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Post Office Lets Police Monitor Americans' Mail

Thousands of requests to log the outside of letters are approved each year, per the Washington Post

(Newser) - The Washington Post reports that the US Postal Service allows law enforcement agencies to monitor the mail of Americans—or at least the outside of it—on a fairly regular basis. The postal service has received more than 60,000 such requests since 2015, and it has honored virtually all...

UPS Just Scored a Huge Postal Service Deal

Company will replace FedEX as USPS' main air cargo provider

(Newser) - UPS will become the primary air cargo provider for the United States Postal Service. The Atlanta shipping company said Monday that it had received an air cargo contract from the US Postal Service that significantly expands an existing partnership between the two, the AP reports. UPS will move the majority...

Letter Carrier Robberies Rose Last Year Despite Crackdown

'We're like sitting ducks out there'

(Newser) - When the US Postal Service launched Project Safe Delivery last year, officials pledged they would be "doubling down" on their efforts to combat growing rates of letter carrier robberies. The crackdown has led to hundreds of arrests, and robberies slowed toward the end of the year. But, overall, the...

USPS Worker Almost Run Over in Post Office Heist

Police in California located suspects, recovered stolen bin of mail

(Newser) - A US Postal Service employee was almost run over by mail thieves who raided a post office in Orange County, California. In video that went viral after it was posted on Instagram, the woman stands in the way of a vehicle as the suspects try to drive away from the...

USPS Was Supposed to Break Even by 2023, Instead Lost $6.5B
USPS Was Supposed
to Break Even by 2023,
Instead Lost $6.5B
in case you missed it

USPS Was Supposed to Break Even by 2023, Instead Lost $6.5B

Postmaster general says it won't break even next year, either

(Newser) - The US Postal Service launched a 10-year plan in 2021 that was supposed to see it breaking even by 2023 and turning a profit by 2024. Well, the 2023 fiscal year is over, and USPS just reported it lost $6.5 billion in the 12 months that ended September 30,...

USPS Crackdown on Crime Leads to 600 Arrests

And those mail theft, carrier robbery busts are just since May

(Newser) - Mail carriers don't have to just worry about ornery dogs and slippery sidewalks: They've also got criminals to contend with, and more than you may think. The US Postal Service announced that over the past six months alone, more than 600 arrests have been made tied to mail...

US Businesses Are Bracing for a UPS Strike
UPS, Teamsters Reach
Deal to Avert Major Strike

UPS, Teamsters Reach Deal to Avert Major Strike

Impasse threatened to throw a wrench into the economy

(Newser) - It looks like there won't be a potentially devastating UPS strike after all. The company and the Teamsters union agreed to a five-year labor contract on Tuesday, reports the Wall Street Journal . The deal includes pay raises for all UPS workers, including part-timers, and the installation of air-conditioning in...

Residents Here Aren't Getting Their Mail, Thanks to a Hawk

USPS says delivery can't resume in Travis Heights area of Austin until aggressive bird stops attacking

(Newser) - Residents in one Texas neighborhood won't be finding mail in their mailboxes for a few weeks, all because of an aggressive hawk who's been harassing the locals. Axios Austin first reported on Friday that the US Postal Service has suspended mail delivery to the Travis Heights section of...

Stamps Just Went Up Again
Stamps Just Went Up Again

Stamps Just Went Up Again

A single one costs 66 cents as of Sunday, up from 63 cents

(Newser) - Stamps prices are on the rise, again—one of several changes the US Postal Service is rolling out this month. Starting Sunday, the cost of the first-class "forever" stamps will jump from 63 to 66 cents. The latest price comes just months after forever stamps climbed from 60 to...

Good Dogs Can Have Bad Days: Postal Service

Agency reports thousands of attacks on employees last year, with California tops

(Newser) - The Postal Service has released its count of workers bitten by dogs last year, an effort to increase awareness and inspire owners to mind their pets. California, Texas, and New York again were responsible for the most bites, CNN reports—675, 404, and 321, in order. All were increases from...

