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This Shell May Inspire Your Next Bike Lock
Scientists: We Made the First
Material That Can't Be Cut
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Scientists: We Made the First Material That Can't Be Cut

Inspired by abalone shells, its first application might be bike locks

(Newser) - Scientists in the UK have bad news for bike thieves: They say they've created the first artificial material that cannot be cut. In fact, the more someone tries to cut it, the more damage they will do to their blade, per a post at Phys.org . The material, dubbed...

'Blind Spot' Slowed Down Cops in Virginia Beach Shooting

Cops didn't have keycards needed to open electronically locked doors

(Newser) - Police responding to the deadly mass shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal building were unable to confront the gunman at one point because they didn't have the keycards needed to open doors on the second floor. Over the radio, they pleaded for the electronic cards and talked of bringing...

Guy Spins Dial 'for a Laugh,' Opens Safe Locked for 40 Years

'No gold bars, like I'd hoped'

(Newser) - Visitors have long fiddled with the old safe that sits on a reinforced floor in the basement of Alberta's Vermilion Heritage Museum, without any luck. The manager of Vermilion's old Brunswick Hotel couldn’t remember the safe's combination when the hotel closed in the 1970s, and a...

Lock Stops Bike Thieves by Making Them Throw Up

SkunkLock emits 'noxious' vomit-inducing chemical

(Newser) - You wouldn't think a product that makes people lose their lunch would be a viable item to bring to market, but the inventors of SkunkLock are hoping their innovation will be a hit in the bike-riding community, the Guardian reports. The creators of the crowdfunded Indiegogo project , billed as...

Paris Breaks Up With Love Locks

1M locks will be cut off starting tomorrow

(Newser) - The City of Lights is breaking up with a beloved yet needlessly dangerous gesture of tourists and lovers: That of couples scribbling their names on a padlock and locking it to the side of Paris' Pont des Arts, then tossing the key in the River Seine, you know, for love....

Hackers' New Target: Hotel Room Locks

 New Target: 
 Hotel Room 
in case you missed it

Hackers' New Target: Hotel Room Locks

Easily exploitable bug goes public, and burglaries result

(Newser) - Forbes has a story sure to make travelers paranoid: It seems that burglars have begun taking advantage of a bug in the keycard locks used on hotel room doors. Several burglaries using the technique took place at the Houston Hyatt in September, and more are suspected at other Texas...

Ronson Locks LiLo Out
 Ronson Locks LiLo Out 

Ronson Locks LiLo Out

(Newser) - Samantha Ronson has replaced the locks on the Los Angeles home she and perhaps-former-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan shared for the past 6 months, Us reports. The move comes after LiLo tangled with bouncers ordered to keep her out of a Friday event Ronson hosted for her sister in West Hollywood. “...

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