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Where Your Seafood Now Comes From May Surprise You

More aquatic animals were farmed in 2022 than caught in the wild, per a new UN report

(Newser) - In the world of marine life, some big news. The United Nations, via its Food and Agriculture Organization, is out with its 2024 report on the state of the world's fisheries and aquaculture—the practice of breeding, raising, and harvesting aquatic organisms on farms—and for the first time,...

What the Heck Has Washed Ashore in Oregon?

Rare 7-foot hoodwinker sunfish may remain on beach in Gearhart for weeks, per local aquarium

(Newser) - A massive rare fish thought to only live in temperate waters in the Southern Hemisphere has washed up on Oregon's northern coast, drawing crowds of curious onlookers intrigued by the unusual sight. The 7.3-foot hoodwinker sunfish first appeared on the beach in Gearhart on Monday, the Seaside Aquarium...

The World's Fish Are Shrinking
The World's Fish Are Shrinking

The World's Fish Are Shrinking

The trend has been ongoing, but scientists can't pinpoint what's happening biologically

(Newser) - The ocean's fish are getting smaller, posing a threat to global food security for the 3 billion people whose meals depend on them. And while scientists have a name for the puzzling phenomenon—the temperature-size rule—they cannot pinpoint the mechanism that's being triggered to cause it. "...

This Creek Was Just Inundated With 77K Uninvited Fish

Salmon being transported to river in Oregon ended up in a different waterway entirely after truck crash

(Newser) - A truck carrying more than 100,000 young chinook salmon was bound for Oregon's Imnaha River, to help populate a waterway where they're considered a threatened species. But tens of thousands of them ended up in a creek near their former fish hatchery home instead, after the vehicle...

Off the Florida Keys, 'Emergency Response' Over Spinning Fish

NOAA has implemented an 'emergency response' to strange behaviors of dying smalltooth sawfish

(Newser) - Endangered smalltooth sawfish, marine creatures virtually unchanged for millions of years, are exhibiting erratic spinning behavior and dying in unusual numbers in Florida waters. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced what it calls an "emergency response" focused on the Florida Keys starting next week. A NOAA news release...

These Tiny Fish Are Louder Than Elephants
These Tiny Fish Are
Loud as a Gunshot

These Tiny Fish Are Loud as a Gunshot

And elephants, according to new research on Danionella cerebrum

(Newser) - Often in nature, the larger the animal, the louder the noise. The sperm whale, for instance, can make clicks as loud as 200 decibels , while the elephant can trumpet as loud as 117 decibels . But as we know, nature is full of surprises, and in one such surprise, researchers have...

Record-Setting Fish Was Carrying Something Extra
Fish Was Carrying
Something Extra

Record-Setting Fish Was Carrying Something Extra

Steel ball bearings were found inside crappie caught in Kansas; angler insists he didn't cheat

(Newser) - A Kansas angler broke a record last year for catching a 4.07-pound white crappie, the heaviest such specimen in the state in six decades. Now, an investigation has revealed that Bobby Parkhurst seemingly cheated to achieve that feat, though he continues to deny it. Outdoor Life reports that Parkhurst...

Tampa Residents Raise Money to Figure Out Funky Sound

Scientist aims to prove the bass noise is made by a certain type of fish mating in Tampa Bay

(Newser) - Some residents in Tampa are raising money to figure out once and for all the source of a funky, low-bass sound that keeps them up at night. Meanwhile, some fish in Tampa Bay are preparing to blush. Because, as Fox13 explains, the best guess is that the sound is being...

A Fifth of Freshwater Fish Are in Big Trouble

Climate change adds to threats endangering thousands of species, researchers say

(Newser) - This has been a terrible year for the world's freshwater fish and a lot of work needs to be done to stop thousands of species from hurtling toward extinction in 2024, researchers say. The International Union for Conservation of Nature says that about 21% of freshwater fish—3,086...

Tons of Fish Mysteriously Wash Ashore in Japan

But Fukushima is not to blame, authorities say

(Newser) - Authorities in Japan aren't sure why more than a thousand tons of dead fish have washed ashore in recent days—but they don't recommend eating them. Last week, around 1,200 tons of sardines and mackerels washed up on a beach in Hokkaido, leaving what the AP describes...

