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NYPD: Council Member Bit Officer During Protest

Susan Zhuang faces felony assault charge

(Newser) - A New York City Council member was charged Wednesday with biting a police officer during a chaotic protest over the construction of a new homeless shelter in her district. Brooklyn Democrat Susan Zhuang was released without bond after being arraigned on a felony assault charge and various misdemeanors and violations,...

Police Open Fire on Protesters in Kenya

Medical workers say at least 5 were killed as protesters stormed country's parliament

(Newser) - Thousands of protesters stormed Kenya's parliament Tuesday to protest tax proposals, burning part of the building, sending lawmakers fleeing, and drawing fire from police in unrest that the president vowed to quash. Several people were killed. It was the most direct assault on the government in decades, the AP...

'Stop the Genocide' Banner Unfurled on El Capitan

Climbers With Palestine group says of Yosemite protest: 'We need to stop killing people, today'

(Newser) - Pro-Palestinian protests over the Israel-Hamas war that have proliferated on college campuses have now made their way into the national parks. SFGate reports that four climbers stopped partway up Yosemite's El Capitan on Monday—not to rest, but to unfurl a 25-by-15-foot banner in the colors of the Palestinian...

Cops, Activists Face Off on EU Campuses Over Gaza Protests

Police detained 125 at University of Amsterdam; protests also in France, Denmark, Finland

(Newser) - Police arrested about 125 activists as they broke up a pro-Palestinian demonstration camp at the University of Amsterdam early Tuesday, as protests that have roiled campuses in the United States spread into Europe. Police in the Dutch capital said in a statement on the social media platform X that their...

Amid 'Racist Jeers' at Protest, One Pol Offers a High-Five

White Ole Miss counterprotester appears to make monkey noises; Rep. Mike Collins weighs in

(Newser) - Israel-Hamas war demonstrations at the University of Mississippi turned ugly this week when one counterprotester appeared to make monkey noises and gestures at a Black student in a raucous gathering that was endorsed by a far-right congressman from Georgia. "Ole Miss taking care of business," Republican US Rep....

Cops Tell UPenn They're Not Touching Encampment

At least not yet, per the department, saying there's no 'imminent danger' from pro-Palestinian protest

(Newser) - Amid the pro-Palestinian protests happening at college campuses around the nation, "all eyes" in Philly have been trained on the encampment at the University of Pennsylvania, where protests and counterprotests about the war in Gaza have been taking place since last month. The demonstrators have said they won't...

Biden Speaks Out on Student Protests

'Order must prevail,' he says

(Newser) - "Dissent is essential for democracy. But dissent must never lead to disorder," President Biden said Thursday in his latest remarks on the protests against the war in Gaza that have erupted at dozens of universities across the country. The New York Times reports that Biden "tried to...

Riot Police Respond to Clashes at UCLA

Objects thrown, pepper spray used as counter-protesters confront pro-Palestinian movement

(Newser) - Violence erupted on the UCLA campus early Wednesday after the university declared its pro-Palestinian encampment unlawful. Shortly before midnight, counter-protesters in masks began trying to dismantle the encampment while protesters held firm, some donning goggles and helmets. Several fights broke out over the ensuing hours, the Los Angeles Times reports,...

Columbia Students Face 2pm Deadline
Columbia Begins
Suspending Protesters

Columbia Begins Suspending Protesters

University had given pro-Palestinian demonstrators a 2pm deadline to abandon encampment

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new developments. Columbia University announced Monday evening that it has begun suspending students who defied a 2pm deadline to clear out of a pro-Palestinian encampment on the New York campus. The protesters, along with hundreds of their supporters, began to leave by 4pm, the...

USC Calls Off Main Graduation Ceremony

Los Angeles campus points to new safety measures

(Newser) - The University of Southern California, which was embroiled in disputes with pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel activists before protests over Middle East policy intensified this week on college campuses across the US, has canceled its main graduation ceremony. The school said newly enacted safety measures make hosting 65,000 people at once...

Campus Protests Intensify
Arrests Mount on America's
College Campuses

Arrests Mount on America's College Campuses

Students were arrested, some aggressively, at USC and UT-Austin

(Newser) - Police peacefully arrested student protesters at the University of Southern California on Wednesday, hours after police at a Texas university aggressively detained dozens in the latest clashes between law enforcement and those protesting the Israel-Hamas war on campuses nationwide, the AP reports. While tensions rose between police and protesters at...

