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DA: Man Laid in Wait Before Pushing Stranger Into Train

Transient charged with murder in BART attack on woman, 74

(Newser) - A homeless man in San Francisco has been charged with murder after allegedly pushing a stranger into a moving train. Police say Trevor Belmont, 49, approached 74-year-old Corazon Dandan as a train was arriving at the Powell Street Bay Area Rapid Transit station around 11pm on Monday. Dandan was then...

Woman Riding BART Train With Dog Dies in Freak Accident

Amy Adams, 41, was pulled onto the tracks

(Newser) - A freak accident at a San Francisco BART station claimed a woman's life on Monday. SF Gate reports the woman was at the Powell Street station with her dog, whose leash was attached to her own waist. BART officials say the woman and animal boarded a train, but the...

Guy Detained, Handcuffed for Eating Sandwich

It's illegal to eat on BART; incident is now under investigation

(Newser) - It's against the law to eat on Bay Area Rapid Transit, a law that apparently extends to the train platform. A BART police officer was caught on video last Monday detaining a man for eating a breakfast sandwich as he waited for his train to get to work; the...

Dramatic Subway Rescue Captured on Video

Man was pulled to safety moments before train hit

(Newser) - The Bay Area Rapid Transit System is praising "humble hero" John O'Connor for saving a man's life at a station in Oakland on Sunday night. In a dramatic rescue captured on video , the transportation supervisor saved an intoxicated man who had fallen into the path of a...

Scores of Teens Rush Onto Train, Rob Riders

Riders were assaulted in BART attack

(Newser) - Bay Area Rapid Transit riders were robbed and assaulted by up to 60 teens in an attack that lasted just seconds Saturday night. Police say at least seven people were robbed and two suffered injuries that needed medical attention after the juveniles swarmed a BART train at Oakland's Coliseum...

Janitor Making $270K Spends Lots of Time in a Closet: Probe
Janitor Making $270K Spends
Lots of Time in a Closet: Probe
in case you missed it

Janitor Making $270K Spends Lots of Time in a Closet: Probe

BART reps scrambling to explain how Liang Zhao Zhang pulled in so much in 2015

(Newser) - There's quite a difference between making $58,000 a year and $270,000, and that huge gap is why some are now poking around to see how a San Francisco janitor has been pulling in the latter . The San Francisco Chronicle reports on Liang Zhao Zhang, who cleans the...

SF Commuter May Have Exposed Thousands to Measles

Infected rider used BART for 3 days

(Newser) - A person infected with measles used San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit system for three days last week, and health officials say the risk of commuters contracting the disease is low—but the number of people potentially exposed is very high. Officials say the infected person, a LinkedIn employee,...

1st BART Cop Ever Killed Died at Colleague's Hands

Sgt. Tom Smith was a 20-year veteran of the force: officials

(Newser) - For the first time since the Bay Area Rapid Transit police formed 42 years ago, an on-duty officer has been killed—and the death of Sgt. Tom Smith Jr., 42, apparently came at the hands of a colleague. In what's being painted as a tragic accident, the fatal shooting...

Under Shadow of 2 Deaths, BART Goes Back to Work

'This has got to be the last time that this happens,' says Gavin Newsom

(Newser) - After four days of massive traffic jams and overcrowded buses and ferries, Bay Area Rapid Transit and its two biggest unions have reached a deal that will bring the rail strike to an end, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . "This offer is more than we wanted to pay, but...

Amid Strike, SF Train Kills 2 Workers

Employees were inspecting tracks; train was on auto

(Newser) - A San Francisco Bay Area commuter train returning from routine maintenance struck and killed two workers who were inspecting the tracks yesterday afternoon—an accident that comes amid a strike that has shut the Bay Area Rapid Transit system down for the past few days. The four-car train was being...

San Francisco Subway Workers Go On Strike

400K forced to commute some other way

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of habitual subway riders had to find other ways to work today, after San Francisco's negotiation with BART subway employees broke down around 2am. The city wants the more than 5,000 subway workers to pay more toward their pensions and benefits in exchange for an...

SF Escalators Jammed With ... Poop

Homeless people use them as restrooms

(Newser) - San Francisco workers were greeted with an unpleasant sight when they opened a broken subway escalator: a vast quantity of human waste—enough to require a hazardous materials team on the scene. It seems that homeless people frequently use BART stairwells as nighttime toilets; indeed, the poop came as no...

BART Protesters Shut Station
 BART Protesters Shut Station 

BART Protesters Shut Station

20-30 people arrested in two-hour demonstration

(Newser) - New BART protests yesterday sparked another confrontation with San Francisco riot cops and shut down a key station. At least 50 protesters marched on downtown Powell Station, forcing the station to close over rush hour, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Shouting "No justice, no peace," protesters screamed...

Anonymous Leaks Lewd Pics of BART Spokesman

Saucy photos circulated online as BART directors meet

(Newser) - Hackers outraged by BART's decision to cut off cell phone service to foil a protest have gone below the belt. Anonymous claims it has obtained lewd photos of BART spokesman Linton Johnson, and it has circulated them online, reports SF Weekly . One picture allegedly features Johnson displaying his genitals....

8 Busted in BART Protests

 45 Busted in BART Protests 

45 Busted in BART Protests

Free-speech protesters snarl SF rush hour again

(Newser) - Some 45 people were arrested yesterday during the latest protest against San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit's decision to cut cellphone service to foil a demonstration earlier this month. The protests forced the closure of two stations at rush hour, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . BART police arrested...

Hackers Post Personal Data on BART Cops

Anonymous tweets links to addresses, email accounts of 102 cops

(Newser) - In the latest battle between BART and police brutality protesters, hackers have posted addresses and emails of cops working the San Francisco transit system. "Leaked personal data, emails and passwords for 102 BART police officers," crowed a tweet by Anonymous . The post linked to a website listing addresses...

BART Shuts Service Amid Protests

Cellphone signals aren't blocked, stations reopen

(Newser) - San Francisco officials didn't block cellphone signals this time around during a BART protest, but they did halt transit service at all four downtown stations. Hundreds of commuters were forced to the street to find other ways to get home during rush hour. Some 50 protesters who gathered on...

BART Braces for Protests Tonight

Won't rule out cutting cell service again

(Newser) - On the heels of being hacked by Anonymous, California's Bay Area Rapid Transit is bracing for more protests called for this evening, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . BART took considerable flak after it cut cell phone service underground to stem anti-police protests Thursday, and it's not ruling out...

Anonymous Hacks BART
 Hacks BART 

Anonymous Hacks BART

Hacktivists retaliate for transit system's cell-phone block during protest

(Newser) - Turns out the hacker group Anonymous wasn't willing to wait for this afternoon's protest to strike at the evil empire that is San Francisco public transit. Hackers hit a BART website yesterday, defacing the site and releasing the private information of more than 2,000 BART customers, reports...

Anonymous Calls for BART Protest

Hackers angry over cell service disruption to prevent last week's protest

(Newser) - Tomorrow at 5pm in San Francisco's Civic Center Station. Wear red. That's the protest plan announced yesterday by hacker group Anonymous, in retaliation for the transit authority turning off cell phone service last Thursday to stop another protest, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . "In the Bay Area,...

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