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Washington Post Leadership Mess Takes Another Turn
Washington Post
Mess Takes
Another Turn
the rundown

Washington Post Mess Takes Another Turn

Publisher Will Lewis, incoming top editor implicated further in British media scandals

(Newser) - It's probably not a good sign when a newspaper publisher declines to comment in an investigative story on the front page of his own publication. Such is the state of affairs at the Washington Post , where publisher Will Lewis—along with incoming editor and fellow Brit Robert Winnett—is...

3 Decades Ago, a Reporter Posed as a High School Senior

Today, she's not sure her monthlong ruse for the 'San Francisco Chronicle' was ethical

(Newser) - Thirty-two years ago, a 26-year-old reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle posed as a high school student for a month to get an inside look at how students and teachers were coping with severe budget cuts. Only the principal and guidance counselor at George Washington High School, along with the...

Newspaper Is Victim of Hate Campaign Over Bogus Reason

Online critics falsely accuse 'Las Vegas Review-Journal,' issue threats to reporter

(Newser) - A Las Vegas newspaper is being viciously attacked online for its coverage of an alleged murder of a retired police chief, with critics guilty of either a misunderstanding or a deliberate attempt to mislead, per the AP . The "firehose of hatred" has led the Las Vegas Review-Journal to sift...

Donors Pledge a Half-Billion for Local News Operations

Two newspapers per week are closing in US

(Newser) - The MacArthur Foundation is leading a group of donors that have pledged $500 million to help the struggling local news industry, hoping to seed outlets that can make up for those that have closed or been hollowed out over the past two decades. Led by $150 million donations by the...

Police Seize Computers, Phones From Kansas Newspaper
Police Raid Kansas Newspaper

Police Raid Kansas Newspaper

Press association calls attack on 'Marion County Record' illegal and unprecedented

(Newser) - Police officers and sheriff's deputies raided the offices of a Kansas newspaper on Friday, taking computers and cellphones, apparently in response to a confidential source providing documents to the paper's staff. The officers seized "everything we have," said Eric Meyer, owner and publisher of the Marion ...

Lara Logan's Journey to the Fringes of Media
Lara Logan's
Journey to
the Fringes
of Media

Lara Logan's Journey to the Fringes of Media

'Atlantic' profiles the journalist who was once one of the most respected in her profession

(Newser) - She was once one of the biggest and most respected names in TV journalism, the subject of flattering stories herself, such as one christening her the "War Zone It Girl" by the New York Times in 2005. Today, Lara Logan is too extreme even for far-right Newsmax, after doing...

NYT Chides Journalists Who Faulted Paper's Trans Coverage

Journalists behind Wednesday's open letter aren't pleased with the response

(Newser) - Hundreds of current and former New York Times contributors sent an open letter Wednesday criticizing the paper's coverage of transgender issues—and the Times apparently isn't having it. In an internal Thursday memo obtained by the Hill , executive editor Joe Kahn faulted the letter for containing "direct...

British Man's False Teeth Story Fails the Reality Check

This bizarre, funny story may serve best as a lesson in good journalism

(Newser) - In early February, the story of Paul Bishop’s false teeth swept the British media and much of the globe. Nobody could resist the story. It offers humor, mystery, and the reassurance that there are diligent, honorable lab technicians looking out for us. The story also makes for catchy headlines....

Do You Know Who This Man Is? SLC Reporter Didn't (Hilariously)

Jordan Clarkson patiently spelled his name on camera for man-on-street interview

(Newser) - Reporters are usually pretty hip to what’s going on in the cities they cover. That said, not everyone is into sports. Not everyone would recognize a famous NBA star and Sixth Man of the Year, even if they spoke with him. And asked him his name. And how to...

German Reporter Suspended For Smearing Mud on Clothes

Susanna Ohlen apologized, said she'd been ashamed her clothes were clean

(Newser) - A German reporter has been suspended from her TV station after smearing herself with mud before broadcasting from a flooded town. Susanna Ohlen, who works for RTL’s Good Morning Germany program, said she had been helping with clean-up efforts in the days preceding the broadcast but felt ashamed...

