Hurricane Ike

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Texas Makes Little Headway in Recovery From Ike

Galveston, Houston homes still lack power, gas, water

(Newser) - Houston- and Galveston-area communities continued to struggle post-Hurricane Ike today, the AP reports. Divers cleared debris from navigation routes into Houston and looked for bodies along the coastline; most of the city remains without power for a fifth day. On Galveston Island and the nearby Bolivar Peninsula—which still lack...

Bush Follows Ike to Texas
 Bush Follows Ike to Texas 

Bush Follows Ike to Texas

(Newser) - President Bush visited Houston and took an air tour over Galveston today, urging Americans to continue contributions to the Red Cross and other charities and promising timely aid from state and federal governments, the Washington Post reports. Meanwhile, Houston Mayor Bill White grumbled about a slow FEMA response to his...

Ike Survivors May Wait Weeks for Hot Meals, Baths

60 food shelters to open today to meed demand for supplies

(Newser) - More relief was on the way for Hurricane Ike evacuees today as tens of thousands waited for supplies, the electricity to return to their homes, or their first hot meal and shower. The number of distribution centers was to be quadrupled to 60 by the end of the day to...

Stricken Houston Lines Up for Food, Water

Residents scramble for survival basics in Ike's aftermath

(Newser) - Thousands of weary Houston residents joined lines that stretched for blocks yesterday to collect the basics they need to survive in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Emergency supplies are being strictly rationed and each family is allowed only two bags of ice, a case of bottled water and a 12-pack...

Long Lines Await Ike Survivors
Long Lines Await Ike Survivors

Long Lines Await Ike Survivors

'Eye of the aftermath' proves trying for Texas residents in need

(Newser) - With a short supply of commodities like ice and gasoline forcing Texans trying to recover from Hurricane Ike to wait in hours-long lines, President Bush warned today the storm may put "upward pressure" on US fuel prices. Refineries and oil rigs sustained extensive, though not severe, damage, the Houston ...

Damon, Singer Jean Help in Haiti

Call on UN to raise $100M for storm recovery

(Newser) - Matt Damon and singer Wyclef Jean waded through knee-deep flood waters during a tour of decimated Gonaives, Haiti, yesterday to call attention to the widespread suffering that has followed tropical storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike. "I'm speechless, I can't believe it," Damon told the AP. The actor and...

Texas Battles Ike Blackouts, Floods, Looting

FEMA struggles to keep Houston, Galveston supplied

(Newser) - Federal officials were working yesterday to move emergency supplies and fresh water to distribution centers in beleaguered Houston, where residents were struggling to cope with continued flooding, blackouts and looting. Millions are still without power and a curfew is in force, reports the Houston Chronicle. Officials in Galveston, meanwhile, appealed...

Chicago Seeks Aid After Deluge

Windy City hit with wet double whammy

(Newser) - Chicago officials seeking clean-up funds have asked the state to declare a disaster after the city was hit by a deluge of weekend rains which flooded streets and stranded families, reports CNN. More than six inches of rain fell Saturday—the most in 137 years in  a single day. That...

Ike's Message: Don't Build on Sandbars
 Ike's Message: 
 Don't Build on Sandbars 

Ike's Message: Don't Build on Sandbars

The costs of living seaside on a barrier island can be huge

(Newser) - The barrier islands along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts entice inhabitants with their balmy beachfronts, but prove an equal draw for often devastating tropical storms. As Hurricane Ike's path of destruction across Galveston Island shows, building houses on what amounts to an oversized sandbar can be a critical mistake—though...

2K Rescued From Ike; Houston Enacts Curfew

Hundreds of thousands of residents still without power

(Newser) - Nearly 2,000 people who refused to evacuate the Texas coast ahead of Hurricane Ike have been rescued, state officials reported this afternoon, with the Wall Street Journal reporting only 4 confirmed casualties. Texas Gov. Rick Perry launched what he called the biggest rescue in state history, sending crews by...

