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Race Honors Paris' Celebrated Waiters
Race Salutes Paris'
Famed Waiters

Race Salutes Paris' Famed Waiters

Apparently by making them walk a mile and a quarter carrying coffee, water, croissant

(Newser) - Usain Bolt's sprint world records were never in danger. Then again, even the world's fastest human likely wouldn't have been so quick while balancing a tray with a croissant, a coffee cup, and a glass of water through the streets of Paris without spilling it everywhere. France'...

South Park Creators' Eatery Outlaws Tipping

At Colorado's Casa Bonita, servers and bartenders will instead make $30 an hour

(Newser) - In September 2021, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the animated sitcom South Park, purchased Casa Bonita, a sprawling 52,000-square-foot Mexican restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado, that was featured in one of the show's episodes. The pair shuttered the eatery, which had declared bankruptcy before they purchased it,...

Waiter to Jason Derulo: 'I Can't Say Thank You Enough'

Singer tipped Omaha server Jordan Schaffer $5K, which he says will cover whole semester of college

(Newser) - Servers in Nebraska—or anywhere, really—aren't accustomed to getting $5,000 tips from customers. But one waiter in Omaha received just that, and he's a got a big name to thank for it. People reports that Jordan Schaffer was working tables at Charleston's Restaurant last week...

Restaurant's New Hire Talks, Plays Music, and Works for Free

Faced with worker shortage, Tin Lizzie's in Deadwood, SD, recruited a robot server

(Newser) - At the Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort in Deadwood, SD, a labor shortage left management scrambling to figure out a way to alleviate current workers' stresses. "We thought outside the box," Assistant General Manager Josh Thurmes tells Local 12 in introducing the casino eatery's newest staffer: a robot...

Country Club Sues Waiter Who Spilled Wine on Handbag
Country Club Sues Waiter
Who Spilled Wine on Handbag
in case you missed it

Country Club Sues Waiter Who Spilled Wine on Handbag

NJ club filed its own suit after woman sued them

(Newser) - Almost everyone who has worked as a restaurant server will have a story about a time they spilled something. But not many will be able to say it resulted in two lawsuits. According to a lawsuit filed by Maryana Beyder against the Alpine Country Club in Demarast, NJ, a waiter...

Suit: Waiter Poured Liquid Nitrogen in Woman's Drink

Stacey Wagers says after friend admired 'cool smoke' from nearby table, her water got tainted

(Newser) - A Florida woman who celebrated her birthday at an upscale hotel restaurant is now suing after she says a waiter poured liquid nitrogen into her drink, severely and permanently injuring her. WFTS has posted the lawsuit , which alleges that during the Nov. 11, 2018, celebratory dinner Stacey Wagers was enjoying...

Waiter Runs After Customer Who Left $424K Check Behind

Retiree's down payment on a home was still on her table

(Newser) - A waiter returned a cashier's check worth nearly $424,000 to the retired social worker who lost it. And he didn't even get a tip. Armando Markaj found a bank envelope while cleaning off a table last Saturday at Patsy's restaurant in East Harlem, the AP reports....

Waiter Given $1K After Sharing Racist Note Admits He Wrote It

'There is no excuse for what I did,' says Khalil Cavil

(Newser) - A $108 bill from a Texas steakhouse, showing no gratuity and the words, "We don't tip terrorist," inspired thousands to speak out against racism. But though "racism of any form is intolerable … falsely accusing someone of racism is equally disturbing," the COO of Saltgrass...

Waiter Asks for 'Proof of Residency,' Is Quickly Fired

California women went public with treatment at upscale Saint Marc

(Newser) - You can expect your waiter to ask all kinds of questions when he approaches the table, but, "Can I see your proof of residency?" is not among them. Nevertheless, that's what four female diners experienced at the upscale Saint Marc restaurant in Huntington Beach, Calif., earlier this month,...

Waiter Learns the Hard Way to Be Careful Around Ancient Art

Venus statue at London's British Museum had thumb knocked right off by catering server

(Newser) - A waiter who was all thumbs cost a priceless Roman sculpture one of its own. The BBC reports on the incident at London's British Museum, which the Art Newspaper says took place in December, in which the unfortunate unnamed server from an outside catering vendor was setting up for...

