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Poinsettia Namesake Comes With Thorny Past

US official Joel Roberts Poinsett spotted the plant in Mexico 200 years ago, popularized it in the US

(Newser) - Like Christmas trees, Santa, and reindeer, the poinsettia has long been a ubiquitous symbol of the holiday season in the US and Europe. But now, nearly 200 years after the plant with the bright crimson leaves was introduced north of the Rio Grande, attention is once again turning to the...

Under the Tree: Medical Myths
 Under the Tree: Medical Myths 

Under the Tree: Medical Myths

Recent study debunks seasonal misconceptions

(Newser) - Bending and breaking under holiday stress? Relax! The British Medical Journal has bah-humbugged six holiday health myths, the New York Times reports:
  • Night eating makes you fat: Calories are calories. When you eat doesn't matter; it's what you eat.
  • Poinsettias are perilous: Reported cases of human poinsettia consumption: 22,

2 Stories
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