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Careful, Facebook, or You&#39;ll Become AOL
Careful, Facebook, or
You'll Become AOL

Careful, Facebook, or You'll Become AOL

Former editor Jesse Kornbluth explains how web giant fell from grace

(Newser) - Jesse Kornbluth has a cautionary tale for Facebook, which he says he worked for a decade ago. "Back then, it was called America Online," he writes in the Wall Street Journal . Kornbluth was AOL's editorial director from 1997 to 2003. In those days, AOL had lots of...

Google, Yahoo, 13 Others Declare War on Phishing

New set of standards could make email more trustworthy

(Newser) - A new anti-phishing effort, backed by the big email service providers as well as banks, PayPal, social networks, and other companies, could dramatically reduce the number of scam emails you get in your inbox. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL are backing the new plan; 15 companies in total have come...

Microsoft, Aol, Yahoo Agree to Sell Each Other's Ads

They say other 'players in the industry' are welcome to join them

(Newser) - Declining tech powers, unite! Microsoft, Yahoo, and Aol have agreed to a deal that will let them sell each other’s display ads, in a bid to drive revenue up and help them compete with Google and Facebook. A Microsoft VP characterized the deal as a "rising tide that...

The New Status Symbol: AOL Email Address
 The New Status Symbol: 
 AOL Email Address 

The New Status Symbol: AOL Email Address

Bigshots in politics, media, entertainment hang on to old addresses

(Newser) - email addresses are so nineties, right? But apparently they're also a sort of weird status symbol amongst a certain set. Ben Smith first made the argument last week on Politico , noting that despite the "stigma" long associated with the domain, there's also "...

AOL vs. Google: The Ten Most Visited Domains, 1996 vs. 2011
 10 Hottest Domains: 
 1996 vs. Today 
my, how we've grown

10 Hottest Domains: 1996 vs. Today

Remember when AOL was king?

(Newser) - Back in 1996, AOL was king of the Internet; its closest competitor was Webcrawler; and the University of Michigan owned a top 10 domain. Things have changed, as comScore data reveal in Business Insider:
  1. 1996: AOL. Today: Google sites.
  2. 1996: Today: Yahoo! sites.
  3. 1996: Netscape. Today: Microsoft sites.

Unpaid Bloggers File Suit Against Huffington Post

Freelancer Jonathan Tasini brings suit, claims 'implied' compensation

(Newser) - Freelance writer Jonathan Tasini has filed a class-action lawsuit against the Huffington Post/AOL, seeking $105 million in damages for the hundreds of unpaid bloggers toiling for the site. Tasini tells the Washington Post that there was an “implied promise” of compensation for those writers. “Some people were given...

Huffington Axes Scores of AOL Writers

Writers organizing electronic strike against liberal mogul

(Newser) - The new Arianna Huffington-run AOL news operation has fired scores of AOL business and finance freelancers, and is offering them the opportunity to work again—for free, according to reports from contributors. The popular liberal's controversial labor practices are triggering another uproar over AOL's multi-million-dollar acquisition of the Huffington Post,...

AOL Axes 900 on Heels of HuffPo Buy

That's 20% of the workforce.

(Newser) - The rumored layoffs have arrived. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong today announced that the company would cut 200 US jobs, with the content side bearing the brunt of the layoffs. The Hollywood Reporter notes that a total of 900 jobs—or 20% of the workforce—will be done away with: Some...

Beware, Facebook, You're Headed for AOL's Fate
'Mediocre' Facebook Following AOL's Path

'Mediocre' Facebook Following AOL's Path

Sam Biddle: It's trying 'to be' the Internet, just like AOL did—badly

(Newser) - So now we'll be able to watch movies on Facebook. And play Angry Birds . And pretty much everything else, the way things are going. "Facebook is reaching its tendrils into every single thing we like about the Internet, far, far beyond the actual reasons we rolled up to Zuckerberg's...

HuffPo Writers: How About Some Pay?

$315M deal leaves unpaid contributors out in cold

(Newser) - The Huffington Post's sale to AOL for $315 million —and the estimated $18 million to $100 million Arianna Huffington made on the deal—has left the news site's unpaid contributors wondering where their piece of the pie is, the Daily notes. "My share of the Huffington Post sale,...

