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5 of the Most Bizarre New Year's Traditions

Dishes and grapes and effigies, oh my!

(Newser) - Think it's weird that you're going to drunkenly sing "Auld Lang Syne" when the clock strikes midnight? Well, don't feel too strange. Oddee rounds up 10 even weirder New Year's Eve traditions from around the world. A sampling:
  • In Denmark, revelers throw dishes at one

How 'Auld Lang Syne' Became the New Year's Eve Anthem

And what the heck it means

(Newser) - It's New Year's Eve, which means there are a bunch of articles out there regarding that most perplexing of traditions, the singing of "Auld Lang Syne." Today I Found Out explains how it became a New Year's Eve staple: In 1929, Guy Lombardo and the...

New Year, New Diet? Make a Real Resolution Instead

CNN offers better options for mental and physical fitness

(Newser) - It's that wondrous time of the year when lots of us embark on that annual exercise in futility known as the New Year's resolution to drop a couple of pounds. But there are plenty of different, more achievable goals that can have you feeling better next year—and...

How to Make Better New Year's Resolutions

Aim to do less, not more: researchers

(Newser) - Let us guess: Your New Year's resolution is to learn a new language, do yoga three times a week, or read a book a day. Well, according to Princeton psychologist Eldar Shafir and Harvard economist Sendhil Mullainathan, those are exactly the sorts of resolutions you shouldn't be making....

Facebook Yanks New Year's Notes Over Privacy Fail

Holiday messages could be read by strangers

(Newser) - Facebook was hoping to allow users to write special messages to be sent at midnight tonight, but a student in Wales discovered a small problem: It's way easy to read—or delete—other people's private notes, the Daily Mail reports. Tweaking the URL of a message sent via...

NYE Brings Big First in Burma
 NYE Brings Big First in Burma 

NYE Brings Big First in Burma

No fiscal cliff worries in Asia-Pacific...

(Newser) - The looming fiscal cliff is putting a bit of a damper on New Year's Eve celebrations in the US, but not so in Asia, where many of the first countries to welcome the new year are enjoying buoyant economies and are planning huge celebrations. A sampling, per the AP...

What's Out, What's In in 2012

The 'Washington Post' predicts the whims of the new year

(Newser) - A new year dawns, and the trend-predictors at the Washington Post have fashioned a comprehensive list of what will be in and what will be out in 2012:
  • Out: Ryan Gosling
  • In: Michael Fassbender

Who Has the Biggest New Year's Eve?

China and the rest of its time zone, with its more than 1B people

(Newser) - If you're looking to celebrate New Year's Eve with a whole bunch of other people, head to China. The time zone that includes China plus Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Timor, and parts of Siberia, Indonesia, and Australia must have at least 1.5 billion...

5 Things You Can No Longer Do in 2011

Sorry, K2 addicts...

(Newser) - As we rang in the new year, we also rang in about 31,000 new state laws. The Week rounds up five you should know about:
  • In California: If you were planning on, say, creating a fake Facebook profile for your mortal enemy, think again. Impersonating someone online is now

January 17 Will Be Saddest Day of 2011
January 17 Will Be
Saddest Day of 2011

January 17 Will Be Saddest Day of 2011

So say the social researchers

(Newser) - Get the tissues handy: The saddest day of the year approaches. One researcher pegs that as Jan. 17 for a host of reasons—the presents are gone, the bills are due, the resolutions are busted, it's cold ... you get the picture. The New York Post rounds up that and other...

Man Killed in New Year's Fireworks Accident

Police not sure yet if alcohol was involved

(Newser) - An Illinois man got a little too excited about the new year, and paid for it with his life. Robert Freund, 31, decided to celebrate by lighting a large firework shortly after midnight this morning, reports Chicago Breaking News . It went off, injuring him in the head and chest, and...

President Obama's New Year's Resolution Is...
President Obama's New Year's Resolution Is...
new year's address

President Obama's New Year's Resolution Is...

...well, it doesn't involve diet or exercise

(Newser) - President Obama's New Year's resolutions: Grow the economy, create jobs, and strengthen the middle class, though he warned today that the economic recovery is still fragile as the calendar turns to 2011. In his weekly radio and Internet address, taped from Hawaii, the president also said that Democrats and Republicans...

Happy New Year! iPhone Alarms Fail
Happy New Year!
iPhone Alarms Fail

Happy New Year! iPhone Alarms Fail

Not a great way to start off 2011

(Newser) - If you use your iPhone as an alarm clock, 2011 might have gotten off to a late start for you this morning. One-time iOS alarms failed around the world, Macworld reports. Twitter rumblings were picked up by blogs like Engadget and TiPb , and Jason Snell confirmed the problem for Macworld,...

It's 2011 Somewhere: Australia Rings in New Year

The celebrations have begun...

(Newser) - You may be just waking up, but it's already 2011 somewhere—namely Australia and New Zealand, the first major countries to see the new year. Sydney celebrated with what's been touted as the world's most sophisticated New Year's fireworks display, the BBC reports. So, while you're waiting for your own...

10 Things to Help Get You Through New Year's Eve

A love for bad champagne and mini hot dogs will help

(Newser) - Ahh, New Year’s Eve. A holiday filled with inappropriately sparkly dresses and unnecessarily large quantities of tiny, tiny appetizers. On the Huffington Post , Alida Nugent lists 10 things you’ll need to get through “this sloppy and not-really-monumental occasion”:
  • That cocktail dress: In addition to the sparkles, it

Malaysia Busts 104 for Premarital Sex

Morality cops raid budget hotels in New Year's crackdown

(Newser) - Malaysian morality police burst into budget hotels just before dawn on New Year's Day, and arrested 52 unmarried Muslim couples, officials announced today. The couples, most of them students or young factory workers, could face fines and up to two years in prison.

World Rings In 2010
  World Rings In 2010 
happy new year

World Rings In 2010

Hundreds of thousands descend on Times Square

(Newser) - From Sydney to Times Square, the world rang in 2010 with the usual pomp and funny glasses. See the AP photos for a sampling.

NH Gay Couples to Ring In 2010 With Weddings

Some 40 pairs have applied as state legalizes same-sex marraige

(Newser) - Jeffry Burr and Neil Blair are just hours from their wedding, but there are no typical prenuptial jitters. After all, this is the third time they've exchanged vows. First they had their emotional—but legally meaningless—2006 commitment ceremony, then a civil commitment ceremony in 2008. Now, thanks to a...

Resolutions for Obama and Co.
 Resolutions for Obama and Co. 
Karl Rove

Resolutions for Obama and Co.

Rove has suggestions for everyone in Washington this new year

(Newser) - With the New Year mere hours away, Karl Rove offers up some 2010 resolutions for the White House in the Wall Street Journal. They go a little something like this:
  • Barack Obama should worry less about making everyone think he agrees with them, and more about meaning what he says.

Why Your New Year's Resolutions Will Fail

Skip the self-help advice, keep a journal for better chance of success

(Newser) - The New Year's ritual of resolving to lose weight, get organized, and give up smoking is not only pointless—78% of resolutions fail—but may actually do harm, psychologists say, as broken resolutions leave people feeling dispirited and powerless. In a study of 700 people, those who tried to change...

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