21 Species Off Endangered List—Because They're Extinct

US Fish and Wildlife Service pulls 10 bird species, 8 types of mussels, 2 fish, 1 fruit bat

(Newser) - Twenty-one animals have been removed from the Endangered Species Act because, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, they're not endangered—they're extinct. The majority of the species—10 types of birds, eight types of mussels, two species of fish, and one type of bat—were listed...

Denver Zoo's Tilting Angelfish Gets a CT Scan

Turns out to be too much gas; jokes about critter having better health insurance than most ensue

(Newser) - A fancy-looking French angelfish that was found one day with a funny float has its buoyancy back after taking some time from its tropical trappings to get a CT scan at the Denver Zoo. A zoo worker recently noticed the blue-and-yellow fish was swimming with a tilt, prompting a visit...

NJ Power Outage Had Unlikely Culprit

NJ Power
Outage Had
Unlikely Culprit

NJ Power Outage Had Unlikely Culprit

A fish fried a transformer, was likely dropped by a bird

(Newser) - A power outage that cut electricity to a New Jersey community a week ago was due to an unlikely culprit—a fish that was apparently dropped by a bird and landed on a transformer, officials said. Sayreville police said Jersey Central Power and Light Company workers working on the Aug....

This Is the First Known Fish to Hold Its Breath
Sharks Holding Their Breath
Came as 'Complete Surprise'
in case you missed it

Sharks Holding Their Breath Came as 'Complete Surprise'

Behavior allows hammerheads to maintain body temperature during dives

(Newser) - Hammerhead sharks dive more than half a mile below the ocean's surface to find and catch prey. And they hold their breath while they do it, according to researchers, who say the discovery—the first time the behavior has been witnessed in fish—came as " a complete surprise...

Elderly Couple Fried Up Some Fish for Lunch. Both Died
Elderly Couple Fried Up Some
Fish for Lunch. Both Died
in case you missed it

Elderly Couple Fried Up Some Fish for Lunch. Both Died

Daughter is now demanding stricter laws in Malaysia around toxic puffer fish

(Newser) - A woman has sent up a red flag and is now lobbying for stronger laws in Malaysia around the sale of a toxic fish after her elderly parents ate some of it for lunch and died. Authorities in the state of Johor say that Lim Siew Guan and her husband,...

We May Never Find a Fish Deeper Than This

Snailfish filmed just above suspected death zone in Pacific Ocean's Izu-Ogasawara trench

(Newser) - Scientists have filmed the deepest fish ever observed, an incredible 27,349 feet, or 8,336 meters, deep in the Izu-Ogasawara trench southeast of Japan. The young snailfish was spotted calmly swimming by sea robots exploring the depths last September. The deepest fish observed previously was a snailfish at 8,...

Australia Struggles With Massive Fish Die-Off

Contractors have been hired to remove millions of dead fish from New South Wales river

(Newser) - Contractors are being hired to remove millions of rotting fish from a river in the Australian Outback after an unprecedented die-off following floods and hot weather, police said on Monday. The fish started dying in the Darling River near the New South Wales town of Menindee on Friday. Officials say...

Study May Turn You Off Fish Caught in US Lakes, Rivers

Eating one freshwater fish is like drinking contaminated water for a month, study says

(Newser) - Scientists seeking to limit human exposure to "forever chemicals"—which don't break down easily in the environment—have found alarming levels of contamination in fish caught in America's lakes and rivers. According to a study published in the journal Environmental Research, eating a single freshwater fish...

The Queen of Goldfish Is Caught
The Queen
of Goldfish
Is Caught

The Queen of Goldfish Is Caught

Andy Hackett brings 67-pound Carrot to the surface in France

(Newser) - If you were wowed by headlines about a 9-pound goldfish caught in South Carolina, you'll be stunned by what's come out of a lake in France. Andy Hackett was on a fishing trip with friends when he pulled up a massive goldfish weighing 67 pounds, or as much...

That Colorful Aquarium Masks a Sometimes Dark Trade

Experts say demand for fish is contributing to degradation of delicate coral ecosystems

(Newser) - Millions of saltwater fish of all shades and shapes are caught in Indonesia and other countries every year to fill ever more elaborate aquariums in living rooms, waiting rooms, and restaurants around the world. "It's just so much fun to just watch the antics between different varieties of...

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