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These 8 Factors Can Slow Aging by 5 Years
These 8 Factors
Can Slow Aging
by 5 Years

These 8 Factors Can Slow Aging by 5 Years

Following a new checklist from the American Heart Association could help decelerate the process

(Newser) - If you love a good checklist, then keep this one from the American Heart Association handy. It outlines eight essential measures that can slow down aging by up to five years, based on new findings out of Columbia University that AHA will launch at its annual meeting this November, the...

Food and Exercise Aren't the Only Keys to Living Past 90

Luck, in the form of genetics, plays a major roll in longevity, new research is making clear

(Newser) - While trend pieces that describe which foods to eat or the magic number of steps to walk each day may help curb disease and increase longevity, a key factor to living a very long life isn't within our control. Per the Wall Street Journal , research on aging increasingly shows...

Everyone Is Talking About Pamela Anderson's Face
Everyone Is Talking About
Pamela Anderson's Face

Everyone Is Talking About Pamela Anderson's Face

The natural beauty was extra natural in Paris

(Newser) - Viv Groskop dubs it "the week it became cool for women to look their age," at the Guardian , and she's not alone in that thinking. Much of the conversation has centered around three women of a certain age and their appearances at Paris fashion week. Not that...

As Far as Ultramarathon Runners Go, He's Remarkable

Dag Aabye first entered the Canadian Death Race at age 62

(Newser) - Renowned ultramarathon runner Dag Aabye, now 82, moved to Canada from Norway when he was young and fell in love with the harsh wilderness. Living in a bus off-the-grid on a mountainside in British Columbia, Aabye has made a name for himself in the ultra-running community as the oldest person...

In One Country, Everyone Woke Up Younger Wednesday

South Korea officially ends its traditional way of determining age

(Newser) - There's one country on the planet where people woke up younger on Wednesday. A new law took effect in South Korea that has reduced people's ages by one or two years. Historically, a baby born in South Korea was age one at birth and saw another year added...

Researchers See Potential Tool in Fight Against Aging
See Potential
Tool in Fight
Against Aging

Researchers See Potential Tool in Fight Against Aging

Additional taurine helps monkeys and mice, but whether this applies to humans is unclear

(Newser) - The reason you might be hearing about "taurine" a lot in the near future: A new study in Science suggests the amino acid boosts longevity, at least in animals. Nobody is asserting the same applies to humans, and the researchers emphasize that they don't recommend people start taking...

For Oldest Millennials, It May Be an Unwelcome Milestone
For Oldest Millennials, This
Year's Birthday May Hurt

For Oldest Millennials, This Year's Birthday May Hurt

Per the 'Wall Street Journal,' 43 is the age when Americans typically stop feeling young

(Newser) - The first members of the generation we know as millennials came around in 1980, which means they're turning 43 this year, notes Clare Ansberry in the Wall Street Journal . And that just happens to be the average age that Americans stop feeling young, according to this survey by the...

Fountain of Youth? Try 'Couzens Immortality Quotient'

'Outside' takes a look at the importance of continuing to exercise as we age

(Newser) - Older athletes, especially runners, worried about their ability to stay fit might want to keep in mind what Alex Hutchinson of Outside magazine dubs the Couzens Immortality Quotient. It's based on an observation made by triathlon coach Alan Cummings: "All else being equal, the amount of aerobic fitness...

Congress, Like the US, Is Older
Congress, Like the US, Is Older

Congress, Like the US, Is Older

Median age in Senate hits 65, a new high

(Newser) - Here's one way Congress reflects the nation it serves: It's getting older. The median age for senators this Congress is a record high, 65, while House members are holding at 58. And the pace is quickening, FiveThirtyEight reports. For the last 80 years of the 20th century, the...

Walking-and-Talking Gets Harder in Middle Age
Gets Harder in Middle Age
new study

Walking-and-Talking Gets Harder in Middle Age

Researchers spot 'subtle' changes in gait if people are multitasking starting at age 55

(Newser) - For those 55 and over who have discovered that sometimes things just don't click like they used to, researchers have news: It's not just you. A new study suggests the feeling that it's not as easy to multitask while walking once you reach your mid-50s is real...

