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Third Woman: Paraguay Prez Fathered My Kid

Paternity scandal grows, but so far no political fallout

(Newser) - The paternity scandal surrounding Paraguay’s president, a former bishop, has reached new heights: A third woman says he fathered her child, McClatchy reports. Fernando Lugo recently acknowledged paternity of a 2-year-old; soon after, another woman said he was her 6-year-old’s dad. She filed an official paternity claim yesterday,...

Paraguay's Bishop-Turned- Prez Admits Fathering Child

(Newser) - The president of Paraguay admitted today to fathering a child with a 26-year-old woman while he was still a Roman Catholic bishop, the Daily Telegraph reports. Fernando Lugo, 57, left the church to pursue political office in December 2006; a son was born five months later, according to the paternity...

Mexico, Paraguay Named Top Pot Growers

Brazil, Argentina say use is rising as supply grows

(Newser) - Mexico holds the distinction of being the world's biggest marijuana producer—no big surprise there. But little landlocked Paraguay is turning heads after hitting No. 2 on the UN's list of top pot-growing countries, CNN reports. Paraguayan officials aren't surprised: Raids are difficult to orchestrate, marijuana fetches 500% the selling...

Ex-Bishop Wins Paraguay's Presidency in Historic Vote

Ends 61 years of single-party rule

(Newser) - Opposition leader Fernando Lugo won Paraguay’s presidential election yesterday, ending 61 years of one-party rule, Reuters reports. With nearly all votes counted, the former bishop beat Paraguay’s first female presidential contender by 41% of the vote to 10%. “We've made history,” the center-leftist Lugo told a...

Warrants May Shed Light on South American Dirty War

Governments colluded to murder adversaries

(Newser) - An Italian judge has issued arrest warrants for nearly 150 people in Latin America accused of helping their governments hunt down and kill leftist opponents in the 1970s. The warrants could shed new light on the so-called Operation Condor, an extraordinary scheme in which South American governments cooperated with each...

Paraguay Defeats USA 3-1 in Copa America

US on the brink of elimination in pan-American tournament

(Newser) - The United States dropped its second round Group B match to Paraguay at the 2007 Copa America yesterday, with a final score of 1-3. The American side was plagued by an errant defense and poor communication throughout the 90 minutes. The score was even at the half, but an attacking...

Mo$cow: World's Priciest City
Mo$cow: World's Priciest City

Mo$cow: World's Priciest City

London second, Seoul third in worldwide survey

(Newser) - Moscow is the world's most expensive city for expats, according to an annual human resource study. A cup of Muscovite coffee can run more than $6, and lodging in the Russian capital can send foreign workers from rubles to rags. London placed in the survey, which compared costs of living...

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