are 'Falling' Out of Windows

In This Country, Virus Doctors Are 'Falling' Out of Windows

Russia sees its 3rd health-care worker take a tumble after complaints about COVID-19

(Newser) - Doctors the world over are struggling to contend with the coronavirus, but in Russia, a unique problem is plaguing attending health-care workers. The Moscow Times reports that Alexander Shulepov, 37, a medic in Novaya Usman, Russia, suffered a skull fracture and is now in critical condition after he fell from...

In Germany, Doctors Are Taking It All Off

Naked protest draws attention to protective equipment shortages

(Newser) - German doctors are stripping off their clothes to protest shortages of personal protective equipment. Photos appearing to show nude medical workers with body parts artfully obscured by stethoscopes and other medical equipment have been posted to the website Blanke Bedenken , which translates to "Naked Qualms," per the Guardian...

Texas Doctor Moves Into Kids' Treehouse

ER doc doesn't want to risk infecting family

(Newser) - A south Texas emergency room physician has chosen a novel place to self-isolate as he's treating patients with the novel coronavirus. Jason Barnes made a temporary home of his children’s treehouse in the backyard of the family's Corpus Christi home. He is among many health care workers...

They're Fighting the Virus. Now, Their Own Google Doodles

For 2 weeks, search giant is paying tribute to those on the front lines of fighting COVID-19

(Newser) - Do a Google search today and you'll notice a new Google Doodle —a temporary redo of the company's logo, often used to mark holidays or commemorate important people and events—dedicated to a group that CNET calls "largely unsung heroes" in the coronavirus pandemic. Hover with...

Cops: Doctor Strangled Teen in Social Distancing Dispute

Video shows Friday altercation in Louisville, Ky.

(Newser) - A doctor has been arrested in Kentucky after a video allegedly showed him shoving a group of teenage girls, and putting his hands around one teen's neck, in a dispute over social distancing. John Rademaker, a Louisville-area physician, was arrested and charged Tuesday with strangulation and three counts of...

Irish PM Has Part-Time Job to Help Out With the Virus

Leo Varadkar re-registered as a doctor so he can assist one day a week during pandemic

(Newser) - Before his career in politics, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar was a medical doctor. Now, the coronavirus outbreak has spurred a return to his roots. The Irish Times reports that in March, the 41-year-old taoiseach registered once again to practice medicine, after a seven-year hiatus, when his country's health...

An 'Upsetting' Virus Sacrifice: Doctors, Nurses Leave Loved Ones

Health care workers self-isolate away from their families so they don't infect them

(Newser) - Lisa Neuburger, a 37-year-old nurse in Minnesota, recently had a hospital scare that led her to believe she may have been exposed to the coronavirus. And so, to protect her family, Neuburger moved from her parents' home, where she'd been living with her 11-year-old son, and into a camper....

Health Care Workers Are ... Getting Laid Off?

America's for-profit medical system puts needed workers on the sidelines

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of medical workers across the US are suddenly out of work as operating rooms and doctor's offices go dark, casualties of urgent calls to prioritize coronavirus patients at overwhelmed hospitals and of the economic waves the crisis is churning, the AP reports. Even as hospitals scrounge...

Document Lets Nurses Share COVID-19 Tales Anonymously

Nurses detail fears, 'unacceptable' supply shortages in online document

(Newser) - US hospitals battling the coronavirus pandemic have become "war zones," according to a private online document used by more than 1,200 health care workers. New Jersey nurse Sonja Schwartzbach created the Google document a week ago as a place for health care workers to detail working conditions,...

Doctor's Viral PSA: Leave Your Groceries Outside for Days

If you can't do that, Jeffrey VanWingen has plenty of tips

(Newser) - Michigan doctor Jeffrey VanWingen posted a 13-minute video on safe grocery shopping in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday. By Thursday morning it had racked up nearly 4.5 million views. The Grand Rapids doctor begins by painting a picture of how you should think about the coronavirus:...

1.7K Health Workers Have New Virus
1.7K Health Workers
Have New Virus

1.7K Health Workers Have New Virus

Six of them have died from COVID-19

(Newser) - For the first time, China has disclosed the number of medical workers affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Authorities said Friday that some 1,716 health workers have been infected since the start of the outbreak and six of them have died, RTHK reports. Around 1,100 of those cases are...

Polarized Trans Battle Rages Across 8 States

South Dakota has already passed a bill that limits trans treatments for young people

(Newser) - Transgender treatments for youth: safe and appropriate, or far too risky? The issue is heating up in eight state legislatures as advocates, doctors, and studies add to an increasingly complex debate, USA Today reports. South Dakota passed a bill last week banning doctors from using the three main treatments—puberty...

He Warned About Illness, Was Silenced. Now He's Sick, Too

Chinese doctor Li Wenliang got an early warning from police

(Newser) - One doctor's plight in China is drawing much attention amid the coronavirus scare. The reason? Li Wenliang issued a warning about the outbreak in its early stages on social media, then got silenced by police. Now he's suffering from the illness himself. Coverage:
  • The warning: Li is a

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