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Report: Sinema Slammed Schumer, Flipped Ron Klain the Bird

Sources also tell Politico that independent Arizona senator called Dems 'old dudes eating Jell-O'

(Newser) - Some have begun to speculate that yes, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema might be able to pull off a reelection win in Arizona if she runs, using her new "independent" status to siphon off independent voters and moderate Republican voters from her opponents. It looks like those are the voters she...

Biden Will Need a New Chief of Staff

Ron Klain is leaving, a rare high-level departure in the current White House

(Newser) - White House chief of staff Ron Klain, who has spent more than two years as President Biden's top aide, is preparing to leave his job in the coming weeks, per the AP . The personnel change is a rarity for an administration that has had minimal turnover so far—no...

Biden Graded Worse Than Trump in First Year
Biden Graded Worse
Than Trump in First Year

Biden Graded Worse Than Trump in First Year

Polls aren't kind to commander in chief, whose approval rating sits at 40%

(Newser) - Wrapping up his first year in office, President Biden is "undeniably weaker than [when] he began it, with his poll numbers having plummeted and his party in danger of being swept out of power on Capitol Hill," reports Politico . A look at the victories, the failures, the challenges...

Reporters Move Past COVID-19
Reporters Move Past COVID-19

Reporters Move Past COVID-19

Biden isn't asked about pandemic, though chief of staff says it still tops agenda

(Newser) - President Biden brought up the coronavirus pandemic as he began his news conference Thursday, saying he was doubling his vaccination goal for the first 100 days of his term. If he hadn't mentioned COVID-19, apparently no one would have; not one of the questions from reporters concerned the pandemic,...

Biden Official Has a Warning on COVID Deaths

Ron Klain warns we'll be over 500K within weeks

(Newser) - Nearly 400,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, and on Sunday, the incoming White House chief of staff for President-elect Joe Biden had a warning: That number will likely hit half a million by the end of next month. "The virus is going to get worse before it gets...

Biden Picks His Chief of Staff
Biden Picks
His Chief
of Staff

Biden Picks His Chief of Staff

The president-elect chooses former 'Ebola czar' Ron Klain

(Newser) - And the second-hardest job in Washington goes to ... Ron Klain. The Washington Post reports that Joe Biden has tapped Klain, a longtime confidant with an impressive resume, to be his White House chief of staff. "Ron has been invaluable to me over the many years that we have worked...

Limbaugh: It's Time to Quarantine Chris Christie

Meanwhile, it's unclear how long Kaci Hickox will be quarantined for in Maine

(Newser) - Kaci Hickox is going to Maine after a brief and controversial forced quarantine in New Jersey, but it's not clear how long the nurse will be quarantined for in her home state. She has agreed to home quarantine, but while her lawyer says that should only be for the...

7 Things to Know About Ebola Czar Ron Klain

He's highly respected within the administration, for one

(Newser) - Multiple outlets are reporting that President Obama has chosen Ron Klain as his "Ebola czar," a position he said last night might be necessary. (The White House didn't actually use the term "czar" this morning, though.) What we know about Klain, per CNN , Politico , and...

Who Will Replace Daley and 'Mayor Rahm'?

Chicago race (and DC race) wide open

(Newser) - Richard Daley’s retirement has set off wild speculation in Chicago about who'll replace him, and in Washington about who’ll replace would-be mayor Rahm Emanuel. DC insiders are positive Rahm will run, according to the Hill , but he’ll have competition. “It’s the wild, wild West,”...

Gore Veteran Named Biden Chief of Staff
Gore Veteran
Named Biden
Chief of Staff

Gore Veteran Named Biden Chief of Staff

Ron Klain joins other Clinton-era colleagues in top posts

(Newser) - Joe Biden has picked Al Gore's former chief of staff to be his own chief of staff, highlighting the Obama team's reliance on Washington insiders, Marc Ambinder writes in the Atlantic. Some Democrats question how Beltway vets like Ron Klain could possibly represent change—but the truth is that the...

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