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What She Always Wanted: Reindeer Dung Necklace
What She Always Wanted: Reindeer Dung Necklace
who needs pearls?

What She Always Wanted: Reindeer Dung Necklace

Zoo aims to plug budget holes with droppings

(Newser) - For that special someone: An Illinois zoo is selling sterilized reindeer droppings in the form of "Magical Reindeer Gem" pendant necklaces available at its gift shop and through mail order. The $20 glitter-encrusted necklaces are a bit silly, a zoo spokeswoman admits to the AP , but they're selling fast...

They Used to Laugh and Call Her Names

Rudolph and Santa's other sleigh-pullers may be ladies

(Newser) - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer very likely is a girl, or so say wildlife experts who’ve turned their attention to Santa’s lead sleigh-puller. Male reindeer typically shed their horns before Christmas, so popular images of Rudolph’s team with big, branched antlers would mean they might actually be female,...

Veg Group to Ikea: Keep Rudolph Off Menu

(Newser) - A British vegetarian group is calling on Ikea to stop selling reindeer salami in its in-store cafes, citing cruel hunting practices, the Independent reports. In Sweden, reindeer are herded by snowmobile and helicopter then shipped hundreds of miles to slaughterhouses, which the group says causes “considerable physical and mental...

Zoo Makes Gifts from Reindeer Poo

(Newser) - Reindeer have found yet another way to give of themselves for our holiday benefit. An Illinois zoo is selling Christmas tree ornaments fashioned from the creatures' droppings, the Bloomington-Normal Pantagraph reports. The small droppings are dried, painted, and incorporated into whimsical designs. The $5 gifts have been dubbed “magical...

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