401(k) plans

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'Sneaky' Loophole Boosts Execs' Pensions

Through lump-sum payments, executives net millions extra

(Newser) - A change in federal disclosure requirements has revealed that some companies are inflating the value of retirement plans for—guess who?—top executives. By converting pensions, which generally pay out in installments over a retired employee’s lifetime, to a lump-sum payment, CEOs can increase the value by 10% to...

Publishers Rush to Meet Need for Financial Advice

Bevy of new books strikes more somber, conservative tone

(Newser) - Book publishers and sellers are rushing to meet demand for personal-finance titles as the unrelenting economic crisis combines with New Year’s resolutions to prompt consumers to seek professional advice, the Wall Street Journal reports. However, the thrown-together texts might not prove very helpful: Many authors fail to provide specifics...

401(k) Decay Spurs Calls for Change
401(k) Decay Spurs Calls
for Change

401(k) Decay Spurs Calls for Change

Critics question if plans are robust enough to survive tough times

(Newser) - Americans depending on 401(k) plans for their retirement have taken a hammering as the stock market plunged during the past year, prompting critics to question the shortcomings of the system, reports the Wall Street Journal. Some 50 million American have 401(k)s, and Congress is weighing a revamp. "It's so...

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