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Aryan Brotherhood Leader Found Dead in Prison Cell

Barry Byron Mills was serving multiple sentences in a Colorado supermax

(Newser) - Barry Byron Mills, the murderous leader of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, died this month in federal lockup, where he had spent much of his life, according to a report Sunday. Mills, also known by the nickname "Baron," was found dead July 8 in his single-person cell at...

Parents of Adolf Hitler Won't Get Kids Back

New Jersey couple loses custody of 4

(Newser) - A New Jersey married couple who decided to name their children in honor of famous Nazis—including their 6-year-old son Adolf Hitler Campbell—are now legally prohibited from regaining custody of their four children. A judge made the ruling after a lengthy legal battle that began in 2009, reports the...

Klansman Running for Idaho Sheriff

Views on race won't be an issue, white supremacist claims

(Newser) - A white supremacist in Idaho seeking to swap his white hood for a sheriff's badge says voters should look at his position on crime, not race. Shaun Winkler, who is the leader of the local White Knights of the KKK and has links to the Aryan Nation, hopes to...

Death of Aryan Gang Boss Stumps Cops

Texan Frank Roch found dead in crashed pickup

(Newser) - Texas police are baffled by the death of one of the country's most powerful white supremacists. Frank E. Roch Jr., leader of the biggest faction of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas prison gang, was found dying slumped in a crashed pickup truck, reports the Houston Chronicle . The cause of...

Parents Lose Custody of Hitler
 Parents Lose Custody of Hitler 

Parents Lose Custody of Hitler

Pair with Nazi-named kids 'psychologically disabled'

(Newser) - New Jersey parents have lost custody of a son they named Adolf Hitler, as well as daughters Jocelynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie. The Appeals court ruling overturned a family court decision, and found that the parents suffer from unspecified physical and psychological disabilities. Heath and Deborah Campbell were...

Economy Stimulates Hate Groups

Immigrants, internet, hard times are groups' 'furnace of hate,' says expert

(Newser) - The economic crush will spur more activity by the burgeoning number of hate groups in the US, experts warn. Law enforcement investigators are advocating for increased attention to the problem as the economy creates widespread discontent and more recruits for white supremacists, reports the Washington Post. "The internet, immigration...

6 Stories