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Iran Says It Launched Capsule That Could Carry Animals

Officials say they want to send people to space by 2029

(Newser) - Iran said Wednesday it sent a capsule into orbit capable of carrying animals as it prepares for human missions in coming years. A report by the official IRNA news agency quoted Telecommunications Minister Isa Zarepour as saying the capsule was launched 80 miles into orbit. Zarepour said the launch of...

UN Has Harsh Words for Iran Over Child's Execution

Country reportedly put a 17-year-old to death on Friday

(Newser) - The UN had harsh words for Iran on Tuesday over the country's decision to execute two young people last Friday. "We deplore the executions," Elizabeth Throssell, a rep for the UN Human Rights Office, said in a statement in reference to the deaths of Hamidreza Azari, 17,...

Officials Blame Iran for Drone Attack on Cargo Ship

Israeli-owned ship was attacked in Indian Ocean

(Newser) - A container ship owned by an Israeli billionaire came under attack by a suspected Iranian drone in the Indian Ocean, an American defense official said Saturday. The attack Friday on the CMA CGM Symi comes as global shipping increasingly finds itself targeted in the Israel-Hamas war that threatens to become...

Houthi Rebels Seized Israeli Ship in Crucial Shipping Lane

Yemen group's action ignites fears that the war could spread to new maritime front

(Newser) - A helicopter Houthi attack on an Israel-linked ship in the Red Sea highlights the danger now lurking in one of the world's key shipping routes as the Israel-Hamas war rages, as well as the rebels' tactics mirroring those of its chief sponsor, Iran. While Tehran has denied aiding the...

Latest Nobel Peace Laureate Goes on Hunger Strike

Latest laureate Narges Mohammadi is in Iranian prison, protesting access to health care, mandatory hijabs

(Newser) - Nobel Peace Prize laureate Narges Mohammadi began a hunger strike Monday over being blocked along with other inmates from getting medical care and to protest the country's mandatory headscarves for women, said a campaign advocating for the activist. The decision by Mohammadi, 51, increases pressure on Iran's theocracy...

Iranian Teen's Death May Rekindle Populist Anger

Armita Geravand, who was not wearing a hijab, died under mysterious circumstances

(Newser) - An Iranian teenage girl injured weeks ago in a mysterious incident on Tehran's Metro while not wearing a headscarf has died, state media reported Saturday. The death of Armita Geravand comes after her being in a coma for weeks in Tehran and after the one-year anniversary of the death...

Pentagon Says Strikes Hit Iran-Linked Targets in Syria

Austin says 'narrowly tailored' airstrikes were response to attacks that injured US forces

(Newser) - The Pentagon says it launched airstrikes early Friday against targets in eastern Syria linked to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and militias it supports. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the strikes were in response to drone and missile attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria and the action...

Girl Reportedly Beaten by 'Morality Police' Is Brain-Dead

Armita Geravand reportedly unlikely to recover

(Newser) - Iranian state media reported Sunday that the teenage girl reportedly beaten into a coma for not wearing a hijab on the subway is brain-dead. Armita Geravand is reportedly unlikely to recover, NBC News reports. The Guardian notes the news could revive the protests that followed the death of another young...

Renowned Iranian Filmmaker Is Stabbed to Death

Dariush Mehrjui and his wife, Vahideh Mohammadifar, were killed in their home

(Newser) - A filmmaker hailed as "one of the pioneers of Iranian cinema" has been stabbed to death along with his wife in their home near Tehran, reports AFP . Dariush Mehrjui was killed Saturday night along with wife Vahideh Mohammadifar, a screenwriter. Authorities say Mehrjui texted his daughter about 9pm to...

Climate Change Will Make These Places Too Hot to Live

New study identifies which regions will be 'unlivable' for long stretches of time

(Newser) - As global temperatures rise, long stretches of extreme heat will make certain regions 'unlivable' for weeks at a time, a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says. The Washington Post breaks down the bleak report, which projects what temperatures will look like in...

