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Let's Ban Team Sports From Gym Class
 Let's Ban 
 Team Sports 
 From Gym Class 

Let's Ban Team Sports From Gym Class

Jessica Olien: Why must exercise be competitive?

(Newser) - Yes, kids need their exercise during the school day—but team sports are an unnecessary and potentially scarring way to get it, argues Jessica Olien. She tried hard as a kid in PE, but "the culmination of each class was the annihilation of my self-confidence," she writes at...

Steven Seagal, Putin Latest Bizarre BFFs

Action star helping Russian prez promote physical fitness plan

(Newser) - How convenient: New BFFs Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman are probably looking for another pair to vacation with , and now they have one ... because Vladimir Putin and Steven Seagal have a similar world leader-washed-up celebrity friendship going on. Putin wants to reinstate a Stalin-era national physical fitness program, and...

Virginia Gov. Vetoes School PE Bill

'Unfunded mandate' would have required 150 minutes of PE a week

(Newser) - Virginia’s governor has vetoed a bill that would have required 150 minutes of physical activity per week at elementary and middle schools, handing a victory to school officials who complained that the measure would cost millions to staff, lengthen the school day, and take away from arts education. “...

First Lady: Let's Eliminate Childhood Obesity

 First Lady: 
 Let's Eliminate 
 Childhood Obesity 
initiative launches today

First Lady: Let's Eliminate Childhood Obesity

Michelle Obama talks to GMA in advance of launching initiative

(Newser) - Michelle Obama wants to eliminate childhood obesity in just one generation, and she will launch her ambitious "Let's Move" campaign today at noon. "We want our kids to face a different and more optimistic future in terms of their lifespan," the first lady tells Good Morning America...

In US, Gym-Class Injuries Up 150% in Past Decade

Large class sizes, fewer school nurses may be to blame

(Newser) - American kids are suffering 150% more injuries in gym class than a decade ago, the AP reports. Over that period, a study found, there has been a renewed emphasis on physical-education class as a way to inculcate students with healthy habits and prevent obesity. But the increase in injuries may...

How to Beat Bad Ankles
 How to Beat 
 Bad Ankles 

How to Beat Bad Ankles

Ankle injuries can impair one's balance long after they heal

(Newser) - People who’ve sprained an ankle are likely to sprain it again, writes Gretchen Reynolds for the New York Times, but there may be a "supremely low-tech" fix: balance training. An ankle sprain interferes with the neural receptors in the ligaments that transmit balance information to the brain. Even...

Coach Quits After Facebook Flirting With 14-Year-Old

Cops eye 'inappropriate messages' to student

(Newser) - An Atlanta gym teacher is the subject of a criminal probe following allegations that he sent “inappropriate messages” via Facebook to a 14-year-old female student, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The girl’s sister reportedly found the offending messages and told her mother, who contacted police.

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