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Dealer Employees Take $97K Car for Joyride, Disastrously
Dealer Employees Take $97K
Car for Joyride, Disastrously
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Dealer Employees Take $97K Car for Joyride, Disastrously

Service adviser, cohort crash the Chevy Camaro ZL1E Hendrick Edition with less than 1K miles

(Newser) - One might hope that if you plunk down a LOT of money for a car, it wouldn't need to see the dealer with less than 1,000 miles on it. One might also hope that if you tell the dealership that "under no circumstances was any employee to...

On Executions, More Should Follow Connecticut's Lead

Austin Sarat writes a piece in favor of a planned bill in the state

(Newser) - Connecticut became the 17th state to abolish capital punishment in 2012, and some of its lawmakers are looking to double down on that anti-death penalty stance. In a piece for Slate , Austin Sarat looks at the legislative push and encourages "legislators in other abolitionist states" to follow Connecticut's...

Ramsay Accident Left Him Looking Like a 'Purple Potato'

Celebrity chef says he's OK after spill from his bike in Connecticut, advocates for helmet use

(Newser) - Gordon Ramsay doesn't tolerate spills in his kitchen, but he was well prepared for one he recently took off his bike. The 57-year-old Hell's Kitchen host put up a PSA of sorts on Saturday after a bicycle ride went awry, advocating for helmet use to prevent serious injury,...

5 Years Later, a Conviction in Infamous 'Gone Mom' Case
Judge Decides Sentence
in 'Gone Mom' Case

Judge Decides Sentence in 'Gone Mom' Case

Michelle Troconis was convicted of conspiracy to murder boyfriend's estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos

(Newser) - Michelle Troconis, who was convicted of helping her boyfriend plot and cover up the murder of his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos, was sentenced to more than 14 years in prison on Friday. Judge Kevin Randolph imposed a 20-year prison sentence, to be suspended after 14½ years, plus five years' probation,...

4 Girls Stabbed in Apparently Random Movie Theater Attack

None have life-threatening injuries in Massachusetts; suspect linked to second attack

(Newser) - Police in Massachusetts have a suspect in custody in two separate stabbing attacks on Saturday, though much remains unclear about the apparently random incidents. A total of six people were stabbed, and none have life-threatening injuries:
  • Four girls: Police in Braintree say a man entered an AMC movie theater about

Horses Needed a Rescue After Unfortunate Shortcut

They found themselves stuck in the mud for more than 7 hours

(Newser) - "Horses are known for getting themselves into trouble, they are curious by nature," says the head of a Connecticut horse rescue and rehabilitation center. That characterization certainly applies to Damascus and Beau. The two horses took an unfortunate "shortcut" between a pasture and a barn on a...

Army Sergeant Charged in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Jeremiah Peikert's brother allegedly asked cellmate to find hit man

(Newser) - A US Army sergeant has been charged in connection with an alleged murder-for-hire hatched when his older brother was serving time in a Connecticut state prison. Sgt. Jeremiah Peikert, 30, and Joshua Peikert, 32, have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit risk of injury to...

Big Connecticut Highway Will Be Closed for Days

Heat from burning fuel compromised Interstate 95 bridge

(Newser) - Workers on Friday began removing a bridge over a Connecticut highway that was damaged in a fiery crash involving a gasoline tanker truck—a project expected to keep both sides of Interstate 95 closed through the weekend and extend a traffic nightmare on the major artery linking New England and...

Mayor Wins Do-Over Election After Ballot-Stuffing Suit

It's the 4th time now that Bridgeport's mayor has beaten his opponent

(Newser) - Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim won a do-over election Tuesday in Connecticut's most populous city, months after a judge threw out the results of the first one because of allegations of absentee ballot box stuffing during a Democratic primary, the AP reports. Ganim easily defeated fellow Democrat John Gomes, the...

Here Are the Most, Least Educated States in America

Massachusetts tops WalletHub's list, West Virginia brings up the rear

(Newser) - If your mantra is "surround yourself with people smarter than you are," some US states may be a better bet than others, per WalletHub , which looked at the data to see which states offer more in the way of education. The site examined 18 metrics in two main...