Postal Service Provides Preview of Ginsburg Stamp

Postal Service plans 2023 release showing 'proponent of equal justice'

(Newser) - The US Postal Service is honoring the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as "an icon of American culture" with a stamp in the new year. The design, unveiled on Monday, is a painted portrait based on a photo of Ginsburg in a black robe with an intricate...

Postal Worker Killed by Dogs After Truck Breaks Down

61-year-old woman was attacked by 5 dogs in Florida neighborhood

(Newser) - The US Postal Service says it is "deeply saddened" by the death of a postal worker who was attacked by five dogs after her truck broke down in a neighborhood in northern Florida. The Putnam County Sheriff's Office says the 61-year-old woman was attacked by the animals in...

Voters Should Have Confidence in Postal Service, DeJoy Says

Rates will go up in January, postmaster general says

(Newser) - Inflation is going to add over $1 billion to the US Postal Service budget, necessitating a request for another rate increase in January, but Postmaster General Louis DeJoy says the service is ready for the November election. The Postal Service has already delivered about 40 million ballots to and from...

Lawsuit Faults USPS Over Seizure of BLM Masks

'That's a scary reality that we live in,' says Movement Ink owner René Quiñonez

(Newser) - The US Postal Service under the Trump administration is accused of improperly seizing packages of face masks with slogans in support of Black Lives Matter in a lawsuit brought by a California screen printer. "The fact that our government can just seize private property—either because of just general...

States Sue Postal Service Over Its Truck Plan

Agency is buying vehicles that get just 8.6mpg

(Newser) - The Postal Service disappointed a lot of people when it announced in February that only 10% of the roughly 150,000 delivery trucks it will buy in the next decade will be electric . Now, some of them are suing to block the purchases of gasoline vehicles, including 16 states, DC,...

After 'Life-Changing Injury' at USPS Facility, Possible Big Fines

Worker has arm amputated after accident at NC mail facility; OSHA finds 'serious safety violations'

(Newser) - A US Postal Service worker lost an arm after an accident involving a machine at a North Carolina mail processing center, and now the agency could face fines of more than $170,000, reports WGHP . Per a release from the US Department of Labor, the mechanic at the USPS' Greensboro...

USPS Says It Can't Afford to Make New Fleet Electric

EPA calls plan to make 90% of new vehicles gas-powered a 'crucial lost opportunity'

(Newser) - The United States Postal Service is replacing its delivery fleet for the first time in 30 years—and critics including the Environmental Protection Agency aren't happy about plans to make most of the new vehicles gas-guzzlers. Under current plans, only 10% of the fleet's 165,000 new delivery...

'Most Significant Overhaul' of USPS Closer to Reality

House OKs bill that will help USPS 'succeed into the 21st century'

(Newser) - Under bipartisan legislation the House approved Tuesday, Congress would lift onerous budget requirements that have helped push the Postal Service deeply into debt and would require it to continue delivering mail six days per week. The election-year bill, coming at a time of widespread complaints about slower mail service, would...

Feds: Mail Carrier Stole Greeting Cards for the Cash

Florida's Miranda Delee Farleigh, 25, allegedly stole 4K pieces of mail, was turned in by parents

(Newser) - Authorities say that a Florida mail carrier accused of stealing 4,000 or so pieces of mail around the holidays was busted by her own parents, and that she sifted through greeting cards to find cash due to her drug addiction. The alleged monthlong scheme carried out by 25-year-old Miranda...

1945 Letter Finally Delivered: 'It's Like He Came Back to Me'

John Gonsalves' widow received letter intended for late husband's mother

(Newser) - A letter sent from a US soldier stationed in Germany to his mother in Massachusetts has been delivered 76 years after it was sent, per the AP . Army Sgt. John Gonsalves, 22 at the time, wrote to his mother in Woburn in December 1945 after the official end of WWII,...

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