Rescuers Struggle to Reach Ike Survivors

4 dead, 140,000 need help

(Newser) - Hurricane Ike has weakened to a tropical depression over Arkansas, but rescuers are struggling to reach survivors in the furious storm's path of destruction in Texas, reports CNN. Some 140,000 who stayed home despite evacuation orders are now dealing with massive flooding, wrecked homes and power outages. Nearly 1,...

Ike Boosts Gas Prices Up to $5

Prices jump 5 cents nationwide as Gulf shuts down nearly 100% oil production

(Newser) - Gas prices have shot up an average of 5 cents nationwide in the wake of Hurricane Ike, which has shut down almost 100% of oil and natural gas production in the Gulf Coast region. Gas prices in the Gulf area have risen as high as $5 per gallon, and an...

Crews Fan Out in Texas to Gauge Ike's Wrath

(Newser) - Rescue crews in high-wheel trucks, helicopters and boats ventured out to pluck people from their homes today in an all-out search for thousands of Texans who stubbornly stayed behind overnight to face Hurricane Ike. The storm blew out skyscraper windows, cut power to millions and swamped thousands of homes along...

Ike Now Tropical Storm; Millions Without Power

(Newser) - Ike has weakened to a tropical storm over eastern Texas, but winds remain near 60 mph and heavy rains and tornadoes are still a threat. Millions in Texas and Louisiana are without power and could remain so for days. The storm surge topped out at 13.5 feet, lower than...

Galveston Resort Turns Into Storm Central

500 to 800 souls took refuge at a convention center in Galveston during Ike's assault

(Newser) - A motley crew rode out Hurricane Ike at Galveston’s San Luis Resort, Spa, & Conference Center, Joel Achenbach writes for the Washington Post. Up to 800 people were there, among them the mayor, cops and firefighters, along with storm chasers and drenched refugees holed up as the wind roared...

Ike Now Category 1, But Still Dangerous

(Newser) - Galveston’s historic district is under 7 feet of water, and 4 million Houston area residents are without power after Hurricane Ike’s rampage through the region. Ike, which hit Galveston as a Category 2 hurricane, has since been downgraded to a Category 1, CNN reports. Officials warned that the...

Ike Hits Fuel Production, May Cause Shortages

Experts warn of shortage for 'extended period'

(Newser) - Hurricane Ike’s assault on the Gulf Coast has closed over 19% of US refinery capacity and may hurt delivery nationwide, Bloomberg reports. At least 13 Texas refineries have shut down operations, which may trigger a gasoline shortage in the southern and eastern US—and it may last a while,...

Ike Roars Ashore in Texas
 Ike Roars Ashore in Texas 

Ike Roars Ashore in Texas

Thousands call for rescue; millions lose power

(Newser) - Hurricane Ike battered the southeast Texas coast today with driving rain and ferocious wind gusts, the eye of the storm powering ashore at Galveston at 3:10am as a strong Category 2 storm. Thousands of homes and government buildings flooded, roads were washed out and several fires burned unabated as...

It's Too Late to Flee Texas, Officials Warn

Ike may become Category 3 storm before landfall

(Newser) - Officials in Houston and Galveston warned residents to stay put tonight as Hurricane Ike threatened to become a Category 3 storm, CNN reports. “If someone has not left the island by now, they need to go get inside and stay there,” the mayor of Galveston said. Nearly a...

Many Rescues, 1 Death in Texas
 Many Rescues, 1 Death in Texas 

Many Rescues, 1 Death in Texas

Galveston sees flooding as Ike prepares for landfall

(Newser) - With Hurricane Ike bearing down on Texas, rescuers continued to evacuate coastal residents from the flooding, the Houston Chronicle reports. Emergency workers used an Army personnel carrier to evacuate residents of High Island, in far eastern Galveston County, stranded by high waters. Tragically, a 10-year-old boy was killed by a...

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