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A 'Surprise' Among GM's 6 Discontinued Cars

The Cadillac CT6 was the 'tech halo' for the brand

(Newser) - Now that General Motors' big announcement that it will be shuttering five plants in North America and slashing thousands of jobs has started to settle in, more details are emerging on the vehicle production that will be affected. Included in the business restructuring is a shift away from sedans, which...

Owners Love Their Volts, but $40K Is Still Too Much

It's a 'marvel,' but it will take years to recoup investment: Joann Muller

(Newser) - Owners of Chevy Volts love their cars, as a new Consumer Reports survey makes clear. It's No. 1 in terms of owner satisfaction for the second straight year, with 92% saying they would buy one again, reports NBC News . "The Volt is indeed an engineering marvel," writes...

GOP: Obama Hid Volt Fires
 GOP: Obama Hid Volt Fires 

GOP: Obama Hid Volt Fires

They say NHTSA delayed announcing investigation

(Newser) - Congressional Republicans intend to accuse the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of purposely delaying an announcement about the Chevy Volt's battery fire troubles because President Obama is politically tied to General Motors, and the Volt in particular. The Volt experienced its first fire last June, but the NHTSA didn’...

Tsunami Survivors: Nissan Leaf Batteries

Two dozen cars destroyed, but batteries came through safely

(Newser) - Nissan is getting some good news from the tsunami that devastated Japan in March: Two dozen of Nissan's new Leaf were destroyed, but unlike the Chevrolet Volt , their heavily shielded batteries did not catch fire and remained intact. “Considering how they were tossed around and crushed, we think...

GM: We'll Buy Back Your Volt

CEO makes offer to those worried about fires

(Newser) - General Motors says it's willing to buy back its Chevrolet Volts from any customer concerned by fires in crash tests . If needed, the auto giant also is prepared to conduct a recall of the 6,000 Volts currently on the road, Dan Akerson tells the AP . The company would...

GM Gives Volt Owners Loaners as It Investigates

Says fires may be caused by electronic problem

(Newser) - As the US investigates the Chevy Volt following fiery crash tests , General Motors will lend cars to current owners of the electric vehicles, the Wall Street Journal reports. Meanwhile, the company is working to fix the problem. It believes the fires aren’t caused by overheating chemicals, but rather, that...

US Probing Chevy Volt Battery Fires

In testing, more batteries cause concern

(Newser) - New fires involving the lithium-ion batteries in General Motors Co.'s Chevrolet Volt have prompted an investigation to assess the risk of fire in the electric car after a serious crash, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says. One Volt battery pack that was being closely monitored following a...

Plug-In Cadillac ELR, Based on Converj, Announced by GM
 Here Comes the Plug-In Cadillac 

Here Comes the Plug-In Cadillac

It'll use the same drive train as the Chevy Volt

(Newser) - Looking to ride like an environmentally conscious gangster? Well good news: GM has officially greenlighted its long-rumored plug-in Cadillac, sporting a slightly suped up version of the Chevy Volt’s drivetrain. It’ll be based on the Cadillac Converj concept car it first showed off two years ago , though it’...

Whopping 125 Chevy Volts Sold Last Month

GM's electric car not exactly electrifying the country: Jonathan Last

(Newser) - If you're in the market for a car no one else has, try the Chevy Volt. GM's July sales figures are out, and a piddling 125 Volts were sold. Writing for the Weekly Standard, Jonathan Last goes on to share his favorite bit of GM news: To keep...

Blogger: Chevy Dealers Gaming Volt Rebates

They're selling cars to each other to claim money, he alleges

(Newser) - A writer at the National Legal and Policy Center thinks something fishy is going on regarding the $7,500 federal tax credit offered on Chevy Volts. The post alleges that dealers are selling the cars to each other to claim the money, then reselling the cars as "used" to...

Consumer Reports: Volt Doesn't Make Much Sense

Mag's tester says it's not too efficient as electric car ... or as gas vehicle

(Newser) - The Chevy Volt may be the cover girl of April’s issue of Consumer Reports, but the magazine doesn’t have a lot of glowing things to say about it. Economically, the car “doesn’t really make a lot of sense,” the magazine’s director of auto testing...

