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Hasselbeck Swaps The View for Fox
Hasselbeck Swaps
The View for Fox 

Hasselbeck Swaps The View for Fox

She's joining Fox and Friends this fall

(Newser) - Another empty seat is coming up at The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving the ABC talk show for a new gig on Fox and Friends, the network has confirmed. The departure comes as part of a shake-up that includes the exit of Joy Behar and the retirement of Barbara Walters...

Coming to The View: Brooke Shields?

She's one rumored replacement for Behar, Hasselbeck

(Newser) - If Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaves The View as rumored , a big name may be taking her seat: Radar reports that Brooke Shields is close to a deal to join the remaining ladies. She's guest hosted before, and sources tell Showbiz411 that Barbara Walters wants her to become a permanent addition...

Report: Hasselbeck Also Leaving The View

'US Weekly' says she's getting fired after 9 years

(Newser) - The View might have one more open seat: US Weekly reports that co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is getting fired after nine years because viewers are put off by her conservative views. The report follows Joy Behar's decision to leave after nearly 17 years. Neither ABC nor Hasselbeck has confirmed the...

14 Strange Celeb Pregnancy Cravings

Marmite on bananas, yum...

(Newser) - So what do the rich and famous crave while pregnant? Weird food, just like the rest of us. The Frisky rounds up 14 celebrity cravings:
  • Angelina Jolie: Cinnamon- and chili-flavored chocolate, and onion rings with mustard.
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Gluten-free cookies, and watermelon with salt and lime.

Ladies of The View Poke at Boehner's Blubbing

Compassionate conservative, or 'Weeper of the House?'

(Newser) - John Boehner, widely mocked for choking up during his victory speech last month, turned on the waterworks again during a 60 Minutes interview, leaving pundits, and the ladies of The View, wondering whether the incoming speaker of the House is compassionate—or just a crybaby. "A sensitive side isn't...

Does GMA Spell the End for Hasselbeck?

Her appeal could be ruined by non-controversial gig

(Newser) - Elisabeth Hasselbeck has gained quite a following for her constant stream of did-she-really-just-say-that moments on The View, not to mention the fact that she always seems just a hair-trigger away from breaking down in tears. But will Hasselbeck’s popularity follow her to her new stint on Good Morning America?...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Joining GMA

The View co-host starts contributor gig Monday

(Newser) - Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the View co-host who made Erin Andrews cry and is probably the bane of Rosie O’Donnell’s existence , is joining Good Morning America. Hasselbeck will cover family and lifestyle topics, and her first segment (airing Monday) will be about kids with tattoos, People reports. Don’t worry,...

Hottest Celeb Diet: Gluten-Free

Some are allergic; others just want to lose weight

(Newser) - Everyone in Hollywood seems to be allergic to gluten—or at least off it—these days. Celebrity practitioners like Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Gwyneth Paltrow have helped propel the gluten-free lifestyle into the spotlight, with more of us mere mortals following suit in an effort to get thin. It's no wonder...

Hasselbeck: Lesbians Just Can't Find a Man

'View' host shares her theory of lesbianism

(Newser) - She's blabbed about everything from Erin Andrews' outfits to her own nipple , and now Elisabeth Hasselbeck is sharing her theory of lesbianism. The conservative View co-host says older women become lesbians simply because they just can't land a man, reports the New York Daily News . "All the older men...

The View Becomes Go-to Show for Politicians

Barbara Walters mixing in more politics with the lighter fare

(Newser) - The View has evolved into a coveted seat of honor for politicians, writes Amy Chozick in the Wall Street Journal . Barbara Walters and crew are mixing in weightier issues amid the fluff, and politicians love its demographic of middle-aged women. Everyone from Joe Biden to Evan Bayh to Mitt Romney...

Hasselbeck Cries, Apologizes to Erin Andrews

'The View' co-host got schooled by her 5-year-old

(Newser) - Elisabeth Hasselbeck may have made Erin Andrews cry when she slammed her skimpy Dancing With the Stars outfits Tuesday, but yesterday on The View Hasselbeck was the one crying. “Today Mommy hurt someone’s feelings. Mommy feels really bad,” Hasselbeck said she explained to her daughter, who astutely...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes Erin Andrews Cry
 Makes Erin 
 Andrews Cry 
is this outfit too skimpy?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes Erin Andrews Cry

The View panelist slams barely-there DWTS costumes

(Newser) - Watch out, Elisabeth Hasselbeck: You’re on the bad side of the entire Dancing With the Stars cast after insulting Erin Andrews’ outfits and making her cry. Hasselbeck, the famously conservative member of The View panel, criticized the ESPN reporter for wearing “next to nothing” while dancing and said...

Rielle Hunter: GQ Photos 'Repulsive'

Edwards mistress tells Barbara Walters she 'went with the flow'

(Newser) - Elizabeth Edwards probably isn't too thrilled with Rielle Hunter's GQ spread —but neither is Hunter. Barbara Walters said on The View today Hunter told her that when she saw the pictures, she found them "repulsive." When Walters asked her why she posed the way she did, Hunter...

The View Brings Politics to Daytime TV

Goodbye, celebrity gossip, recipes—hello, health care, gay marriage

(Newser) - The View is bringing politics to the daytime talk show, once the realm of cooking tips and fashion advice. Discussion of topics like health care is "one of the reasons I watch it," an audience member tells the Los Angeles Times . "When they do the fashion stuff,...

Hasselbeck Returns to View, Talks Nipple

Elisabeth accidentally sent racy photo of baby, cleavage to family

(Newser) - Elisabeth Hasselbeck was back from maternity leave and in her old form this morning on The View, chatting amicably with Whoopi and company about Rush Limbaugh, David Letterman—and her nipple. That’s right, Hasselbeck showed off a photo of her baby, and told an anecdote of a far racier...

Kate Gosselin to Guest Host View

(Newser) - As if one argument-laced show isn't enough, Kate Gosselin is about to up her on-air time with a guest spot on the View, People reports. The weary reality TV mom will fill in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who's out on maternity leave, on Sept. 14 and 15. She joins other guest...

Meghan McCain to Sit In for Hasselbeck on the View

(Newser) - Meghan McCain will sit in for new mom Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the View in September, the New York Post reports. The daughter of John McCain and one-woman youth movement in the GOP has proven popular on the chatfest, and will tape 3 episodes. Also filling in for Hasselbeck later in...

Rosie Calls Elisabeth a Really Naughty Word

Still bitter, but doesn't want to restart feud

(Newser) - The View catfight is back on! Even though she’s no longer on the show, Rosie O’Donnell is still dissing former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck—most recently calling her a name that Fox News coyly says “starts with a ‘t’ and rhymes with ‘swat.’” The...

Woman Sues Hasselbeck Over Cookbook Plagiarism

Says View co-host stole celiac disease idea

(Newser) - A woman who sent Elisabeth Hasselbeck a cookbook to help deal with an autoimmune disorder now claims The View co-host pirated the ideas for her own tome, the Boston Herald reports. Self-published author Susan Hassett’s federal lawsuit claims she sent Living With Celiac Disease to Hasselbeck in 2008, and...

Stork Sneaks Up on Hasselbeck
 Stork Sneaks Up on Hasselbeck 

Stork Sneaks Up on Hasselbeck

(Newser) - Elisabeth Hasselbeck is expecting her third child in August, and the pregnancy came as a surprise, People reports. “I didn't even know for 2 months,” the co-host told her friends on The View today, noting that she and her husband “were thoroughly happy with the surprise of...

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