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Monty Python's Terry Jones Is Losing Ability to Speak

He's been diagnosed with dementia

(Newser) - Terry Jones, founding member of Monty Python and director of the comedy troupe's films, has been diagnosed with dementia, the AP reports. The 74-year-old Jones has primary progressive aphasia. The Huffington Post quotes a spokesperson for Jones as saying the disease "affects his ability to communicate and he...

4 Robin Williams Films Still to Come

We'll see comedy, drama, voice-over work

(Newser) - Though the world has lost Robin Williams, his work lives on—including a fair bit we haven't seen yet. The actor has four movies due out relatively soon, showcasing his comic and dramatic range—not to mention some voice acting.
  • First up is Merry Friggin' Christmas , with Wendi McLendon-Covey,

Monty Python Reunion Sold Out in 45 Seconds

Troupe plans 4 more shows

(Newser) - Monty Python's reunion gig sold out in less than a minute—and so did each of four added performances, according to Eric Idle, who's directing the shows at London's O2 Arena. "This pretty much took us by surprise," Idle tweeted . Performances will run from July...

Monty Python Plans Stage Reunion

Will be surviving members' first performance together since 1998

(Newser) - For the first time in more than a decade, all surviving members of Monty Python will be performing together. Member Terry Jones confirmed the event to the BBC following a Sun report. "We're getting together and putting on a show—it's real," he says. "I'...

Pastor Terry Jones Arrested Before Koran Burning

He said he planned to burn one for every 9/11 victim

(Newser) - Police arrested Florida Pastor Terry Jones today as he drove to a park to light nearly 3,000 Korans on fire to protest the 2001 terrorist attacks. Sheriff's deputies arrested the 61-year-old and his associate pastor on felony charges as he drove a pickup truck towing a barbecue-style grill...

Officials Brace for New Video Attacking Islam

'The Innocent Prophet' is slated for release Friday

(Newser) - European officials and coalition forces are preparing for violence in anticipation of the release of a new anti-Islam video in the vein of Innocence of Muslims . Australia's News Network reports that Aussie troops are girding themselves for protests in Afghanistan, and RT reports that Belgian officials have raised the...

Egypt Orders Arrest of Filmmaker, Terry Jones

It issues warrants for Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and others

(Newser) - Egypt wants Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who is allegedly behind the anti-Muslim film that sparked protests across the Islamic world, behind bars—or worse. Cairo authorities ordered the arrest of Nakoula and six other Egyptian Coptic Christians living in the US, all of whom they say were involved with the Innocence ...

Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Banned by Germany

Nation takes action as neo-Nazis plan events around anti-Islam film

(Newser) - In the interest of public order, German officials are taking steps to make certain that Koran-burning American preacher Terry Jones can't get into the country. The Jones ban is being instituted amid rumors that far right groups in Germany plan to invite the Florida preacher to speak in the...

Terry Jones Burns Korans
 Terry Jones Again Burns Korans

Terry Jones Again Burns Korans

He's slapped with $300 fire fine

(Newser) - Controversial right-wing pastor Terry Jones has defiantly torched copies of the Koran outside his Florida church. Jones also set aflame an image of the prophet Muhammad in front of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville. Pentagon officials had urged Jones to refrain from the action out of fear it...

New 2012 Contender: Koran-Burner Terry Jones

Terry Jones announces his run for president

(Newser) - The Republican nomination race is already kinda like a reality show, according to some , so this should come as little surprise: Pastor Terry Jones is joining the fray. Jones, better known for his affinity for pairing Korans and matches, announced his 2012 plans yesterday, ABC Action News reports. His platform...

Terry Jones Jailed Over Mosque Protest

Then he decides to pay $1 bond

(Newser) - A Michigan judge didn't think Terry Jones' plan to hold an armed protest outside a mosque in a heavily Muslim area was such a great idea, and the Koran-torcher got tossed in jail briefly for his trouble, reports the AFP. "The First Amendment does us no good if...

Terry Jones Plans Armed Mosque Protest

Koran-burning preacher vows Dearborn rally even if banned

(Newser) - Terry Jones plans to follow up the Koran-burning that sparked deadly protests with an armed Good Friday rally outside America's biggest mosque. Authorities are seeking to block the 5pm demonstration outside the Detroit-area mosque to avoid violence, but Jones, leader of a tiny fundamentalist church in Florida, has vowed...

Koran Burning Drove Away 'Basically All' Parishioners

But Terry Jones won't back down

(Newser) - Following Terry Jones' involvement in a Koran-burning stunt , "basically all" the parishioners have left his church and he has received more than 300 death threats—but the Florida pastor is not backing down. Even after the resulting protests at a UN complex in Afghanistan left UN workers dead , Jones...

Gen. Petraeus Blasts 'Hateful' Koran Burning

Florida church action triggers third day of violence in Afghanistan

(Newser) - An angry Gen. David Petraeus yesterday condemned a Florida church's burning of the Koran as "hateful, intolerant and extremely disrespectful." The head of the allied forces in Afghanistan and other officials spoke out as clashes again broke out between Afghan security forces and protesters over the burning of...

Graham: Free Speech a Great Idea, but We're at War

He's talking to you, Terry Jones

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham is pretty torqued about Terry Jones' Koran-burning stunt, Politico reports, and wants Congress to look into the unlikely possibility of limiting some kinds of speech. "I wish we could find a way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we're in a war,...

Deadly Protests Continue Against Koran Burning

At least 8 people are killed in Kandahar

(Newser) - Pastor Terry Jones' Koran-burning stunt continues to reverberate across the world. At least eight people were killed in a riot in Kandahar today while protesting Jones' actions last month , reports al-Jazeera and CNN . The unrest follows the death of a dozen people yesterday, including seven UN workers, during a riot...

Koran-Burning Pastor Calls Afghan Killings 'Tragic'

But Terry Jones isn't apologetic that his stunt set off deadly riot

(Newser) - The Florida pastor whose burning of a Koran last month set off a deadly protest in Afghanistan today called the deaths "very tragic" but expressed no remorse about his stunt, reports the Los Angeles Times . In fact, Terry Jones said the mob's attack on a UN compound showed that...

UN Workers Die in Koran-Burning Protest

Afghans protesting last month's Koran burning in Florida

(Newser) - An attack on a UN compound during a protest in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, ended with the loss of at least eight UN workers' lives, reports the BBC . Several hundred Afghans were protesting the March 20 burning of a Koran in a church in Florida, when the protest, initially peaceful, turned violent....

With Help From Terry Jones, Florida Church Burns Koran

Muslim holy book found 'guilty' in mock trial

(Newser) - Looks like pastor Terry Jones finally got his Koran burning. A copy of the Muslim holy book was torched in a small Florida church by pastor Wayne Sapp yesterday, but Jones oversaw the event, AFP reports. Jones, of course, gained notoriety last year with his (abandoned) plan to burn a...

Brits Ban 'Burn a Koran' Preacher

Terry Jones' presence 'not conducive to UK public good'

(Newser) - Controversial Florida preacher Terry Jones is persona non grata in the United Kingdom. British authorities say Jones—who made headlines around the world last year with his plan for International Burn a Koran Day —has been banned from entering the country because the government "opposes extremism in all...

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