Apple Daily, Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Paper, Dies

Its employees arrested and assets frozen, the 26-year-old news outlet ends its run

(Newser) - Apple Daily, Hong Kong’s main pro-democracy paper, is shutting down. Its founder, Jimmy Lai, is in jail, and several other top-level editors were arrested last week. But the killing blow was when the government froze its assets—about $2.3 million, the AP reports. The arrests and freezing of...

1619 Project Creator Makes Decision on Teaching Job

Nikole Hannah-Jones cites 'political interference,' won't teach at UNC-Chapel Hill without tenure

(Newser) - Nikole Hannah-Jones is to teach two courses at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's journalism school this fall. But she won't be in class unless she gets tenure, according to a letter submitted by the 1619 Project creator's legal team. Others appointed to the Knight Chair in...

One of Reporters' Best Sources Is Their Biggest Critic

Tucker Carlson loves giving the inside scoop to journalists, writes Ben Smith

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson is always going after journalists, the group he has described as "cringing animals who are not worthy of respect." But in his latest media column for the New York Times , Ben Smith writes about what he calls one of DC's "open secrets"—Carlson...

We Might Be Looking at Issue of Local News Backward

Jack Shafer makes the case that it's a problem with demand, not supply

(Newser) - You've no doubt heard the lament about the death of local news throughout the country and the potentially dire consequences that might result. Local governments operating with no accountability, for instance. Generally, the blame is laid upon on greedy publishers focused on the bottom line or online behemoths such...

Hedge Fund Takes Tribune, Giving It $278M in Debt

Alden had said it had enough cash for the deal

(Newser) - Alden Global Capital closed its deal for Tribune on Monday. The hedge fund wasted little time installing new leadership and saddling the newspaper chain with $278 million in debt it took on for the acquisition, according to regulatory filings. Alden, which owns the MediaNews Group newspaper chain and is the...

Kid Reporter Who Interviewed Obama at 11 Dies at 23

Damon Weaver was on his way to a journalism career

(Newser) - Getting to tell the president what you want in your school lunch is a dream come true for a kid. And landing an interview with a sitting president is a dream come true for a young reporter. Damon Weaver did both at the same time in 2009 , when he was...

President Ordered to Pay Damages to Journalist

Bolsonaro 'damaged the honor' of the reporter

(Newser) - A Brazilian judge has ordered that country’s leader to compensate a journalist, saying that comments made by President Jair Bolsonaro had “damaged the honor of the complainant, causing moral damage,” AFP reports. The March 16 decision calls for Bolsonaro to pay Patricia Campos Mello, a reporter for...

Chris Cuomo Hears About Not Covering His Brother

CNN anchor has covered the governor before but now says he can't

(Newser) - The Cuomo who's a CNN anchor obviously can't cover the barrage of accusations facing the Cuomo who's governor of New York. That would be wrong, commentators agreed on social media. But, they wondered, why has it been right until now? "Obviously, I am aware of what...

For Filming Protest, They Get 2 Years in Prison

2 journalists jailed in Belarus

(Newser) - Two journalists in Belarus were convicted Thursday of violating public order and sentenced to two years in prison after they covered a protest against authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko , per the AP . Katsiaryna Bakhvalava, 27, and Daria Chultsova, 23, both of the Polish-funded Belsat TV channel, were arrested in November after...

TV Anchor Quit for Harvard Job. Then She Noticed 'Anomalies'
TV Anchor Quit for Harvard Job.
Then She Noticed 'Anomalies'
in case you missed it

TV Anchor Quit for Harvard Job. Then She Noticed 'Anomalies'

Nidhi Razdan of NDTV says she fell victim to a 'sophisticated and coordinated phishing attack'

(Newser) - Nidhi Razdan spent 21 years as the lead anchor of India's NDTV, which one might think would give her the chops to take on a position as an associate professor of journalism at Harvard. In fact, in June she said she was giving up her job to do that...

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