Obama's Goal of 1M Electric Cars by 2015 Is Doomed

Study: Manufacturers aren't ready to commit to those numbers

(Newser) - President Obama's goal of getting 1 million plug-in electric vehicles on America's roads by 2015 is all but certain to fail, concludes a new report done in conjunction with the auto industry. Despite decent debuts from the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, major manufacturers won't be producing the volume of...

Chevy Volt Wins Car of the Year
Chevy Volt Wins
Car of the Year

Chevy Volt Wins Car of the Year

Plug-in hybrid gets love from nation's largest auto show

(Newser) - If the desire to go green wasn’t enough to convince you to buy a Chevrolet Volt, maybe this will: The $41,000 plug-in hybrid was named North American Car of the Year at the country's largest auto show. The Volt beat out Nissan’s all-electric Leaf and Hyundai's Sonata...

Oil Spill Booms Resurrected as Chevy Volt Parts

Plastic resin, mixed with tires, equals engine component

(Newser) - If life gives you lemons, make lemonade—and if life gives you 100 miles' worth of oil-soaked plastic booms, make ... Chevy Volts? That's what GM is doing. The company is breathing new life into a heck of a lot of plastic that was used to help contain the Gulf spill,...

Chevy Volt Will Make US Ethanol Fiasco Look Tame
Chevy Volt Will Make US Ethanol Fiasco Look Tame
george will

Chevy Volt Will Make US Ethanol Fiasco Look Tame

George Will: Government should stay out of the auto business

(Newser) - Safe bet, you won't catch George Will driving one of GM's new Volts. He lays out everything he hates about the car, including that it's not quite the electric vehicle originally promised and that the government realizes people must be "bribed" with $7,500 subsidies to buy the $41,...

The Chevy Volt's Dirty Secret
 The Chevy Volt's 
 Dirty Secret 

The Chevy Volt's Dirty Secret

Who says electricity is clean?

(Newser) - The Chevy Volt has a secret: It’s not run solely on electricity, it has a gas engine that, under some circumstances, directly moves the wheels. “I know. When I heard this, I ran about the house shrieking, ‘Well, then, the Volt is not an ‘extended-range’ EV...

Disaster Awaits Chevy Volt
 Disaster Awaits Chevy Volt  

Disaster Awaits Chevy Volt

Nothing about this car makes sense

(Newser) - Like Rush Limbaugh , auto industry observer Edward Niedermeyer can't think of too many reasons to plunk down $41,000 on a Chevy Volt. Among his complaints: It's too expensive, it has the interior room of a cheap economy car, the business model is lousy—GM could have sold it...

Rush Mocks Chevy Volt: 'Nobody Wants It'

If it's so good, why does it need a tax credit?

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh ridiculed GM's new electric car, the Chevy Volt, as just an expensive way of showing "you care" for the environment and "how much better you are than everybody else." Referring to the planned $7,500 tax credit on the Volt's $41,000 price tag, Rush...

GM: Stop Calling Them 'Chevys'
 GM: Stop Calling Them 'Chevys' 

GM: Stop Calling Them 'Chevys'

Car giant tries to improve 'branding' by killing nickname

(Newser) - You can see the USA in your Chevrolet, but GM would rather if you stopped driving your “Chevy” to the levee or anywhere else. The company has sent out a memo to all its employees urging them to banish the ubiquitous nickname from their vocabularies. “We’d ask...

Electric Car Hardly Electrifying
 Electric Car 
 Hardly Electrifying 
chevy volt TEST DRIVE

Electric Car Hardly Electrifying

'Unremarkable' Chevrolet Volt as much publicity stunt as vehicle

(Newser) - The Chevy Volt is “the quintessential halo product," a loss leader intended to associate GM with innovation. With the pressure to make money off, the plug-in electric car's designers had the chance to create a vehicle that would make people "coo and stare," Cliff Kuang writes....

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