Roland Burris

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Salahis Crashed Black Caucus Event
 Salahis Crashed 
 Black Caucus Event 

Salahis Crashed Black Caucus Event

No, we didn't, they say, but had no tickets and were booted

(Newser) - The state dinner party crashers have rubbed elbows with Washington's elite before in what one miffed attendee calls “some practice” for the more recent intrusion. Michaele and Tareq Salahi were in attendance at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Dinner in September, where Obama spoke, and have Facebook pictures to...

Senators to Watch in the Health Care Debate

Reid, Snowe, Lieberman, Burris, and more to star

(Newser) - The Senate’s health care debate heads to the floor this week, in a show that figures to star a cadre of colorful and influential characters. USA Today breaks down the senators to watch:
  • Harry Reid: The man in the middle of it all, Reid will have to keep his

Ethics Panel Slaps Burris on the Wrist

 Ethics Panel 
 Slaps Burris 
 on the Wrist 


Ethics Panel Slaps Burris on the Wrist

'Letter of admonition' cites fibs surrounding Blagojevich

(Newser) - The Senate Ethics Committee today issued a “public letter of qualified admonition,” its gentlest censure, to Roland Burris. The Illinois Democrat had been required to come clean about his dealings with then-governor Rod Blagojevich before his appointment to replace Barack Obama, which he did—before amending his testimony....

Dems May Lose Obama's Old Senate Seat
 Dems May 
 Lose Obama's 
 Old Senate Seat 


Dems May Lose Obama's Old Senate Seat

Illinois field isn't scaring GOP frontrunner Mark Kirk

(Newser) - The Democratic field for President Obama’s old Illinois Senate seat is anemic enough to make a GOP win a real possibility, Lynn Sweet writes. The candidates—only one of whom has run for office, ever—haven’t phased the Republican frontrunner, Rep. Mark Kirk. The statewide Dem establishment seems...

Burris: It's Public Option or Nothing
 Burris: It's 
 Public Option 
 or Nothing 
Payback Time

Burris: It's Public Option or Nothing

Vows not to vote for a bill without it

(Newser) - For Democrats determined to get a health care bill, Sen. Roland Burris is like the house guest who couldn't be refused, won't soon be leaving, and poses a plausible threat of ruining holiday dinner. Suddenly, he can no longer be ignored. Rod Blagojevich's appointee says he'll only vote for a...

Six Senate Swing Votes

 Six Senate 
 Swing Votes 

Six Senate Swing Votes

From Dems who swing right to left-leaning GOPers, debate promises suspense

(Newser) - As health care reform bills merge and change on the Senate floor, the pool of legislators to watch has grown. The Wall Street Journal takes a look:
  • Olympia Snowe, R-Maine: Her vote for the Finance Committee bill was clutch, but "doesn't forecast what my vote will be tomorrow,"

It's Official: Burris Won't Run

(Newser) - Roland Burris made it official this afternoon: He won't run for a full term next year, the Chicago Tribune reports. “I love serving the people of Illinois,” the current holder of President Obama's old Senate seat said. But “political races have become far too expensive in...

Burris Won't Run for Re-Election

(Newser) - Roland Burris won't run for re-election to his Senate seat, both Chicago papers are reporting. The Illinois senator intends to stay in office through the end of his term in January 2011 but figures he can't raise enough money to mount a re-election campaign. In fact, he's raised a measly...

Burris Won't Face Perjury Charges: Ill. Prosecutor

Evidence on Blago contacts insufficient

(Newser) - Sen. Roland Burris will not be charged with perjury for neglecting to tell an Illinois House impeachment panel about additional discussions he had with associates of then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, the State Journal-Register reports. While Burris did omit conversations about the Senate appointment with members of Blagojevich’s inner circle, they...

Pinning Burris for Perjury Difficult: Experts

Senator says he was just placating Blago brother in taped calls

(Newser) - Controversy surrounding Roland Burris' appointment to the Senate has heated up after the release of his conversations with Rod Blagojevich’s brother, taped by the FBI, but a criminal case against him is still iffy, Politico reports. The possibility of perjury charges over inconsistencies in Burris’ statements is slim, experts...

Burris Offered Blagojevich a Personal Check

FBI tape reveals offer, but the future senator never sent money

(Newser) - The Senate Ethics Committee will have an interesting conversation to ponder as it considers whether Roland Burris engaged in any shady business before being appointed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. In an exchange secretly taped by the FBI between Burris and Blago's brother before the gubernatorial scandal...

Blago Brother's Talk With Burris Fair Game for Inquiry

(Newser) - FBI recordings of a conversation between Sen. Roland Burris and the brother of disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich can be released to the Senate Ethics Committee, a judge ruled today. The committee is investigating Burris’ appointment by the now-impeached governor, made after Blagojevich was indicted, the Hill reports. The...

RFK Son Plans Run for Obama Senate Seat

Chris Kennedy sets sights on seat now held by Burris

(Newser) - Another Kennedy is taking a shot at a Senate seat, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Chris Kennedy, the eighth of Robert F. Kennedy's 11 kids, plans to challenge Roland Burris in next year's election for the Illinois seat vacated by President Obama. Insiders say the Democrat decided to run after polls...

Burris, Unsure on '10 Election Run, Faces Cash Crunch

Senator collected only $845 in first quarter

(Newser) - Roland Burris says he hasn’t decided if he’ll run for election to his Senate seat in February 2010, but an aide says he has begun fundraising efforts, the Chicago Tribune reports. The “very aggressive” push to raise money “as quickly as possible” can’t come soon...

House Ethics Watchdog Investigating Jackson Jr.

(Newser) - A House ethics panel has launched a “preliminary review” of Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr's bid for President Obama’s vacant Senate seat, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. The Office of Congressional Ethics, formed last year as an “investigative entity” of private citizens, will look at communications between Jackson’...

Blago Singled Out Senate Contenders for Cash

List shows he targeted 4 would-be senators

(Newser) - In his race to build a $2.3 million campaign war chest last year, Rod Blagojevich listed four possible candidates for President Obama's vacated Senate seat as prospective donors, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. A list of 150 names in all shows that Rep. Luis Gutierrez, billionaire J.B. Pritzker, and...

Lawmakers Sour on Governors Filling Senate Vacancies

Post-Blago, some push special elections

(Newser) - Soured by the taint of the Rod Blagojevich scandal on a US Senate seat, members of congressional judiciary subcommittees considered a Constitutional amendment that would fill interim vacancies in the body by election, rather than by gubernatorial appointment, the Washington Post reports. The selection by governors is “not only...

Burris Figured 'To Do Some Things' for Blago: Ex-Ally

(Newser) - John Ruff, a former associate of Roland Burris and his staff, is claiming Burris planned all along to make a trade with then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich for the Senate seat he now holds. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Ruff, then a participant in the effort to get the seat for Burris,...

Burris Camp Returns to Race Card
 Burris Camp 
 Returns to 
 Race Card 

Burris Camp Returns to Race Card

Ill. senator hopes to box in white Dems for 2010 campaign

(Newser) - Roland Burris doesn’t have much support in Washington or money in his war chest for a reelection bid, but he retains one reliable weapon, Politico reports: the race card. As controversy over his appointment has reemerged, Burris hasn’t hesitated to chalk it up to racial politics. A Burris...

Race to Replace Burris Already Under Way

Illinois gov threatens special election before senator can run in 2010

(Newser) - The jockeying has begun to replace Roland Burris in the Senate, the New York Times reports, though nobody’s certain when an election will be. Burris seems set on serving the remaining 2 years of Barack Obama’s term, but pressure is building for special elections. “The landscape on...

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