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Why These Art Lovers Walked Around Naked

Nudists visit Palais de Tokyo for the first time

(Newser) - Nudists visited a Paris art gallery for the first time Saturday and perused its exhibitions completely au naturel, the BBC reports. The Palais de Tokyo allowed the 161 visitors to drop off their garments at coat-check and walk around naked, a moment hailed by the Paris Naturist Association. "The...

In Paris, a New Place for Nudists
In Paris, a New
Place for Nudists

In Paris, a New Place for Nudists

Section of Bois de Vincennes park will be open to naturists (but not voyeurs)

(Newser) - A parks and rec official in Paris is lauding an "open-minded vision" for one of the city's parks—specifically, an out-of-the-way section of the Bois de Vincennes park that is open to nudists until Oct. 15. AFP reports on the naturism experiment, which permits visitors to strip down...

Nudist Movement Seeks Next Naked Generation

Groups try to lure the young as membership wanes

(Newser) - America's nudists fear their lifestyle is in danger of disappearing because of a failure to attract naked young people. Membership of the two main nudist organizations has been sliding for years and nudist resorts are finding that younger people aren't so keen on spending their vacations around naked...

In French Town, Nudists Battle Nudists
 In French Town, 
 Nudists Battle Nudists 

In French Town, Nudists Battle Nudists

Some just want to be naked; others want to have sex in public

(Newser) - “Naked City,” France: It sounds like a nice place, right? But Cap d'Agde, home of a large nudist population, is currently the site of a battle between “traditional” French nudists , and the new wave of “libertines” who are apparently into “free sex and partner-swapping,”...

My Day as a Nudist

 My Day as a Nudist 

My Day as a Nudist

Some people love it ... Emily Yoffe, not so much

(Newser) - Emily Yoffe had already posed naked for a group of art students, so why not visit a nudist camp on behalf of her Human Guinea Pig column, in which she tries things the rest of us want to know about, but are too scared to do. "You've already crossed...

Need a Vacation? World's Top 5 Nude Events

Nude Recreation Week is celebrated this month

(Newser) - To mark the 32nd year of Nude Recreation Week, TripAdvisor has put together a list of the top five nude events worldwide, Reuters reports:
  1. World Naked Bike Ride, worldwide, June and July: Riders, advocating cycling over driving, often paint messages on their bodies.
  2. World Record Skinny Dip, across North America,

Swedes Shed Hangups at Nudist B&B
 Swedes Shed 
 Hangups at  
 Nudist B&B 


Swedes Shed Hangups at Nudist B&B

(Newser) - It’s quaint, relatively cheap, breakfast is included in the price, and oh yes, everyone’s naked. Welcome to Hylteberga gård, one of the first naturist bed and breakfasts in Europe. Helena Frith Powell of the UK Times took a holiday there, and found it a tad … distracting,...

The Naked Truth on Nude Farming

(Newser) - The motto of Rising Sun Farm in Wisconsin is “Unconventional Farming”—the naked pleasures of which Judd Spicer experiences firsthand and recounts for the Heavy Table. Spicer describes the moment of disrobing as “scary, liberating, strange, natural, different, fun,” but once he’s free and clear...

German Hotel Is a Strip Joint

Naturists want it to be family-friendly lodging

(Newser) - Germany's first mandatory-nudity hotel hasn't even opened yet, but management is laying down the law: Towels must be placed wherever guests sit. The Black Forest resort's clothing ban is an oddity even in Germany, a hotbed of naturism for over a century, reports the Times of London. In fact, clothing...

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