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Barry Manilow: State Farm Jingle Was 'My Greatest Hit'

Singer also talks about how his partner 'saved my life'

(Newser) - When Barry Manilow publicly came out as gay in 2017, he described the reaction from the public as "beautiful." But there would've been a very different reaction had he come out much earlier. "Back in the '70s it would have killed a career," according...

Barry Manilow Breaks a Big Elvis Record

'70s singer plays his 637th show at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino; the King had 636

(Newser) - No one played more shows at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino than Elvis Presley, who notched an impressive 636 sold-out performances in residency before his 1977 death. No one until last weekend, that is, when '70s legend Barry Manilow logged his 637th show at the same venue....

New Zealand's New Weapon: Barry Manilow Songs

Government blasts them on a loop to annoy anti-mandate protesters in the capital

(Newser) - Canada has brought out the police in force to try to disperse protesters angry over COVID mandates. New Zealand is trying a different tactic for its copycat protesters : Barry Manilow's greatest hits. The government has been blasting songs such as "Mandy" and "Could It Be Magic" on...

Barry Manilow Speaks Out About Sexuality for 1st Time

Yes, he's gay and married to manager Garry Kief

(Newser) - Barry Manilow is gay. If you're thinking, "Wait, I already knew this," you're not exactly wrong; rumors have swirled for years, and his secret 2014 wedding to longtime manager Garry Kief was reported the following year . But the singer never officially came out to fans—until...

Barry Manilow Suffers Surgery Complications

He was 'rushed' to LA after oral surgery this week

(Newser) - Barry Manilow had to scrap two tour dates this week after he was "rushed" from Memphis, Tenn., to Los Angeles due to complications from an emergency oral surgery he had on Monday, according to a post on his Facebook page . A publicist told CNN on Thursday that he's...

Reports: Barry Manilow Weds Manager Garry Kief

They reportedly got married in secret last year

(Newser) - It seems that Barry Manilow is a married man. He and his longtime male manager, Garry Kief, reportedly got hitched last year at a small, surprise ceremony in front of family and friends. The scoop comes from the National Enquirer , which brings the usual grain-of-salt alert, but other outlets say...

Whitney Grooves at A-List Grammy Gala

Paul McCartney, Kanye West also at Clive Davis tribute

(Newser) - Whitney Houston emerged from seclusion to headline the star-studded Pre-Grammy Gala last night, and didn’t disappoint, Edna Gundersen writes in USA Today. The diva belted out a “short but lively medley” that included I Will Always Love You and I’m Every Woman. But she wasn’t the...

Noisy Teens Sentenced to Manilow Sessions

'Music misery' sentences used to bring noisemakers in line

(Newser) - Call it cruel and unusual punishment—or at least unusual. When a Colorado judge sentences teenagers guilty of blasting car stereos too loud in Fort Lupton, he often imposes a session of enforced "musical misery," the Los Angeles Times reports. That means a Friday night in his courtroom...

Punishment Fits the Crime for Colo. Noise Offenders

Teens made to listen to an hour of Manilow after late-night backyard gig

(Newser) - One Colorado judge has had it with teenagers making repeat appearances in his court for noise violations. So rather than issue a fine for mom and dad to pay, he’s devised his own punishment: Noise violators are forced to listen to an hour of gloriously un-hip music, from Barney...

Biden Attracts West Wing Love
 Biden Attracts West Wing Love

Biden Attracts West Wing Love

Richard Schiff, who played White House insider, is candidate's Hollywood connection

(Newser) - He probably wouldn’t merit a Washington appointment, but Joe Biden’s biggest Tinseltown fan has small-screen political experience, the Los Angeles Times reports. Richard Schiff, who won an Emmy for his role as White House communications director on West Wing, is stumping for his “real deal” candidate this...

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