Waiter Uses Craigslist to Find Ladies Who Stiffed Him $7
Waiter Uses Craigslist to
Hunt Ladies Who Stiffed Him
in case you missed it

Waiter Uses Craigslist to Hunt Ladies Who Stiffed Him

'Maybe this is love?' Kansas City server writes in his 'missed connections' post

(Newser) - It isn't the money that Stephen O'Laughlin lost during his waiter's shift at a Kansas City, Mo., restaurant that bothers him—it's the principle of being stiffed. "There are so many waiters and bartenders in the world, and I feel like it’s a story...

22 Years Later, Waiters Still Work for $2.13 a Hour

Legislation could raise minimum, used in 13 states, this year

(Newser) - Many waiters are still waiting for their minimum wage to rise—which it hasn't in more than two decades. The federal minimum for servers is set at $2.13 an hour, though if they don't make at least the regular minimum of $7.25 when tips are added...

Couple Gives Waiter $5K Tip
 Couple Gives Waiter $5K Tip 

Couple Gives Waiter $5K Tip

Houston server's car had been destroyed in storm

(Newser) - An antidote to all those stories about terrible tippers : A waiter at a Houston restaurant just pulled in one for $5,000. Two of his regulars, a married couple, finished their meal and handed Greg Rubar the wad of cash, reports local station KHOU . Rubar says the couple had heard...

How You're Coming Across to Your Waiter

Restaurants increasingly training waiters to 'read' tables

(Newser) - Gone are the days of, "Hi, my name is Tom and I'll be your server tonight." Restaurants are increasingly moving toward a less scripted approach, teaching waiters how to "read" tables and subtly mold their service to fit each individual group. The Wall Street Journal offers...

Cruise Captain Changed Route 'for Headwaiter'

Schettino invited waiter to the bridge to watch

(Newser) - The Costa Concordia's captain may have steered too close to shore so his head waiter's family could watch from a nearby island, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Just minutes before disaster struck, the head waiter's sister on the island of Giglio posted a Facebook message: "In...

How to Treat Your Waitress
 How to Treat Your Waitress 

How to Treat Your Waitress

Start by looking her in the eye

(Newser) - Dining out anytime soon? True/Slant blogger (and former waitress) Susannah Breslin has a little advice on how to treat your server. Check out the full list here . A sampling:
  • Eye contact: Too many people treat servers like they’re invisible. Don't be one of them. “Look your server in

In Face of Finicky Foodies, More Waiters Write It Down

Diners more sophisticated, have more allergies

(Newser) - As diners become more sophisticated—in no small part due to the proliferation of cooking shows—even waiters known for their steel-trap memories are being forced to write down orders. “Whoever invented the Food Network should be shot,” one veteran Washington waiter complains to the Post . “Everyone’...

100 No-Nos Insulting to Waiters
 100 No-Nos Insulting to Waiters 

100 No-Nos Insulting to Waiters

Former waiter irked by Bruce Buschel's New York Times list

(Newser) - Along with the rest of the world—or at least, frequenters of the New York Times website—Lauren Bans read restaurateur Bruce Buschel’s recent “100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do.” And the former waiter is pretty annoyed. “No minimum wage job should ever require a...

Biggest Restaurant No-Nos, Part 2
 Biggest Restaurant 
 No-Nos, Part 2 

Biggest Restaurant No-Nos, Part 2

Owner offers another 50 ways to please guests, keep job

(Newser) - Bruce Buschel isn't out of touch. "I realize that every deli needs a wisecracking waiter," he writes in the New York Times, "and burgers always taste better when delivered by a server with tattoos and tongue piercing(s)." But at his soon-to-open restaurant, these rules (coupled...

The Biggest Restaurant No-Nos
 The Biggest Restaurant No-Nos 
check, please

The Biggest Restaurant No-Nos

Owner lays down the law with these rules for staff

(Newser) - The seafood restaurant Bruce Buschel is building will have excellent service—or else. Some staff members, he acknowledges, "will no doubt protest some or most of what follows," but he's the boss, and he presents 50 rules in his New York Times blog. A tasting menu:
  • "Do

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