Columbia Encampment Is Staying—for Now
Columbia Encampment
Is Staying—for Now
the rundown

Columbia Encampment Is Staying—for Now

Negotiations extended for 2 days after 'important progress' made

(Newser) - Columbia University gave student protesters until midnight Tuesday to agree to dismantle the pro-Palestinian encampment on campus. Shortly after that deadline passed, student protesters said they abandoned negotiations when school officials threatened to unleash the National Guard. But around 3am, Columbia said negotiations had been extended for 48 hours after...

Inside the Escalating University Protests
Inside the Escalating
University Protests
the rundown

Inside the Escalating University Protests

Arrests aren't just restricted to Columbia's campus

(Newser) - The pro-Palestinian protest encampment at Columbia University, infiltrated by police last week, is back in place, and with it, similar encampments at universities around the country. These, too, are facing police intervention amid the ongoing debate around free speech and antisemitism related to the Israel-Hamas war. More on how the...

Columbia's Classes Go Remote: 'We Need a Reset'
Columbia's Classes Go
Remote: 'We Need a Reset'

Columbia's Classes Go Remote: 'We Need a Reset'

Monday classes will be virtual at Ivy League, where pro-Palestinian protests are at center of commotion

(Newser) - On the West Coast, a canceled valedictorian speech ; on the East Coast, canceled in-person classes at Columbia. The Israel-Hamas war factors into both incidents, as tensions continue while the conflict rages overseas. Columbia President Nemat "Minouche" Shafik has announced classes at Columbia will be held virtually on Monday, as...

At Google, a 'Flagrant Act of Retaliation' Against Workers

On Tuesday, 9 workers were detained over protests over Israeli contract; on Wednesday, 28 were fired

(Newser) - On Tuesday, nine workers were arrested for trespassing at Google offices on both coasts while protesting their employer's contract with the Israeli government. A day later, the company fired dozens more employees, reports the New York Times . More on what's happening:
  • The contract: The workers who converged upon

Cotton: People Should Confront Pro-Palestinian Protesters

He denounces protests that blocked traffic in multiple states Monday

(Newser) - After pro-Palestinian demonstrators blocked roads and bridges in major cities Monday, a Republican senator urged people to confront what he called "criminals" and "pro-Hamas mobs." Sen. Tom Cotton, who called for the military to put down riots in 2020, said in a post on X that he...

Heat Intensifies on Netanyahu at Home
Pressure Intensifies
on Netanyahu at Home
the rundown

Pressure Intensifies on Netanyahu at Home

Israeli leader once again the subject of mass demonstrations

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu weathered massive protests in Israel before the Hamas attack in October. Now, he's once again under what the BBC describes as "career-ending pressure" as protests resume in force. Details and related coverage:
  • Huge protests: Tens of thousands demonstrated in Jerusalem on Sunday against Netanyahu's government,

She Says Car-Honking Is Free Speech. Appeals Court Says No
SCOTUS Won't Hear
Challenge to Honking Law

SCOTUS Won't Hear Challenge to Honking Law

California woman argued that hitting the horn as 'personal expression' is protected free speech

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has declined to hear a case on whether honking a car horn is protected free speech, leaving in place a lower court's ruling upholding a California law that bans excessive honking. Lawyers for Susan Porter, who was ticketed in 2017 after honking in support of anti-Donald...

Angry Farmers Organize Very Smelly Protest

Cops in Belgium get sprayed with liquid manure amid protests over EU policies

(Newser) - Farmers clashed with Belgium police on Monday, spraying officers with liquid manure and setting fire to tire piles in a fresh show of force as European Union agriculture ministers met in search of ways to address their concerns. Brussels police said 900 tractors entered the city, many bearing down on...

These Men in Yellow Are Angry Farmers
These Men in Yellow
Are Angry Farmers

These Men in Yellow Are Angry Farmers

They're turning out in Spain, other countries to protest EU policies

(Newser) - Hundreds of farmers drove their tractors into central Madrid on Wednesday as part of ongoing protests against EU and local farming policies and to demand measures to alleviate production cost hikes. The protest, the biggest to take place in the Spanish capital after more than two weeks of daily protests...

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