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Fed to End Historic Bond-Buying Program

It also will keep interest rates low for a while

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve plans to keep a key interest rate at a record low and, as expected, will end a bond-purchase program put into place in 2008 to stimulate the economy. The Wall Street Journal calls the latter a "historic experiment that has stirred intense debate about its effects...

Interest Rates Won't Be Rising Anytime Soon

Fed wraps up meeting, cuts growth forecast

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve has sharply cut its forecast for US growth this year, reflecting a shrinking economy last quarter caused mostly by harsh weather. At the same time, the Fed has barely increased its estimate of inflation despite signs that consumer price increases are picking up. Its benign inflation outlook...

Departing Bernanke Puts Brakes on Stimulus

But stocks go up on slight pullback

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve will be hitting the brakes a little on its bond buying gravy train, it announced today, in what will be the last Fed pronouncement under chairman Ben Bernanke. The Fed will cut its bond buying from $85 billion a month to $75 billion a month starting in...

Fed Stimulus' 'Quarterback': It Was a 'Feast for Wall St.'

Former official in charge of first round says it's going to backfire

(Newser) - The Fed's stimulus program known as quantitative easing is a misguided mess bound to backfire that ended up being "a feast for Wall Street" instead of doing anything for Main Street. So writes Andrew Huszar at the Wall Street Journal , but his perspective on QE is unique among...

What to Expect From Janet Yellen's Fed

Analysts praise pick; 'she's a real mensch'

(Newser) - President Obama will formally announce Janet Yellen as his pick to run the Fed today, in a move that seems to be garnering widespread praise in the financial industry. Here's what you need to know about the prospective chief:
  • She Cares a Lot About Jobs: Most of Yellen's

Fed Keeps Pedal On Gas; Markets Hit Records

In surprise move, bond buying to hold steady

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve surprised the financial world today by announcing that it would continue buying roughly $85 billion worth of bonds a month. Many analysts had expected the central bank to ease off the quantitative easing gas pedal, but the committee announced that it had "decided to await more...

Fed Announces $45B-a-Month Bond Buy

Plans to hold interest rates down until jobless rate hits 6.5%

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve dropped a bombshell today, announcing that it would spend $45 billion a month on bond purchases to keep interest rates low, and that it would keep its short-term rates near zero as long as it takes to get unemployment below 6.5%. It will also keep up...

Fed Opts for More Stimulus

Federal Reserve will buy more bonds to try to boost economy

(Newser) - The in-limbo markets finally got their answer: The Federal Reserve said today it will indeed try to juice the economy with an aggressive new round of bond-buying. The difference this time, explains the Wall Street Journal , is that it's not buying a set amount—this is "an open-ended...

On Deck for the Fed: QE3, GOP Backlash

Markets soar on widely expected new round of stimulus

(Newser) - Markets have soared in the expectation that the Fed will announce fresh steps to boost the US economy at the conclusion of its two-day meeting tomorrow—making it all the more likely that a stimulus will be forthcoming. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is widely expected to announce a third round...

Bernanke: Fed Will Act to Boost Jobs

Chairman didn't list specific policies, but left little doubt he intended to

(Newser) - Ben Bernanke left little doubt today that the Fed would soon resort to yet more attempts to inject money into the economy. In a speech at Jackson Hole, Bernanke said unemployment was still "a grave concern" because it inflicts both "enormous suffering" on the people and "structural...

Bernanke Predicts 7% Unemployment in 2014

Dour Fed gives no clue as to quantitative easing plans

(Newser) - Ben Bernanke sounded a dour note in his testimony before Congress today, predicting slow growth and stubbornly high unemployment, with no hint that the Fed intended to do anything about it. "The US economy has continued to recover, but economic activity appears to have decelerated somewhat," he said,...

Fed Waffles Over Need for More Stimulus

Some members push more action, others think it's Congress' job

(Newser) - With the US economy stalled, eurozone in crisis, and Chinese economy slowing down, the Federal Reserve is increasingly talking about action to boost the American economy, reports the LA Times . But for now the central bank is divided about the need for action, according to the just-released minutes for its...

Weak Jobs Report Puts Pressure on Bernanke

Fed now more likely to take action

(Newser) - Yesterday's tepid jobs report firms up evidence that the recovery is backsliding and increases the odds that the Federal Reserve will try to give it a jolt, reports the Wall Street Journal . The most likely move by Ben Bernanke would be to buy bonds—or quantitative easing, in econo-speak—...

Fed Pumps $267B More Into 'Operation Twist'

Program intended to lower long-term interest rates

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve is extending a program intended to further lower long-term interest rates, noting hiring has weakened, consumer spending is rising more slowly, and the economy needs more support. The Fed will continue Operation Twist through the end of the year, it announced today. The Fed has been selling...

Bernanke: Fed Will Do More to Boost Economy

Stock market soars

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve isn't ready to take its foot off the gas pedal. In a speech this morning in Arlington, Virginia, Ben Bernanke said that while the Fed was encouraged by the downward trend in unemployment numbers, it believes that the economy needs “continued accommodative policies” to keep...

Don't Hold Your Breath for New Fed Stimulus
Don't Hold Your Breath
for New Fed Stimulus

Don't Hold Your Breath for New Fed Stimulus

Investors might be barking up the wrong tree

(Newser) - Stocks have been shooting up this week on speculation that Ben Bernanke will announce another round of quantitative easing to prop up the economy in his speech Friday at Jackson Hole. But investors had better hold their horses, Neil Irwin of the Washington Post reports, because “the appetite within...

Perry: Bernanke Printing More Money 'Almost Treasonous'

Bernanke would be 'treated pretty ugly' in Texas, GOP hopeful warns

(Newser) - Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke will be no better than Benedict Arnold if he embarks on a third round of tinkering with the money supply between now and the election, Rick Perry told a Republican rally in Iowa yesterday. "If this guy prints more money between now and the...

Fed Panel Split Over Bernanke's Low Rates Policy

It's the most a chairman has faced in 19 years

(Newser) - Ben Bernanke's Tuesday announcement that the Fed is prepared to keep short-term interest rates close to zero for at least two more years is facing internal revolt from the Federal Open Market Committee, the 12-member committee of Fed presidents and governors that sets monetary policy, reports the Wall Street ...

Fed Fires Back at China, Germany

Soaring unemployment an 'unacceptable outcome,' says Ben Bernanke

(Newser) - Ben Bernanke offered a full-throated defense of the Fed’s recent actions in a speech in Frankfurt today, saying the $600 billion quantitative easing plan was essential to reducing joblessness. “On its current economic trajectory, the United States runs the risk of seeing millions of workers unemployed or underemployed...

Palin Taunts Wall Street Journal Reporter

She reads the paper ... but its own journalists may not

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is the first to admit that Americans are "inordinately interested" in her reading habits, so here's a little clarification: She reads the Wall Street Journal. But, she writes on Facebook , one Journal reporter doesn't seem to do the same. The media clash began yesterday, when Sudeep Reddy...

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