AOL-HuffPo Deal Seems Pretty Win-Win

 Deal Seems 
 Pretty Win-Win 

AOL-HuffPo Deal Seems Pretty Win-Win

HuffPo gets cash, AOL gets a vision, advertisers get eyeballs

(Newser) - AOL's purchase of the Huffington Post is drawing plenty of muted cheers—and a few harsh critiques. Most seem to agree that both sides come out ahead.
  • “The content rollup has begun,” writes Michael Wolff at MediaWeek , and new media is becoming old media—"if it’s

AOL Buying Huffington Post for $315M

Arianna Huffington will head AOL content

(Newser) - AOL is buying the Huffington Post for a whopping $315 million, and Arianna Huffington will become the owner of AOL news content. The purchase will bring the AOL news operation another 25 million visitors a day, reports AP. That's expected to help AOL boost its struggling display advertising business. The...

Paul Allen Re-Sues Apple, Google, Facebook

Microsoft co-founder refiles suit after judge's dismissal

(Newser) - Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has re-filed his mammoth patent lawsuit targeting a host of major web companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, eBay, Aol, and Yahoo. Allen’s original lawsuit, filed in August, was dismissed because it was too vague, failing to name specific products or services. The refiling, which...

AOL Weighs Breakup, Yahoo Merger
AOL Weighs Breakup,
Yahoo Merger

AOL Weighs Breakup, Yahoo Merger

Internet firm could split dial-up, advertising arms

(Newser) - As AOL shifts to focus on content, the Internet firm is considering breaking off its dial-up Internet service arm and then merging with Yahoo, insiders tell Reuters . Yahoo hasn’t been contacted about the plan, which echoes a move Time Warner considered in 2008 and 2009 before spinning off AOL....

Aol Gets Back in the Email Game
 Aol Gets Back in the Email Game 

Aol Gets Back in the Email Game

Will 'Project Phoenix' indeed rise from the ashes?

(Newser) - Aol practically introduced us to email back in the 1990s, but it’s since lost out to Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google, which boast hundreds of millions more users. Now, it’s aiming to get itself back into the email game with the launch of Project Phoenix, which aims to “...

AOL-Yahoo Merger Rumored to Be In the Works
 AOL Weighing Yahoo Takeover 

AOL Weighing Yahoo Takeover

Private equity in talks to engineer 'reverse merger'

(Newser) - Takeover rumors are swirling around Yahoo again. AOL is in talks with several private equity firms over a possible "reverse merger" between the two Internet giants that would see AOL chief Tim Armstrong heading up the combined company, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal . One scenario being considered is...

AOL in Talks to Buy TechCrunch

Internet giant rumored to be on verge of buying tech blog

(Newser) - AOL is on the verge of announcing a deal to buy high-profile technology blog TechCrunch, insiders say. AOL—which snapped up TechCrunch rival Engadget in 2005—tried and failed to buy the blog a few years ago, a source tells the Wall Street Journal . An announcement is expected to be...

Microsoft Co-Founder Sues Tech Industry

Paul Allen targets Apple, Google, Yahoo

(Newser) - Paul Allen’s licensing company is suing a who’s who of the biggest forces in tech—including Apple, Google, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo, and Aol—over a handful of patents filed by a now-defunct startup he funded during the Internet bubble. The four patents in question seem to encompass...

AOL Unloading Bebo for Massive Loss

$850M buy being sold off at rock-bottom price

(Newser) - AOL's ride on the social networking bandwagon appears to have been a blunder costing close to a billion dollars. The company is in the final stages of making a deal to sell floundering Bebo, which it bought for $850 million in 2008, for a price thought to be in the...

AOL Laying Off 1,200
 AOL Laying Off 1,200 

AOL Laying Off 1,200

European offices shut down in latest round of restructuring

(Newser) - The ax will fall on 1,200 AOL workers this week in the last stage of the company's goal to shed a total of 2,500 jobs, about a third of its workforce. Many European offices will be closed as part of the company's plan to restructure as a Web...

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