He's 45, Spending Millions to Have an 18-Year-Old's Organs

Go inside Bryan Johnson's wild quest

(Newser) - "He wants to have the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tendons, teeth, skin, hair, bladder, penis, and rectum of an 18-year-old." It's just one of a number of incredible lines in Ashlee Vance's piece for Bloomberg Businessweek on Bryan Johnson, a 45-year-old software entrepreneur who is...

As Biden Turns 80, Experts Assess Aging Issues

Mental declines aren't a given for people in their 80s, experts say

(Newser) - The US entered unfamiliar territory Sunday, when President Biden turned 80. The milestone prompted a family brunch at the White House, CNN reports, as well as an uptick in discussion of what the milestone might mean for the president and the nation. Biden has said it's a "legitimate...

Young Spinal Fluid Improves Memory in Older Mice
Fight Against Aging
Enters a 'Whole New Era'

Fight Against Aging Enters a 'Whole New Era'

Young spinal fluid is seen to improve memory in older mice, per new research

(Newser) - Researchers are heralding "a whole new era" in the search for Alzheimer's treatments, with a new study suggesting those treatments don't necessarily need to address damage in the brain. Tony Wyss-Coray of Stanford University previously showed infusions of blood from younger animals could reverse the effects of...

Mental Speed Slows at 20? Think Again
Our Brains Stay Sharp
Much Longer Than Thought

Our Brains Stay Sharp Much Longer Than Thought

Study suggests mental acuity is largely unchanged until about age 60

(Newser) - Don't let the youngins tell you your brain is slower than molasses. Though plenty of research shows response times slow beginning around the age of 20, that doesn't necessarily support the widely held view that brain processes slow from that age. Indeed, a new study finds this slowing...

Scientists Have Bad News for Our Plans to Defy Aging
Scientists Have Bad News
for Our Plans to Defy Aging

Scientists Have Bad News for Our Plans to Defy Aging

Big international study looks at mortality patterns among primates

(Newser) - You can stop looking for the fountain of youth now. It does not exist, according to new research, which finds it’s likely impossible to slow the rate of aging due to biological constraints. While that might seem like a foregone conclusion, an unprecedented study brought together scientists from 42...

Matrix Actress: 40th Birthday Brought a Hollywood Reality

Carrie-Anne Moss was offered role as a grandmother the day after

(Newser) - It's a well-known complaint in Hollywood that the industry views actresses much differently once they turn 40. Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss, now 53, says she didn't quite believe it until she herself reached the milestone. "Literally the day after my 40th birthday, I was reading a script...

Whiskey Makers Try to Hack Tradition

New processes might eliminate the need for the usual aging process

(Newser) - Most people want to turn back time. Among whiskey makers, a quest has evolved to speed it up. Last fall, Silicon Valley startup Bespoken Spirits made headlines by raising $2.6 million in seed funding to introduce a rapid-aging process that would nix having to mature whiskey in barrels, which...

This Country Just Saw Its First-Ever Population Drop

South Korea had more deaths than births in 2020, and the pandemic likely made things worse

(Newser) - For the first time ever, South Korea's population has seen a downturn, with the decline likely exacerbated by the pandemic. Census figures reported by Yonhap show a count of 51,829,023 at year's end, a nearly 21,000 drop from 2019, per the Guardian . The population had...

Scientists May Want Your Dog for Major New Study

Researchers looking for 10K dogs to participate in study on aging

(Newser) - Can old dogs teach us new tricks? Scientists are looking for 10,000 pets for the largest-ever study of aging in canines. And they hope to shed light on human longevity, too, per the AP . The project will collect a pile of pooch data: vet records, DNA samples, gut microbes,...

World's Oldest People? They're Not That Old
World's Oldest People?
They're Not That Old
Study says

World's Oldest People? They're Not That Old

Supercentenarians aren't as common as we think, paper suggests

(Newser) - Want to grow to a ripe old age? You might have to discard advice given in "oldest person alive" articles that keep cropping up, Vox reports. A new working paper posted online appears to show that most supercentenarians—that is, people who live to 110—are probably exaggerating their...

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