Iran Meets With Hezbollah, Issues Warning to Israel

Fallout from a regional war would be 'an earthquake,' foreign minister says

(Newser) - Iran's foreign minister, who met Saturday with Hamas and Hezbollah leaders, has warned Israel that the offensive in Gaza risks widening the war with Hamas—an escalation that "will cause a huge earthquake." Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told a UN envoy that Iran doesn't want a regional war...

Administration Agrees to Block Iran From $6B

Qatar, US reach 'quiet understanding' to keep money from helping Hamas

(Newser) - Facing congressional pressure, the Biden administration has moved to ensure Iran can't use any of its $6 billion freed up in the deal that resulted in the release of five Americans last month. The money, which had been frozen by the US, was sent to accounts in Qatar, whose...

CIA Admits Coup It Backed in 1953 Was Undemocratic

Iran coup overthrew democratically elected PM

(Newser) - While revealing new details about one of the most famed CIA operations of all times—the spiriting out of six American diplomats who escaped the 1979 US Embassy seizure in Iran—the intelligence agency for the first time has acknowledged something else as well. The CIA now officially describes the...

Report: Hamas Attack May Have Surprised Iran Leaders

But Tehran was definitely complicit, US says

(Newser) - American officials say there's no doubt that funding from Iran helped make the Hamas attack possible—but the surprise attack on Israel may also have been a surprise to Iranian leaders. The New York Times , citing "US officials and another official in the Middle East," reports that...

Iran's Khamenei: Israel Risks a 'Heavier Slap'

Supreme leader denies helping Hamas with the attack over the weekend

(Newser) - Iran's supreme leader says his nation had no role in the surprise Hamas attack on Israel, despite allegations to the contrary . But Ayatollah Ali Khamenei nonetheless praised the assault, reports Reuters . "We kiss the hands of those who planned the attack on the Zionist regime," said Khamenei...

Hamas, Hezbollah Sources: Iran Helped Plan Attack on Israel

Though US officials say there's no evidence of that yet

(Newser) - One big factor in the looming question of how Israel and its allies in the West failed to anticipate the Hamas attack that launched a war ? Iran. Senior members of Hamas and Hezbollah, both of which are Iran-backed militant groups, anonymously confirm to the Wall Street Journal that Iranian...

Peace Prize Winner Fought Oppression of Women in Iran

Narges Mohammadi is currently jailed by the regime

(Newser) - Imprisoned activist Narges Mohammadi won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for fighting the oppression of women in Iran. "She fights for women against systematic discrimination and oppression," Berit Reiss-Andersen, the chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee who announced the prize in Oslo. Authorities arrested Mohammadi in November...

US Has Plans for Guns, Ammo Seized From Iran

It's giving them to Ukraine

(Newser) - Thousands of weapons the US seized from Iran, as well as massive quantities of seized ammunition, will be transferred to Ukraine to aid in the war effort there. US Central Command announced the transfer Wednesday, and said more than 1 million rounds of seized ammo have already been transferred, CNN...

Trump Has Thoughts on Iran Prisoner Swap

Former president blasts 'absolutely ridiculous' deal as 5 freed Americans arrive home

(Newser) - Americans detained for years in Iran arrived home Tuesday after being freed as part of a politically risky deal that saw President Biden agree to the release of nearly $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets, per the AP . The prisoners landed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, with clapping and cheers heard...

Iran Says Prisoner Swap Is Expected to Happen Monday
Five Americans Freed
by Iran in Prisoner Swap

Five Americans Freed by Iran in Prisoner Swap

Five Iranians freed in exchange, and $6B in Iranian funds are unfrozen

(Newser) - Five Americans held by Iran have been freed in a prisoner swap, reports the AP . A plane with all five aboard left Tehran on Monday. Three of the Americans have previously been named, and the remaining two wished to keep their identities private. Some have been held since at least...

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