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Salaries of White House Staffers

$172K is a common one

(Newser) - White House staffers have to take an unpaid day off starting with the May 1 pay period thanks to the sequester, and Politico uses the opportunity to round up some high-profile salaries. (It's not clear how many total days the staffers will lose.)
  • Jay Carney, press secretary: $172,

'Honey Boo Boo' Might Get $40K for Whole Season

Family gets a modest $2K to $4K per show from TLC

(Newser) - Here Comes Honey Boo Boo might be the newest smash hit reality show, but 7-year-old pageant contestant Alana Thompson and her offbeat family in rural Georgia aren't exactly getting crazy rich. The TLC show registered a strong 3 million viewers for its last episode— more than any network got...

Wages Flat Since Obama Took Office

It could be big topic tomorrow, as Romney declares 'talk is cheap'

(Newser) - Wages have stayed virtually frozen since President Obama took office, a fact that Politico notes is starting to get some traction on the campaign trail. When adjusted for inflation, the average hourly wage has crept up a meager 42 cents to $23.41 since 2008. High unemployment is a factor,...

Housing Unit Pay Capped After Honcho Collects $644K

Obama administration extends pay limits

(Newser) - The Obama administration has decided that some public housing authority chiefs are being compensated a tad too generously. The Department of Housing and Urban Development plans to extend Congress-imposed limits, and set a salary ceiling of $155,000 for public housing agency officials, AP reports. Members of Congress were outraged...

More Young Women Want to Earn the Big Bucks
 More Young Women 
 Want to Earn the Big Bucks 
survey says

More Young Women Want to Earn the Big Bucks

Even more so than young men, says Pew survey

(Newser) - Among today's young people, more young women are eager to rake in cash than are their male counterparts. Some two-thirds of 18- to 34-year-old women say a successful, high-paying job is "one of the most important things" or "very important" to them, a Pew report finds, compared...

Pro-Life Komen VP Pushed Defunding: Report

 Komen VP 
says source

Pro-Life Komen VP Pushed Defunding

Karen Handel painted move as non-political: insider

(Newser) - Susan G. Komen Foundation leaders have given several reasons for the charity's now-reversed cuts to Planned Parenthood funding —but here's one they didn't mention. Komen's VP for public policy, abortion-rights opponent Karen Handel, fueled the decision, an insider with the group tells the Huffington Post...

Boss Divvies Up $15M to Surprised Employees

Owner of bus company in Australia sells firm, feels generous

(Newser) - The boss of an Australian bus company dished out $15 million in bonuses to his employees. Ken Grenda sold his company and used the proceeds to give an average $8,500 to every one of his 1,800 workers. Grenda, 79, attributed his generosity to the typically enormous gap between...

141 Staffers Make $100K at White House

...Not counting Obama

(Newser) - Budget crisis or not, it pays to work at the White House. Of the 454 employees who work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 141 bring home six-figure salaries, according to the annual report released by the White House. Twenty-one make the top salary of $172,200, reports the National Journal . They...

Wis. Public Workers' Pay Isn't So Hot

Public employees sacrifice cash for benefits, stability, study says

(Newser) - Don't call the Wisconsin public employees greedy—despite generous benefits, they actually earn 4.8% less than comparable private sector workers, reports the Wisconsin State Journal . Public sector workers have higher salaries than average because their jobs require more education than average, too: in fact, a typical Wisconsin public employee...

LA Suburb Officials Hit With Corruption Charges

8 made Bell coffers 'their piggy bank': DA

(Newser) - Eight well-paid current and former officials of the city of Bell, Calif. , were rounded up and hit with a slew of corruption charges today, the LA Times reports. Among the eight were Michael Rizzo, the former city manager whose salary was nearly $800,000, and several council members who were...

We Still Have a Wage Gap; Now's the Time to Close It
We Still Have a Wage Gap; Now's the Time to Close It 
Valerie Jarrett

We Still Have a Wage Gap; Now's the Time to Close It

Valerie Jarrett: Paycheck Fairness Act is a good start

(Newser) - The year is 2010, and women still get paid 77¢ cents for every dollar men earn. That's bad enough in and of itself, but when you consider that women are now the sole breadwinners for two-thirds of families, "equal pay is not only a matter of principle," writes...

Top City for Working Moms: Minneapolis
 Top City for Working 
 Moms: Minneapolis  
no. 2: Washington, dc

Top City for Working Moms: Minneapolis

Forbes weighs women's salaries, safety, unemployment

(Newser) - With its low rates of unemployment and violent crime, combined with relatively high salaries for women, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area tops the Forbes list of best cities for working mothers. The magazine gave added weight in this year's rankings to women's income, and when the numbers were crunched, the Minnesota...

$1.6M City Hall Salaries Spark Poor LA Suburb Revolt

$800K city manager resigns after protest

(Newser) - California Attorney General Jerry Brown has ordered an investigation to determine how three city administrators managed to collect $1.6 million in salaries in the working-class Los Angeles suburb of Bell. Revelation of the salaries sparked a massive protest among residents earlier this week, and triggered the resignation of the...

Wall Street Pay Packages Roar Back, Led by Goldman

Goldman set to pay $700K per employee at current levels

(Newser) - It didn't take long: After a year of public apologies and vows to change, big pay packages are back on Wall Street. Goldman Sachs is set to pay about $700,000 per employee in 2009 based on current figures, nearly double last year's figure and even higher than before the...

Falling Wages Compound Economic Woes
Falling Wages Compound Economic Woes

Falling Wages Compound Economic Woes

Without new stimulus, US faces Japan-style slump: Krugman

(Newser) - From bailed-out automakers to newspapers facing cutbacks, companies across the US are slashing wages, and employees—even those with unions—are sitting still for it. While cuts may look like a good alternative to unemployment, but they're more harmful than they appear, writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times....

Big Paychecks Are Back on Wall Street

(Newser) - While millions of Americans struggle on reduced paychecks or unemployment, Wall Street is returning to the high salaries of yesteryear, the New York Times reports. Enjoying strong first-quarter profits, six of the most powerful banks have reserved $36 billion to pay workers—suggesting that paychecks and bonuses have recovered for...

As Staffers Take Pay Cuts, NYT Execs Get Bonuses

CEO's pay went up $1.5M last year

(Newser) - New York Times Co. executives have taken big bonuses as their newsrooms endure layoffs and pay cuts, a proxy statement filed with the SEC reveals. At the eye of the storm is CEO Janet Robinson, whose compensation in 2008 was more than $1 million greater than her 2007 salary and...

Salaries Down $1,100 for This Year's Grads

Credentialed jobs are faring best in downturn

(Newser) - More bad news for 1.5 million college seniors graduating this year into a tough job market: Less money. The average salary offer to a new recipient of a bachelor's degree is $48,515, down 2.2% from last year's $49,624, says a survey by the National Association of...

Wall St. Looks to Skirt Bonus Limits With Padded Salaries

Attempt to skirt new rules could anger shareholders

(Newser) - In a move to skirt government restrictions on executive pay for recipients of bailout cash, some Wall Street companies are discussing raising base salaries, the Journal reports. Citigroup and Morgan Stanley are considering the idea, which is gaining currency as regulators keep a watchful eye on bonuses, say industry insiders....

Obama Vows Transparency, Freezes Top Salaries

(Newser) - President Obama announced today that he was freezing the salaries of top White House staff who take in more than $100,000 a year, the AP reports. “Families are tightening their belts, and so should Washington,” he said. Obama is also requiring federal agencies to respond more actively...

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