Kennedy Cousin, Now Exonerated, Is Suing

Michael Skakel wants lead investigator, Connecticut town of Greenwich to pay

(Newser) - Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel , whose conviction in the 1970s murder of a Connecticut teen was overturned, is suing the lead police investigator and the town of Greenwich for alleged malicious prosecution, civil rights violations, and other claimed wrongdoing. Skakel, 63, a nephew of Robert F. Kennedy's widow, Ethel Kennedy,...

Aquarium Welcomed 5 Whales in 2021. 3 Are Now Dead

Beluga named Kharabali, 9, had been swimming abnormally at Mystic Aquarium since November

(Newser) - A 9-year-old beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium named Kharabali has died, marking the third death among five whales that were transported there from Canada in 2021. Kharabali began swimming abnormally in November and "her strange behavior continued to progress." She was eventually moved to the intensive care facility...

This Is the Safest State in America
This Is the Safest
State in America

This Is the Safest State in America

Vermont tops WalletHub's list, while Louisiana comes in last

(Newser) - After the upheaval of the pandemic, it's soothing to get back to "normal." But that normality has brought us back to Earth on many other issues we're still contending with, including general safety, a term that can encompass many different forms. To see which states keep...

Cops Say She Came In Firing. Bulletproof Glass Saved Them

Woman allegedly started firing away inside police station in Bristol, Connecticut

(Newser) - A woman fired several gunshots in the lobby of a Connecticut police station, but bulletproof glass prevented anyone from being injured, authorities said Friday as they charged her with attempted murder and other crimes. The shooting happened at the Bristol Police Department just after 10:30pm local time on Thursday,...

Pair Wrongfully Convicted of Murder to Get $25M Payout

Connecticut settlement involves forensic expert Henry Lee, accused of fabricating evidence

(Newser) - Connecticut's attorney general has agreed to a $25.2 million settlement with two men who spent decades in prison for murder, based partly on evidence presented by famed forensic scientist Henry Lee that a judge later found was fabricated. Ralph "Ricky" Birch and Shawn Henning were convicted in...

Young Professionals, Check Out the Work Climate Here

New England dominates Scholaroo's best states for workers trying to establish their careers

(Newser) - If you've just graduated or are graduating soon and are looking for a place to jump-start your career, some states offer more in the way of job markets and affordable living. Scholaroo attempts to flesh out which US states are the best for today's young professionals, using nearly...

This Is the Happiest State in America

Utah takes the top spot in WalletHub ranking, West Virginia is last

(Newser) - In some states, happiness seems to come more easily. WalletHub analyzed various environmental factors to see which US states boast more contented surroundings, examining 30 metrics in three main categories: emotional and physical well-being, including such factors as the share of adults with depression or alcohol use disorder, life expectancy,...

Drivers in This State Are the Most Confrontational

Arizona tops Forbes Advisor's list of those with the most road rage

(Newser) - Road rage: Most of us have dealt with it, in one form or another. Those different forms—cutting people off, not letting others change lanes, honking the horn, and flipping the bird, just to name a few—are what Forbes Advisor included in its attempt to determine which states have...

Man Who Found Bag With $5K Inside Arrested
Man Who Found Bag
With $5K Inside Arrested

Man Who Found Bag With $5K Inside Arrested

The problem, police say, is that Connecticut man kept the cash

(Newser) - A Connecticut man says it felt like he won the lottery when he discovered a bag with nearly $5,000 in cash lying in a parking lot. So, he decided to keep it. Three months later, he has been charged with larceny, the AP reports. It turns out the bag,...

A Stolen Vehicle Crashed Into a Cop Car. Inside, a Surprise

The owner, a juvenile, fled the crash site and was later arrested; suspect never mentioned the cat

(Newser) - Connecticut police who found a kitten in a stolen car say they've located the animal's owner: a juvenile suspect who fled and was arrested after the car crashed. The Meriden Police Department said on its Facebook page Thursday that the gray-and-white male cat, believed to be about 7...

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